Friday, 29 April 2016

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Great!! news for Xamarin learners, Now book is free available

This book is written by legendary author Charles Petzold, this 1200-page ebook is a deep dive for C# programmers who want to write applications using a single code base that targets the three most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows, encompassing the Universal Windows Platform and Windows Phone. Produced by Xamarin and Microsoft Press.
Total pages: 1200

Click here to Download PDF 56MB
Click here to Download EPUB 151MB
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

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What is @@ERROR in SQL Server? Interview Question

@@ERROR as one of the basic error handling mechanisms in SQL Server. @@ERROR is a Global Variable in SQL Server. This variable automatically populates the error message when a certain error occurred in any statement. But we have to trace it within just after the next line where the actual error occurred, otherwise, it will reset to 0.
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SQL Server 2016 Ebook PDF Free Download

Hey SQL Server developers, if you want to ready what new in SQL Server 2016 then this is great free book to upgrade yourself in market.

Book Detail 

SQL Server 2016 introduces three new principal security features—Always Encrypted, Row-Level Security, and dynamic data masking. While all these features are security related, each provides a different level of data protection within this latest version of the database platform. Throughout this chapter, we explore the uses of these features, how they work, and when they should be used to protect data in your SQL Server database.

Table of Contents 

Chapter 2 Better security
  • Always Encrypted
  • Getting started with Always Encrypted
  • Creating a table with encrypted values
  • CREATE TABLE statement for encrypted columns
  • Migrating existing tables to Always Encrypted
  • Row-Level Security
  • Creating inline table functions
  • Creating security policies
  • Using block predicates
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Dynamic data masking of a new table
  • Dynamic data masking of an existing table
  • Understanding dynamic data masking and permissions
  • Masking encrypted values
  • Using dynamic data masking in SQL Database
Chapter 3 Higher availability
  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Supporting disaster recovery with basic availability groups
  • Using group Managed Service Accounts
  • Triggering failover at the database level
  • Supporting distributed transactions
  • Scaling out read workloads
  • Defining automatic failover targets
  • Reviewing the improved log transport performance
  • Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview high-availability enhancements
  • Creating workgroup clusters
  • Configuring a cloud witness
  • Using Storage Spaces Direct
  • Introducing site-aware failover clusters
  • Windows Server Failover Cluster logging
  • Performing rolling cluster operating system upgrades
Chapter 4 Improved database engine
  • TempDB enhancements
  • Configuring data files for TempDB
  • Eliminating specific trace flags
  • Query Store
  • Enabling Query Store
  • Understanding Query Store components
  • Reviewing information in the query store
  • Using Force Plan
  • Managing the query store
  • Tuning with the query store
  • Stretch Database
  • Understanding Stretch Database architecture
  • Security and Stretch Database
  • Identifying tables for Stretch Database
  • Configuring Stretch Database
  • Monitoring Stretch Database
  • Backup and recovery with Stretch Database
Chapter 6 More analytics
  • Tabular enhancements
  • Accessing more data sources with DirectQuery
  • Modeling with a DirectQuery source
  • Working with calculated tables
  • Bidirectional cross-filtering
  • Writing formulas
  • Introducing new DAX functions
  • Using variables in DAX
  • R integration
  • Installing and configuring R Services
  • Getting started with R Services
  • Using an R Model in SQL Server
Chapter 7 Better reporting
  • Report content types
  • Paginated report development enhancements
  • Introducing changes to paginated report authoring tools
  • Exploring new data visualizations
  • Managing parameter layout in paginated reports
  • Mobile report development
  • KPI development
  • Report access enhancements
  • Accessing reports with modern browsers
  • Viewing reports on mobile devices
  • Printing without ActiveX
  • Exporting to PowerPoint
  • Pinning reports to Power BI
  • Managing subscriptions
This is free book you can download using below link
Click Here to Download 
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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

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Top 20 JasperReports/JasperSoft Interview Questions Answers PDF

1). Explain what is Jasper Reports?
Ans: Jasper Reports is used to Generate the reports from the Database. A powerful report-generating tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.

