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Top 50 Weird and Crazy Job Titles Ever

Top 50 Weird Job Titles Ever

A Job Title is a term that defines about the position and work that the employee who is assigned that title doing. There are various kinds of job titles which differs from job to job, and also there are many jobs which have different titles but are assigned for a same position in a corporate office. I am a good reader of books and newspaper and on every Wednesday when I read my paper, I also read the job classifieds section that comes exclusively on that day.
                           If you are reading this article then you will be surely aware about what comes on that page, but for those who don’t know, that section of the newspaper contains the advertisements about the various job vacancies for various positions present in various firms. Reading across those blocks, I also discover some of the most weird job titles which I think many of us would not have ever heard of. Here is the list of the 50 Weirdest and Crazy Job Titles:

1. Chaplain: Minister of a secular institution.

2. Aides Supervisor: A person who supervises about the medicines distributed during some

3. Case Manager: Another name for co-ordinator.

4. Community Organizer: A person who keeps record of a particular community.

5. Executive Director of Nonprofit: Executive Director of some Non Profit Tasks.

6. Fund-Raiser: A person of a marketing team who helps raise some funds for the

organization from various sponsors.

7. Major Gift Director: Responsible for overall managements of gift programs.

8. Light Engineer: A person who deals with lights.

9. Medical Social Worker: A Doctor who offers free medical services.

10. Policy Analyst: A person who analyses a policy.

11. Recreational Therapy Director: A person who deals with managing recreational

12. Pastor: Leader of Christian Congregation.

13. Attorney: A person who practices Aviation Laws.

14. Animal Caregiver: A person who takes care of animals.

15. Stewards: Multilingual Flight Attendant.

16. Manager of  Apprenticeship: A person who manages apprentices.

17. Gate Agent: A person who manages gates at airport.

18. Dispatcher: Logistics Handler.

19. Barn Manager: Highly Skilled Horseman.

20. Kennel Assistant: Interns of Animal Care.

21. Lobbyist: Person who is hired to convince people.

22. Doggie Attendant: A person who takes care of Dogs.

23. Sous Chef: Assistant Chef.

24. Turbine Analyst: A person who manages turbines in power plants.

25. Outreach Coordinator: Type of Coordinator.

26. Inside Sales Representative: Part of Sales Team.

27. Portfolio Optimist: A person who optimizes portfolios.

28. Strategic Purchaser: Procurement processes related to purchasing activities.

29. Hair Picasso: Western Hair Styler.

30. Capellini Cooker:  A person who cooks pasta.

31. Appraisals Assistant: Helps appraisers in buying a property.

32. Bid Analyst: Who decides auction prices.

33. SAP Solution Architect: Who markets business solutions to clients.

34. SaaS Data Scientist: Manages SaaS Data.

35. Curated Merchant Analyst: Unique merchant products analyst.

36. Layette Designer: Newborn child clothes designer.

37. Dolly Grip: A dedicated technician trained to operate the camera dolly in

38. Happiness Advocate: A person who solves simple problems.

40. Lead Rigger: A person who creates animation.

41. Change Magician: Basically a councillor who brings change in a society.

42. Chief Biscuit Dunker: Biscuit Taster.

43. Master Handshaker: Who makes deals for people.

44. Wrangler: A cowboy kind of person who takes care of horses.

45. Kayaking Instructor: A person who teaches people to ride kayaks.

46. Feedback Director: A person who takes surveys and collects feedback.

47. Marketing Ninja: Marketing Executive.

48. Dream Alchemist: Creative Head.

49. Chief Chatter: A person who manages call centers.

50. Hyphenated Actor: A person who dubs in different voices and languages.

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50 Funniest/Embarrassing Resume/CV Mistakes/Blunders Ever

