Monday, 3 November 2014

The Death of Money eBook/Pdf Free Download? Now get free Hardcopy

As our other contests response are very good, This time we come up with a new book. Related to Forex trading
But this time we first see the users response that it is highly required book or not, for Forex trading beginners learners.
We will start distributing this book after getting 20 unique persons comments.
After that we will give free hardcopy of that book.
So if you want it free then comment below..
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  1. Rickards’s analysis of the inflation-deflation paradox, dangerous adversaries to the dollar, and the Fed’s strategy is insightful. Following his bestseller Currency Wars, this book is even better. A great book makes you think differently about the world—and this one does just that.


  2. After Chetan Bhagat's Half Grilfriend I want to win this book

    Siddhi Shah


  4. I have studied Forex and it is damn interesting.. And not to brag, but I am also good at this subject.. hahaha :P
    I don't really expect to win the book but still doesn't hurt to try..

  5. i wish i win this book

  6. please announce the 1st winner....i am very desperate to know


  8. I want this book

    Ramesh Roy

  9. There should be some quiz questions.. Someone who does know about the book deserve to win the book..

  10. It's like a lottery free of cost.. I would like win this lottery..
    My ID :

  11. Awesom story.
    I love this book.
    I want to read it.
    I wish to become the winner of this book
    please select me..
    I'm waiting for a reply.


    please reply me soon....

  12. Oh wow!!
    A crucial primer for investors and consumers for what lies immediately ahead for the United States and a world that remains entirely dependent upon the dollar. The Death of Money is an important new book for those who worry about the future of our country


  14. I was the 1st one to comment on this page 2 weeks back.
    Due to some busy schedule i forgot to give my presence on this site.
    Hope the winners are announced soon and If i am lucky then I could be the winner


  15. This admin is fooling everyone just for some google ads credit.
    this is a fake contest.
    i am warning the admin to plz stop fooling people on this nonsense site of urs and find some good work to do.
    bloody mother f**ker

  16. I request All the winners,
    Please tell the above commenter.. is this fake contest/or real?

    1. Silence is the best answer to a fool.

      The popularity of your website and the no. of responses coming to you daily are themselves the proof that your website is not fake.

      You are doing a great job and carry on with it, just ignore these comments from your haters.

    2. I think this site is going well providing books through various contests.
      Such contests normally address some interested people as well as some people who are just here to get a book for winning sake.
      I want to share my suggestion with the admin that you should look for some filter processes through which the book goes in the right hand.

      one of the filter process i can suggest is using Google forms where you can ask some relative questions regarding the book or can just do what people who take INTERVIEWS generally ask why should we recruit you.
      In the same way:
      Why do you feel the book should be given to you?

      The one with a reasonable answer probably knows something about the book and hence you will be able to select a deserving person.


  18. Just became the third lucky winner of Your Dreams are Mine Now..Happy for it although have not received the book.. Trying my luck for this one too.. :)

  19. Sir, You should make every body like your Facebook page first before commenting on the pages. By this there will a single like for every new commenter. So the name of the page will spread and increase it's popularity. Also you can verify that the commenters are true or fake..


    I read it's prology it's very gud & I just want to read this book
    i'm trying my best luck..
    plz select me vikas sir...