2). What do you understand by JRXML?
Ans: JasperReports reports are defined in an XML file format, called JRXML, which can be hand-coded, generated, or designed using a tool. The file format is defined by a Document Type Definition (DTD) or XML schema for newer versions, providing limited interoperability.

3). How to set dynamic main report width when using crosstab?
Ans: For a single crosstab use the attribute ignoreWidth="true"

4). How to create crosstab derived measure?
Ans: Cross tab fills the data at the time of report execution. So it is not possible to find more calculations on already calculated on filled values rather you need to define the Type01/Type02 with in your SQL query so that you can another measure.

5). Main features of JasperReports?
Ans: Some of the main JasperReport features include:
Has flexible report layout.
Multiple ways to present data, it can present data textually or graphically.
JasperReports can generate watermarks.
Developers can supply data in multiple ways.
JasperReports can generate subreports.
JasperReports can accept data from multiple datasources.
JasperReports is capable of exporting reports to a variety of formats.

6). What do you understand by Multiple ways to supply data feature, Can you explain?
Ans: JasperReports allows developers to pass data to a report through the report parameters, Report parameters can be instances of any Java class. Data can also be passed to a report by using special classes called datasources. Report parameters and datasrouces can be combined to maximum flexibility.

7). Name any three main Jasper Managers classes?
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperCompileManager: Used to compile a JRXML report template.
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager: Used to fill a report with data from a datasource
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperPrintManager: Used to print the documents generated by the JasperReports library
8). How to save the compiled JasperReport as a .jasper in a file?
Ans: You can use following method: JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile("C:\\xxx.jrxml", "C:\\xxx.jasper");

9). What is the difference between ireport and jasperreport?
Ans: iReport is a graphical report designer tool that uses JasperReports API. Designing the reports become easy if we use iReport.
JasperReports API is the build that was/is being released by Jasper Team(JasperSoft) that provide necessary jar files that are helpfull in creating reports.

10). What is Jaspersoft OLAP?
Ans: In general, Jaspersoft OLAP refers to the Business Analysis capability found in JasperReports Server. Business Analysis is also known as OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP), and is enabled via the Open Source projects Mondrian and JPivot.

11). What is JasperReports Server?
Ans: Typically, JasperReports Server refers to both the core server functionality (creating and managing users and roles, assigning permissions, scheduling reports, etc) and to the Business Reporting functionality which is enabled by JasperReports.

12). How to pass a parameter list for the same field in the prompt iReport?
Ans: Create a parameter and precede the parameter of the SQL query of the report by one! . To run the report, enter prompt in the desired parameters separated by commas to respect SQL syntax. Example:
sql code:
SELECT * FROM    myTable  WHERE   mycode IN  ( $ P! { MonParametre } )

13). How do you limit the number of rows on each page in JasperReport?
Ans: If you want to display max number of rows in each page to 5, then you can use
$V{REPORT_COUNT} % 5 == 0

14). How to change date format (month name) in iReport?
Ans: To display dates in different formats, one option is to format dates based on locales. For example, the following expression uses the current user's locale:
DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG, $P{REPORT_LOCALE}).format($F{currentDate})

15). Write a sample code to show an image on jasper report?
Ans: <imageExpression class="java.lang.String">
      <![CDATA[$P{REPORTS_DIR} + "/images/logo.jpg"]]>

16). How to display date in HH:mm:ss format in JasperReports?
Ans: You can use following code in Java:
new SimpleDateFormat("MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss z").format($V{VAR_DATE})
where $V{VAR_DATE} is the date variable to be converted into the format.