Top 50 Funniest Resume Mistakes

Your resume is your self-marketing tool when you are appearing for an interview. You mention all your details such as your introduction, education details, strengths, weaknesses, past job experiences, other qualities, etc. A resume is something that reflects your personality and talent on a sheet of paper on the day of your interview. Many of candidates who apply for a job interview make their resumes by taking help of some professional resume writers or from people who have appeared for an interview before, but there are also a few nerds who feel that resume writing is not a big deal and they themselves write a resume of their own without referring other resumes and they end up making a lot of mistakes. A few mistakes are that funny which can make you roll on the floor laughing when you read them.
We had shared many articles in the past explaining about how to write a better resume, but in this article we will be sharing 50 Funniest things found in a resume so that you all can refer that and avoid making those mistakes on your original and professional resume. Here are the 50 Funniest Resume Mistakes orderly categorized:

Covering Letter Resume Mistakes:
1. “May God Bless Me for the Interview”.
2. Applying for: “Any Position Available”.
3. Last Job Left for: “Wife did not like my schedule”.
4. Super experienced candidate.
5. “Deer Sir/Medam”.
6. “Can work as a CEO if given a chance”.
7. High in Qualification.
8. “Time is money, so I want to invest a little of my money working for this company”.
9. “Have a lot of talent in experience”.
10. “Applying here because you pay more money”.

Introduction/ Profile & Education Details:
11. Relationship Status: Dating.
12. Hobbies: Everything that requires talent.
13. Languages known: C and Java (But only in English).
14. Websites: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, etc. (He thought that they are asking about what websites do you use).
15. Education: Class 12: 53%..Missed Distinction by 7% only.
16. “Numbers can never define my level of excellency”.

17. Very romantic, made 7 girlfriends in my college.
18. Hardworking level infinity.
19. Highly optimistic, start thinking from that point where people stop.
20. Can play games for entire day.
21. Highly committed to my work, no one can stop me when I am working.
22. Have solutions for every problem.

Key Skills/Positive Attributes:
23. Speking Skiles like Leonardo Dicarpio.
24. Can impress anyone with my smile.
25. Highly confident about everything.
26. Code blooded from birth.
27. One man army at work, can do all things alone.
28. No fear at all.
29. Down to earth kind of person.
30. Very famous, my pics on Facebook get 100 likes in minutes.
31. Perfectionist at every work.

32. Talk Talk Talk.
33. I often get emotionally tortured.
34.I think too much.
35. I dream a lot in days.
36. Not good at cooking.
37. I can faint anytime.
38. Always overexcited for a particular thing.

Work Experience Mistakes:
39. Class Monitor at school level.
40. Admin of three Facebook Pages.
41. Worked as Choreographer in Friend’s wedding function.
42. Organizer of every function at hostel.
43. Did 7 jobs in last 3 years.

Achievements Mistakes:
44. Completed my engineering in 7 years.
45. Record holder for eating pizzas in college festival.
46. Donated 7 Litres of Blood till today.

Reason for leaving last job:
47. Boss never appreciated my work.
48. Over Qualified for that position, and employer denied my promotion for a higher position.
49. Office was very far from home, so it took lot of time to reach.
50. I found no better career in that company.

Well, even you may wonder that do such mistakes really happen, and the answer is yes. Almost 80% of them are found in resumes written by people who have never read any resume in their life and were writing it for the first time. Obviously none of them was offered the job. So if you are writing your resume for the first time then do refer our other posts on writing professional resumes, and please please please avoid making such mistakes.
All the Best!!

* Last Puzzle Ans: NEELAM
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Xamarin is a Software company located in San Francisco, California which came up with some amazing products such as the Xamarin Platform, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin Studio, Xamarin for Visual Studio and the .Net Mobility Scanner. It basically provides with you an IDE for cross platform app developments. If you are applying for a job interview in Xamarin then here are the Top 20 Interview Questions for Xamarin(pdf):

1). Why do you want to work with us in Xamarin?
Ans: For the world Xamarin is an established company for me it is an opportunity which gives me a chance to with three major mobile operating platforms iOS, Android and Windows.