17). What is the difference between .jasper, .jrprint, .jrpxml, .jrxml JasperReport file formats?
  • .jrxml is a human readable XML file that contains the report template i.e. report structure and its formatting rules.
  • .jasper is the compiled report template i.e. compiled .jrxml file. You use this file as the template argument in the JasperReports API.
  • .jrprint is a serialized JasperPrint object i.e. an actual report instance i.e. a template that has been filled with data. This file can be deserialized back into a JasperPrint object.
  • .jrpxml is a human readable XML represenatation of a JasperPrint object i.e. an XML version of a template that has been filled with data. This file can be unmarshalled back into a JasperPrint object.
18). What is the difference between variable, parameter and field in Jaspersoft iReport Designer?
  • Parameters are simple input to JasperReports. You have to define parameters in the JasperReport before using them. You can display the value of the variable, you can use it as part of boolean expressions and you can even pass it to subreports. This can be an input to SQL query.
  • Fields are simple variable definitions. You can think of these as instance variables of the datasource object thats passed in to the report or they can be key names if the datasource is a Map. If you configure JasperReport to create the dataset based on SQL, then Fields are the column names of the ResultSet. You will use Fields to display the resultset of an executed SQL query.
  • Variables are another kind of variables that live within Jasper Report, they are not inputs. They are used to calculate sum or average of certain Field (defined above). You can perform many other predefined calculation functions on the Fields using Variables.
19). How you will avoid null values in jasper reports?
Ans: By set the property isBlankWhenNull to true.
In iReport check the Blank When Null checkbox when your field is selected.
In jasper jrxml file: <textField isBlankWhenNull="true">

20). What are the drawbacks with Jasper Reports?
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What are the drawbacks with Jasper Reports? JasperReports Interview Question

  • Jasper reports is not well documented. Its taking lot of time to understand which API to use for every task. But the sample provided by jasper reports is helpful in understanding. But examples for custom data-source provider is not available. so its difficult to understand the usage of custom data-source.
  • Sub-reports to be troublesome as they add an extra layer of complexity to your reports.

  • I think some features are missing (conditional formatting, elements with dynamic sizes)
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Monday, 25 April 2016

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Top 44 CloverETL Interview Questions Answers


1). Explain what is CloverETL?
Ans: CloverETL is a Java-based data integration ETL platform for rapid development and automation of data transformations, data cleansing, data migration and distribution of data into applications, databases, cloud and data warehouses. The product family starts with an open source runtime engine and limited Community edition of visual data transformation Designer.

2). What is ETL?
Ans: ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load – a data processing operation that performs data manipulations, usually on-the-fly, while getting (extracting) data from a source or sources, transforming it, and storing into target(s). For more information, see the Wikipedia page for ETL.

3). What is data integration?
Ans: Data integration is a broad term used for any effort of combining data from multiple sources into a more unified and holistic view. It usually involves several operations, such as ETL, orchestration, automation, monitoring and change management.

4). What's the difference between ETL and data integration?
Ans: ETL is a form of data integration where data is transformed during transport between sources and targets. While "pure" ETL is focused on the actual transport, data integration usually refers to a broader task of managing ETL tasks, scheduling, monitoring, etc.

5). Why use an ETL tool and why CloverETL in particular?
Ans: ETL or data integration tools replace ad hoc scripts that you would use to transport data between databases, files, web services etc. Over time, these become very difficult to manage and are prone to errors. ETL tools provide you with visual tools to manage, monitor, and update data transformations with ease. CloverETL in particular is a rapid data integration tool oriented to get your job done quickly.

6). What is CloverETL Designer?
Ans: CloverETL Designer is a visual tool for developing, debugging, and running data transformations.

7). What is CloverETL Server?
Ans: CloverETL Server is an automation, orchestration and monitoring enterprise platform for data integration.

8). What is CloverETL Cluster?
Ans: CloverETL Cluster allows multiple instances of the CloverETL Server to run on different HW nodes and form a computer cluster. It allows for high availability through fail-over capabilities, scaling via load balancing, and processing of Big Data through a massively-parallel approach.

9). Which platforms or operating systems does CloverETL run on?
Ans: CloverETL runs on any platform/operating system where Java 1.6 or later is supported. This includes Windows, OSX, Linux, various UNIX systems and others.

10). Is there a free option for CloverETL?
Ans: Yes. There is a 45-day fully featured trial for CloverETL Designer and a trial CloverETL Server (contact There is also a completely free, but feature-limited CloverETL Community Edition.

11). When and how are new versions released?
Ans: There are two major production releases every year. Before each production release, there are two milestone releases that allow early access to new features from the upcoming production version. Production releases are sometimes replaced with bugfix releases that come as needed.

12). What are milestone (M1, M2) releases?
Ans: Milestone releases provide early public access to features that we're working on for the upcoming production release. You can use milestones and their new features to develop, test, and provide us with feedback. However, milestone releases are not covered by CloverCARE support, so we do not recommend putting them into a mission critical deployment. Major changes that can affect existing transformations are usually published in early milestone versions so that you have plenty of time to adapt to possible incompatibilities.

13). Do I need to renew CloverCARE?
Ans: Your CloverCARE support is covered by an 20% annual maintenance fee that grants you access to product updates and standard CloverCARE support. To continue receiving upgrades and support, you need to renew your maintenance every year.

14). Are there any discounts (academic, non profit, volume) available?
Ans: We can offer discounts for various types of organizations and businesses. We can also offer volume deals. Please contact our Sales at or via this Contact Us form.

15). What makes CloverETL stand out against SSIS/Talend/Pentaho?
Ans: CloverETL is a rapid data integration tool. Our main goal is to provide our users with a tool that helps them achieve results quickly, without having to spend time on training, learning, etc. Starting from our examples, you can begin building data transformations quickly. CloverETL is also sharply focused on data integration – it’s a light-footed, dedicated tool.

16). What is CloverCARE and what does it include?
Ans: CloverCARE is our support package included in every commercial deal. Members of our support team are professional experts who are using CloverETL themselves – no outsourcing, no frustrating phone calls. We also support evaluating users during their trial period. CloverCARE offers email, phone, and WebEx support at various SLAs. Please refer to our CloverCARE Support page for more details.

17). Can I upgrade feature by feature (a la carte)?
Ans: --

18). Can CloverETL be embedded in my product?
Ans: The short answer is yes. CloverETL technology can be embedded in various ways. You can embed CloverETL Designer, CloverETL Server or even just the data processing engine running under the hood. Some of our customers also use white-labeled CloverETL technology in their product offerings. For additional details, please read our OEM section.

19). How scalable is CloverETL?
Ans: CloverETL technology scales really well. You can start with the CloverETL Designer running on your laptop processing thousands of records then move onto the CloverETL Server with its automation capabilities to crunch millions of records. If you happen to hit any Big Data problems, then the CloverETL Cluster is able to cope with any data volume through its massively-parallel data processing capabilities.

20). Does CloverETL support Big Data?
Ans: CloverETL technology naturally fits the processing of Big Data. Its inherent pipeline-parallelism and massively-parallel processing facilitated by CloverETL Cluster allows you to cope with Big Data problems. It’s also able to cooperate with other Big Data related technologies like Hadoop, Hive, and others.

21). What kind of data can I process in CloverETL?
Ans: CloverETL can process any structured or semi-structured data whether stored in a database, file, or other system. Data sources and data targets alike can be a combination of various independent databases and files.

22). How do I get my newly purchased licenses?
Ans: You'll receive an email with your account information (email and password) that you can use to Sign In here. From there, navigate to Licenses & Downloads where you can get both license keys and download all the software.

23). How do I transition from Designer to Server?
Ans: There is a direct upgrade path from the desktop Designer to the Server environment. Your already existing work can be transferred to the Server without any additional effort. Designer manages projects in workspaces on your local drive. You can simply export these to Server sandboxes (via File > Export > CloverETL > Export to CloverETL Server sandbox) and continue working remotely on the Server.

24). How do I transition from Server to Cluster?
Ans: CloverETL Cluster is basically a bunch of Server instances connected together into a single cluster. When you move into Cluster, we recommend reading about various types of sandboxes and how to process data in parallel

25). I purchased CloverETL, but my license is set to expire in two months. Why?
Ans: If you feel there's been an error, please contact our Sales at or via this Contact Us form. Usually we issue temporary licenses immediately once a Purchase Order is received. We then replace the temporary licenses with unlimited ones once the payment is processed.

26). My evaluation license expired. Is it possible to extend the evaluation period?
Ans: Yes, you can ask for trial extension here.