2). What is the other name of Xamarin 2.0?
Ans: Xamarin 2.0 was the second release of Xamarin which released in February 2013 and is also known

3). What was the major advantage of Xamarin Studio?
Ans: We can divide this in two points:
a). Developer's view:
If your are a C# developer than you don't have to care about Java, Object C or swift to create application for Android,iOS and windows. You can create app for all there environment. Developer can user common logic in PCL or shared project and use that on all three platform.

b). Organization's view:
Organization don't have to hire Java and Objective C developer for android and iOS platform because C# works on all platform. So C# developer is able to create app for all three environment.

4). What are your qualifications details for this job?
Ans: You might be a software engineer so just simply tell them about the degree you hold. You can also about the previous projects that were undertaken and successfully completed by you.

5). What kind of a firm is Xamarin?
Ans: Xamarin is a medium growth firm.

6). Tell us the key difference between Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio?

  • Both XS and VS are IDE which is used to develop Android, iOS, Console, Class Library, PCL and windows phone (only applicable for VS) application. Both XS and VS supports F#. 
  • XS works on both windows and OS X environments where VS only available for windows environment
  • On windows XS doesn't support windows phone and iOS project but you can create any type of app with VS.
  • You can only create windows phone app from VS only. XS doesn't support this functionility.

7). What kinds of output thus the products of Xamarin Produce?
Ans: It produces to extension output files:
.app for iOS and .apk for Android.

8). What platform are you compatible for making apps?
Ans: Tell them the platform that is known perfectly to you. Eg. Android, iOS or both.

9). Have you made any app in your past for iOS?
Ans: Say yes if you have made one, else say no.

10). What was the objective of your app, Was it approved to be available on the App Store?
Ans: Brief them about the app or else directly show them the app if possible and explain them about what did it have for the users.

11). If given a chance, what will you like to improve in Xamarin?
Ans: It’s on you, present your ideas. My suggestion would be to develop the Studio for the developer of

12). Why do you feel your suggestion can really change the game for Xamarin?
Ans: Put forward the statements that support your idea. In my suggestion I feel that the Windows has great given the world a great smartphone experience in both software and hardware expects but still it is lagging customers because of the less apps available in the Windows Phone App Store. My suggestion will bring in some more developers to Windows and if this works great than probably in future Xamarin and Windows can also come with some great product in collaboration.

13). How many major awards has Xamarin won, what were they?
Ans: This question is only asked if you are applying for a higher responsible position in the company, they would surely like to know what you know about them. Xamarin has won 2 major awards:Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms and the Dr Dobbs Jolt Award for Mobile Development Tools.

14). Which language does Xamarin support for App development?
Ans: Xamarin supports C# and F# for app development.

15). Suppose you are designing an app which requires the minimal possible distance to be calculated, which algorithm will you use?
Ans: Depth First Search Algorithm.

16). What do you feel is the major difference between a base class and interface?
Ans: An interface cannot contain any implementation whereas a base class can.

17). Tell us about the working of Xamarin.Android?
Ans: Here you telling the compilation of C# code but it seems you are asking how Xamrin.Android works. If this question is about the Xamrain.Android compilation so please exaplain the .apK compilation also like explain the little about Delvik and ART and if the question is about working of Xamrin.Android. So please explain the working of Xamarin.Andorid, explain the life cycle of Xamarin.Android.

18). How does Xamarin.IOS work?
Ans: On xamarin.IOS uses the Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiler compiles xamarin.iOS application directly to native ARM assembly code.

19). Name 5 apps that were designed with Xamarin for Android?
Ans: Goal 2014 Football Manager, The Secret Society, iLearnForKids, Parental Access and Toolwiz Cleaner.

20). Name 5 apps that were designed with Xamarin for iOS?
Ans: Apocalypse Archer: Zombie Invasion, Stone Skimmer - The skimming action game, QuickPlan - Project Plan HD, KorfballScout and Newspager.
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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business

Digital marketing is one of the very common word that we hear everyday and it is one of the very first lessons taught to marketers. Digital marketing is a way of publicizing your products on a global level through the digital way. Digital way means by advertising your products on various devices such as computers, televisions, laptops, smart phones, etc. on various operating platforms such as the Android, Windows, MAC, iOS, etc. via the internet.