27). Do you have any plans for selling the company or being taken over?
Ans: Our mission is to be a leader in data integration and stay true to providing high quality product and services. You can read more in this CloverETL Manifesto.

28). What files are supported?
Ans: You can process virtually any file containing data, including delimited files, fixed-length record files, binary files or mix of these. Popular file formats are also supported: Excel XLS/XLSX, XML, JSON, dBase DBF, emails, Lotus Notes Domino.

29). What databases are supported?
Ans: CloverETL supports standard relational databases via JDBC. Others include Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase, etc. Also, some modern NoSQL or columnar databases are supported too, e.g. MongoDB, Exasol, HP Vertica, HDFS or S3.

30). Can I read and write remote files (FTP, SFTP, HTTP/S, etc.)?
Ans: Yes. Please refer to Supported File URL Formats for Readers and Supported File URL Formats for Writers.

31). Can I read and write data using Web Services or REST APIs?
Ans: Yes. There are dedicated components for that: WebServiceClient and HTTPConnector. Also, many components support remote data - please refer to Supported File URL Formats for Readers and Supported File URL Formats for Writers.

32). Do you support Apache Hadoop and/or Hive?
Ans: Yes, Hadoop is supported for both HDFS storage, as well as running MapReduce jobs. Hive is also supported. Please refer to Hadoop connections, Hive connection.

33). Can I use data from cloud providers such as Amazon S3?
Ans: Yes, you can access data on Amazon S3. For more please read Supported File URL Formats for Readers and Supported File URL Formats for Writers.

34). How do I use Designer to develop on the Server? Do I need to deploy?
Ans: The Designer connects directly to Server sandboxes so you're working live on the Server. There is no need to deploy your local edits or anything. Whenever you're connected to a Server sandbox and run a transformation or jobflow, it is executed on the Server, not locally.

35). Can I run a transformation without Designer? How?
Ans: Yes, CloverETL Server provides numerous automation functions, including scheduled execution, web services, event listeners, etc.

36). Can CloverETL Server be deployed to Amazon EC2?
Ans: Yes, there are several projects running CloverETL hosted on Amazon EC2 servers. As data transformations are heavy on I/O, make sure you pick a "high I/O" instances. The installation does not require any additional tricks.

37). Can CloverETL handle secure data transfers (HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, etc.)?
Ans: Yes, you can access all of these protocols. For more please read Supported File URL Formats for Readers and Supported File URL Formats for Writers.

38). Can sensitive information, such as passwords in connections, be securely hidden?
Ans: Yes, CloverETL Server supports encrypted secure parameters so that sensitive information are not stored in plain-text readable form in graphs, connections etc.

39). Can I use projects developed in Trial (or Community) in commercial an vice versa?
Ans: Yes, everything that you create in Community or Trial can be opened and further developed in any commercial edition of CloverETL. However, CloverETL Community cannot run all transformations created using the Trial or commercial products due to its limitations.

40). Can I create my own custom component or function via a plugin?
Ans: Yes, there are two nice articles you can read on our blog to help you do so: Creating your own component and Custom CTL functions.

41). How do I upgrade CloverETL Designer to the latest version?
Ans: We recommend uninstalling the old version and performing a fresh install of the new one. Don’t worry, all your work is safe – it’s always stored outside the installation files.

42). How do I upgrade CloverETL Server to the latest version?
Ans: -

43). Do I need an application server to run CloverETL Server? If yes, which one?
Ans: We provide a default, easy-to-start bundled package of CloverETL Server with pre-configured Apache Tomcat and Derby database. It's a good, simple start. However, if you wish to use an application container of your own, CloverETL supports a number of industry standard J2EE application servers such as Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss and Jetty.

44). Which versions of application servers does CloverETL Server support?
Ans: Currently CloverETL supports Apache Tomcat 6.0.x, Glassfish 2.1, JBoss 5.1 or JBoss 6.0, Jetty 6.1.x, WebLogic 11g (10.3.6), WebLogic 12c (12.1.1), Websphere 7.0

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Google Adsense Interview Questions with Answers

Explain what is Adsense program?
Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. Sign up for AdSense. Customization and control Easily accessible support. Change the look and feel of your ads to fit with your website and specify where you want ads to appear.