To explain it in a more simpler way let me take a simple example, suppose there is a tsunami hitting your city tomorrow, what will be the condition of your city? You may say that there will be a lot of damage caused to the city such as houses getting washed away, all the streets getting dirty, people sinking in water, etc. So summarizing the story there will be a lot of damage done to the city and you will be finding some safe place for yourself and you will be sitting there.

Now answer one of my questions. Who will reach faster to you, your government’s help services or a mail from Flipkart or Amazon?

You will surely say that the mail of Flipkart or Amazon will be the first thing to reach to you before everything else. And most probably that is the correct answer but did you ever imagine how?

The reason behind this is that all the leading online giants such as Flipkart, Amazon and others are straightaway connected to you from your phone. Those offers that they give you for downloading their app or trying a discounted purchase indirectly connects you with them and you become a part of the huge database they have of their customers. Those methods of rewarding you with offers and going app only services have allowed them connect to you directly on your smartphones. One mail sent from their side will get received by millions of customers whose email addresses and mobile numbers are stored in their database. If there is some new product being sold on their site or there are some special offers for a particular day then they can directly spread the news to you via sending a mail, which apparently is what we call DIGITAL MARKETING.

What are the various ways of Digital marketing?

Here are the most common and efficient ways that are practised for digital marketing:

  • Making your own website: This is very common method where in you can create a website which shares everything about your product and hence you can also sell your products on a global level using the website.
  • Making your app: This is a fact that whatsoever happens with someone, he will always have his mobile with him. When you create an app and put it on Google Play store or Apple App store, it allows your users to have a very portable use to your services as they don’t need to switch on their computers every time. Also you can update them every day by sending them notifications.
  • Blog: You can pay a blogger who has a lot of traffic on his blog to put some content about your product.
  • Pay per click and Internet banner ads: You can advertise your products and get them on the ad banners that appear on websites or mobile applications.
  • Social media marketing: You can marketize your product by creating pages and groups on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • Email and mobile marketing: You can advertise your product by sending messages and mails.

Here are some of the major advantages of Digital Marketing?
  • Advertising cost is cheap: You can advertise to a very big audience for a very low price.
  • Helps you reach more number of people: You can directly communicate with a lot of people at a time and share about your business products.
  • It takes your business to global level: You can advertise about your products to a very large number of people which are living in other countries as well directly via the internet.
  • It helps you to popularize your brand worldwide.
  • It helps you expand your business rapidly.
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30 Best Power Plant Operator Interview Questions Answers


A power plant is basically a place where energy in the form of electricity is generated. It requires many departments to work all together performing small tasks and bringing it in a bigger cause for producing electricity in the power plant. A power plant operator is a person who takes care about the working of the power plant at different levels. Here are the 20 Best Interview Questions asked in a Power Plant operator interview:

1). Who is a power plant operator?
Ans: A power plant operator is a person who operates a power plant. He has got to be good at the technical skills of using the power plant and must be equally talented in distributing the work to the other workers who are working with the power plant.

2). Why did you decide the career as a power plant operator?
Ans: Being a mechanical engineer I always wanted to work in an environment that provided me with some big opportunities. The career of a power plant operator needs skills as well as experience which I feel I have in me and hence I decided to take a career as a power plant operator.

3). Do you remember you steam tables?
Ans: Say yes only if you are confident enough with them, they will surely ask you some cross questions on this topic.

4). Why is a block of coal crushed into powder before burning it as a fuel?
Ans: A block of coal takes a lot of time to burn and give out the energy, but the powdered coal burns uniformly faster and since it is in its powdered form the entire coal burns and there is no waste of coal which leads in achieving greater calorific value.

5). What is the amount of energy out of the total energy produced that is taken away by the boiler feed pump?
Ans: A boiler feed pump takes away one third part of the energy generated by the power plant.

6). What will you do when your timed schedule or jobs assigned to the plant fail to meet due to some unforeseen forecast conditions?
Ans: This happens generally on every other day in this profession, but the key is not to stay back but move on. I will take some preventive measures to avoid loss of resources.