What is the maximum number of AdSense units you can put on a page?
Google AdSense offers different types of ads, and most are categorized in the following formats:
AdSense content unit : Max three ads unit allowed on a page
AdSense link unit : Max three ads unit allowed on a page
AdSense for search : Max two ads unit allowed on a page

What do you know about newly launched "Matched content feature" of google adsense?
Matched content is a free recommendation tool that offers you a simple way to promote your articles to your site visitors. By making it easy for your readers to find the content that they're interested in, you can increase your site's page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue.

Is every site eligible for "Matched content feature"?
No, Google have some creataria
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Sql tricky Interview Question : How you will select a column that contain square brackets[]?

Tricky Interview questions:

Question: If you have a column with square brackets like below one, how you will select it in SQL query?

Answers: for this you need to use two square brackets before and three square brackets after the column name as below.

Note : I face problem in selection when I rename my column as [DefautlProjectActivityID] by using following proc.

EXEC SP_RENAME '[TableName].[DefaultProjectActivityID]' , '[DefaultProjectActivityID]', 'COLUMN'

correct one is :
EXEC SP_RENAME '[TableName].[DefaultProjectActivityID]' , 'DefaultProjectActivityID', 'COLUMN'

Note that you should not put the NewColumnName in brackets, as SQL Server will then use [NewColumnName] as the name of the new column.
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Monday, 11 April 2016

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How to Convert HTML Table in SQL Table using TSQL

DECLARE @Xml xml
set @Xml='<tr>
                     <td>Vikas Ahlawat</td>



SELECT Name = T.C.value('(./td)[1]','varchar(100)'),
           Education = T.C.value('(./td)[2]','varchar(100)'),
           Age = T.C.value('(./td)[3]','varchar(100)')
FROM @Xml.nodes('(/tr)') as T(C)


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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

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Top 200 Walmart Interview Questions Answers PDF

Here are top 200 Walmart Interview Questions with Answers in Sets, You can download pdf as well.

Set 1: Walmart Top 50 Common Interview Questions for All
Set 2: Top 44 Walmart Cashier Interview Questions Answers
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Top 44 Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Here we come with Walmart cashier interview questions along with answers. So if you are preparing for interview then this set is for you. Actually this is the real interview experience related interview questions, we take the help of for that. You can download them as a pdf also.
Download PDF

1). If you have a angry customer how would you handle this person? 
Ans: Try to see if there was something I could help them with and if not what did they want me to do to help them? I can get a member of management or if they like I could take their complaint and research it and the next time have an answer for them.

2). What would you do if you were having a conflict with another? 
Ans: I would try and see if it was something that I can adjust my attitude about or is it something that affects everyone? If it
is something I can change I will. But some people just wont change and they can be a real problem. I would first ask the person to please stop and if that didn't work than

3). If you saw an employee stealing what would you do?
Ans: Report it to my supervisor so they can address it.

4). Why do you want to work in Walmart? 
Ans: I answered- I wanna work at Walmart because its a get work place to work in i will get to learn many things and interact with many kind of people.

5). Think that a bill is 15.43 and the customer give you a hundred dollar note, what would be the change?
Ans: 84.57, Sugestion-(take your time if you need it, but never produce the wrong answers)

6). What is your way to perform calculation fast, if there is no calculator?
Ans: I want to explain with an Example: Think that a customer wants to know the price of an item that is regularly $39.99, and it's 30% off. Round up to $40.00, 10% would be $4.00, times 3 would be 30% and $12.00 off. $40-$12 is $28.

7). What does customer service means to you? 
Ans: Means to help people be very kind and to have a positive attitude at all times.

8). What are your pet words as a cashier and why?
Ans: My pet words are "Is that it?" and "Do you need anything else?", and It is a way to raise the amount sold while increasing customer satisfaction from their bosses perspective but when you are on the line it is just another thing to say in the checklist.

9). How comfortable are you checking IDs for a purchase of alcohol even if the customer looks to be in his mid 20s?
Ans: Suer, I will still ask for their ID's, because its not based on the looks, what important is to make sure they are in the right age.