7). How important is safety to you?
Ans: Safety in this profession is very important for every worker working inside the plant. A small mistake can lead to a big hazard and hence every minor chance of a mistake should be taken seriously.

8). After the production of electricity, why do we increase the voltage before sending it to the grid?
Ans: To avoid the transmission losses.

9). What is the difference between an induced draft and forced draft?
Ans: Forced draft installed to force the air inside the plant while the induced draft fetches and pulls the air inside the air.

10). Can you comment why some cooling towers are 300 feet tall and others are like 30x30 cubicle on top of a building?
Ans: It depends on the type of plant and the application the tower has to deal with it.

11). What things are missing from a natural gas power plant to a coal power plant?
 Ans: CHP & stock yard, crushers, coal conveyors, wet or dry ash disposal, ash slurry disposal units, ash pond, LDO HFO oil elevations.

12). What is lock out tag out?
Ans: It is a procedure that is used for the protection of the workers and the equipments during the maintenance or repair of the power plant.

13). Why are you the best power plant operator for us?
Ans: Say them about your skills and the experience you have in this field. Say them that your resourceful knowledge can prove as an asset for the company.

14). What can you do to drive the blades of the turbine faster and preventing the damage of the blades?
Ans: Steam should be heated to the temperature it is before making it to enter the turbine because superheated steam produces a lot of energy and also prevents the blades from rusting or damaging.

15). What was your greatest accomplishment as a Power Plant Operator?
Ans: It gave me a chance to use my knowledge from the level of education purpose into implementing for a practical use.

16). Tell us about a difficult project and how did you manage to overcome it?
Ans: Give an example about the toughest project of yours and tell all the positive things about it and explain how that helped you to overcome the difficulties.

17). Have you ever come across a situation when the plant went into some technical issues, how did you manage that?
Ans: Technical issues are very common in a plant, give an example from your past experience where you successfully managed to overcome a technical issue.

18). How do handle the work pressure?
Ans: Say them that you think positive under stress which fills some energy in you and that's how you face problems.

19). How independently can you work with the power plant?
Ans: Tell that you have proper knowledge about using the power plant and you can also fix almost majority of the technical issues related to it which helps you work independently inside the power plant.

20). Do you have any questions for us?
Ans: Your job with them will be to play a role leading from the front. Ask them about what all opportunities will you get with this job. Also ask them about what safety measures the company take does for an employer such as insurances, medical expenses, etc. incase if there is a hazard in the power plant.

21). During a manual start, when are fuel and ignition introduced? 
Ans: As soon as the fuel control switch is positioned to RUN. FCOM 1 70.20.7

22). When is a crossbleed start indication displayed next to the N3 indication? 
Ans: If the airspeed is below that recommended for a windmilling start. FCOM 1 70.20.7

23). In flight, how many attempts will the autostart perform? 
Ans: The autostart will make continuous start attemps until the engine either starts or the pilot aborts the start attempt. FCOM 1 70.20.7

24). How many ignitors are used for in flight starting? 
Ans: Dual ignitors are always used for in flight starts. FCOM 1 70.20.8

25). When is the auto-relight function activated? 
Ans: Whenever an engine is at or below idle with the fuel control switch in RUN. FCOM 1 70.20.8

26). What are the primary engine parameters displayed on EICAS? 
Ans: EPR, N1 and EGT. FCOM 1 70.20.1

27). What are the secondary engine parameters? 
Ans: N2, N3, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature, oil quantity and engine vibration. FCOM 1 70.20.1

28). Which rotor vibration is most likely to cause tactile vibration? 
Ans: N1. FCOM 1 70.2016

29). When will the ENGINE FAIL message appear on the PFD? 
Ans: If actual thrust is less than commanded thrust during takeoff with airspeed between 65kts and V1-6kts. FCOM 1 70.20.16

30). Which EICAS message indicates that actual thrust is significantly less than the commanded thrust?
Ans: ENG THRUST (L or R). FCOM 1 70.20.16

Best of luck...

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Top 20 Oil and Gas Interview Questions & Answers

20 Best Oil and Gas Interview Questions & Answers

Oil and Gas industry deals with extracting, refining and selling crude oil. Basically the entire work in this system is also divided further into various sub sectors where the people associated with extraction are a complete different industry than the ones who are refining it and selling it. If you are applying for a job in a company which deals with refining and selling the fuel, then here are the 20 best interview questions for oil and gas interviews:

1. What are the factors that determine the prices of the crude oil?
Ans: The cost of the crude oil is basically determined on the factor of demand and supply.

2. What is OPEC?
Ans: OPEC is an Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

3. Name a few members of the OPEC?
Ans: List the countries which export petroleum such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Kuwait, Venezuela and other Gulf Countries.

4. What is the supreme moto behind the formation of the OPEC?
Ans: OPEC was formed in 1960 as an organization of countries that export petroleum. It was formed the crude trade globally and also to decide prices of the oil.

5. What are the total different categories of crude found worldwide and how are they classified?
Ans: There are around 161 different categories and they are classified on the basis of sulphur content present in the oil.

6. What is API?
Ans: API stands for American Petroleum Institute.

7. What is API gravity?
Ans: API gravity is a measure where a sample of petroleum is somepard with water and is determined how heavy or light it is compared to water. If the API gravity is greater than 10, then the petroleum is lighter and it floats on water, else if it is lesser than 10 then it is heavier and sinks inside the water.

8. How is API gravity calculated?
Ans: API gravity equals to the ratio of 141.5 to the specific gravity the whole then subtracted by 131.5.

API gravity = (141.5/specific gravity) - 131.5

9. Which stock exchange markets are responsible for deciding the crude prices globally?
Ans: International Petroleum Exchange in London (IPE), Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) and New York Mercantile Exchange ( NYMEX).

10. What is the role of the US dollar in pricing the crude oil?
Ans: Oil is priced in US dollars, if the price of a dollar goes down then the prices of other currencies increases and the same countries can buy more oil at same price. Which increases the demands, hence again rises the dollar.

11. What is the cost structure for a gallon of gasoline?
Ans: The cost is distributed as 67% for the crude oil, 13% for refining, 8% marketing costs and 12% taxes.

12. What share of the dollar does each company earn on gas?
Ans: Of each dollar earned in the sales, the oil and natural gas companies earn 8.6% share of it.

13. What factors are responsible behind the fluctuation of gasoline prices?
Ans: Increasing demand, Price of Dollar, Expected or Unexpected outages and supply disruption.

14. What is the proportion of ethanol content in gasoline?
Ans: About 10-15% of the complete gasoline volume.

15. Who is EIA?
Ans: EIA is Energy Information Administration, which is the independent administrating agency of the Energy department in the United States. It gives weekly data about the supply of oil in the U.S.

16. How does EIA present its report?
Ans: It schedules weekly publications known as WEEKLY PETROLEUM STATUS REPORT and THE WEEK IN PETROLEUM. The reports elaborate about the rising demands, prices, sales, business shares, etc.

17. How would you describe the company’s leadership philosophy?
Ans: The company assigns us projects and wants to work in a team and the work is distributed to all the members by one person, who infect is the leader of the team. The leader is very experienced person and the company wants the other employees to follow his instructions and work as a team. That person is entirely responsible for the team’s performance.

18. Suppose you are given the chance to decide the prices of crude oil, what strategy will you use?
Ans: Suggest a strategy which practically possible and helps the industry gain a lot of profit.

19. Suppose that day comes when there is no drop of crude left on earth, what new ways would come up with to support your company?
Ans: Suggest them that you will try to invent ideas to convert ethanol as an efficient fuel, you can also suggest them with bio-gas plants.

20. Suggest some measures that can be taken to decrease the pollution level from gasoline.

Ans: By refining it to its purest form and also minimizing the content of Lead from it.
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Top 20 Air Traffic Controller Interview Questions and Answers

Air Traffic Controllers are those people who are responsible for tracking each and every movement of all the flights arriving and departing at an airport and also for instructing the pilots about the directions at various levels. A person who has done B.Tech or B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication is generally offered this job. If you are applying for the job of an ATC then here are the 20 best questions asked in an Air Traffic controller interview rounds:

1. Who is an Air Traffic Controller (ATC)?
Ans: An ATC is a person who coordinates the movement of air traffic, to ensure that aircraft stay safe distances apart.

2. Why an ATC?
Ans: Because I have a great potential to manage things, and my education also meets the required qualification skills where have complete the training for an ATC and I feel that I can use my knowledge and experience in a resourceful way for this job.

3. At which position do you work as an ATC?
Ans: There are basically three positions: Junior Executive, Senior Assistant and a Manager. Tell them about what position you are applying for.

4. What is the job of a Junior Executive ATC?
Ans: A Junior Executive has to keep track of all the flights which are arriving and departing at a particular time. In-case if there are two different flights arriving or departing at the same time then he needs to report about this to the Senior Assistant.

5. What is the duty of a Senior Assistant?
Ans: Senior Assistant is responsible for Instructing the pilots about their movements. A senior assistant takes reports from the Junior Executive and reports to the Manager for instructions at extreme  cases.

6. What is the Job of a Manager?
Ans: A manager is responsible to instruct the Junior executives and the Senior Assistants and collect reports from them on weekly, monthly and annual basis.

7. What are the different kinds of roles played in the job of an ATC?
Ans: There are basically three roles and the employees assigned to each role are called as the controllers:
Tower Controllers
Arrival and Departure Controllers
En route Controller

8. Who is a tower controller?
Ans: Tower controllers are responsible for directing the movements of vehicles on runways. They check flight plans and give clearance for the pilots for landing or taking off.

9. Who is a A&D Controller?
Ans: Arrival and Departure Controllers take care that an aeroplane lands or departs safely and also maintains a minimum space from the other vehicles for safety. They are also responsible for informing the pilots about the weather and forecast conditions.

10. Who is an En route controller?
Ans: En route controllers monitor aircraft once they leave an airport's airspace. They work at air route traffic control centers located throughout the country, which typically are not located at airports.

11. What challenges are you looking for in this air traffic controller position?
Ans: There can be various challenges for me in this job and sometimes a few challenges can also risk someone’s life and my duty will be find the best possible solutions so that there is no damage caused to anyone.

12. Suppose you are from Goa and given to select between a job at Goa International Airport or New Delhi International Airport, which job will you select?
Ans: New Delhi International Airport.

13. Why New Delhi International Airport?
Ans: Goa will be closer to my house and easier for me to travel from my home to my workspace, but New Delhi has more number of flights arriving and departing in a day, which will give me a better opportunity to prove my skills and progress further in my career.

14. What do you feel about the competition for job in the profession?
Ans: The competition level is bit too high and it has to be as this job requires a lot responsibilities to be handled. But then too I feel that there is always a space for highly qualified and disciplined ATCs.

15. Suppose there is a delay in flights and a few flights are already on a runway and two more are about to come. What would you do in that situation?
Ans: I will instruct incoming flights to hold in the air for a while and reduce its travelling speed so that in that time I can instruct the pilots of the other flights who are standing on the runway to move to some other place.

16. Suppose it is raining heavily in your city but if it is all clear at the place where the flight has to reach. Would you allow the flight to take off?
Ans: no, because there are chances of accidents while taking off from the ground. And if the signals mess up, the flight can also result in getting directed to some other direction.

17. Suppose some flight wants to take some emergency landing at your airport, can you handle it?
Ans: Say yes only if you can, else don’t worry, simply say no. They will appreciate your honesty and  train you for it if you are selected.

18. Suppose if some things go technically wrong and the Engineer is absent, can you handle it?
Ans: Say yes only if you can, this won’t affect your job.

19. Did the salary we offer you attract you for this job?
Every employee wishes to have a better salary and jobs with higher salary do attract people, but besides that your company is well established and I will also get more opportunities over here. This was what attracted me more than the salary.

20. Are you capable of leading a team?
Ans: Say yes only if you know all the functions of a leader and you are equally capable of handling them.

We wish you all the best for your interviews..
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