10). When would I be available to work? 
Ans: As soon as possible.

11). If you are an experienced cashiers can you tell me why cashiers press so many buttons before customer can swipe your card?
In my last job the keys to be pressed were "Subtotal" and method of payment (cash/debit/credit).
More entry than that indicates that the cashier might have made a mistake with the entry: if DR (debit) is pressed and the payment is CR (credit card), then the payment won't go through.
It appears as a cashier simply trying to correct the error.

12). Describe a time you had to deal with an angry customer. What steps did you take to calm them down and help them?
Ans: I explained that in my experience, people become angered and upset when they feel they're not being heard. The best thing for me to do is to put myself in their shoes and try to understand how they are feeling. I would assure them that they had my attention, that I was listening, and together we would figure out a solution.

13). How do I respond when a repeat customer asks for a discount?

14). What position was you are looking for?
Ans: Cashier or Sales Associate

15). They ask great interesting questions in my opinion like," Can you give an example of a situation that you found challenging and if so how did you respond to it and what were the results?" 
Ans: My response was that when I was a sub teacher I was warned about this boy" a troubled teen" who would act up in my class. I decided upon reaching the class room to form my own opinion and give respect to this individual. I gave this boy respect and a chance I even asked him to help me do different tasks which you could tell he had never had that chance before. I still 15 years

16). Why is customer service important to you? 
Ans: Because you always want yours customers to feel welcomed and provide a great experience so they'll come back. Customer service is not only about the people it's about their experience in general. Friendly service, clean store, fast check out.

17). Have you ever come up in a situation where large amount of money missed at your past employment?
Ans: No

18). How would you take action in a project? 
Ans: I would organize things in order of priority and make sure that everyone I was working with understood how it was going to go and listen to other opinions.

19). Why do you want to work at Walmart? 
Ans: Because I want the money.

20). Are you comfortable in handling money?
Ans: Handling money is expected to be my primary duty. I have no problem with that responsibility. I've worked as a cashier for three years and have experience counting back change and balancing my cash register. A customer has never had an issue and my register has never come up short.

21). If an angry customer approached you how would you handle the situation?
Ans: I told them I would remain calm as possible and politely apologize for there hard time also see if I can solve the problem myself as best as possible.

22). Tell me about a time when you were faced with a problem at work?
Ans: I told them about a time when both of my managers wanted me to do two different things at the same time, so I did what the higher up manager told me to do and then finished what the other manager told me to do after that.

23). How would you accomplish many tasks by the end of the day?
Ans: I would organize my time to plan for the upcoming assignments given to me.

24). What do you think Why are many customers so rude to cashiers?
Simply some people are insufferable POS's on both sides the difference is that one one is stuck there for hours because they are in fact at work and the other is away from work (if they work at all) and will be somewhere else being mean to someone else.

25). Why do you want to be a Walmart cashier?
Ans: You need to research the company you are wanting to work for and read their job description. When you are asked the question, then you can tell them how your background qualifications are transferable, and to work for (this company) will be a challenge and rewarding.
Here's an example: "Based on the research I've done, the company is an industry leader. When I visited your web site, I found some impressive information about the future projects you have planned. I was also impressed with the founders' backgrounds and the current financial statements. This is the company I've been looking for, I want to be where things are developing, changing, and growing. And I want to make a meaningful contribution to that development and growth."

26). How did you deal with a bad situation with a customer?
Ans: stayed calm.

27). What was the hardest obstacle faced?
Ans: Trying to graduate early.

28). How I interacted with the customer?
Ans: Always ask questions making sure they are getting what they need.

29). When was the last time you were in a stressful situation and how did you handle it?
Ans: I used a situation I was in work some old roommates of mine bit it made me really uncomfortable talking about it.

30). When did you solve a situation where you could not make the   other person happy, but you found the solution?
Ans: I used a situation I ran into in some of my volunteer work with two parents fighting over a kid.

31). What was your most challenging triumph in any previous job?
Ans: Group that I booked into hotel had problems, I worked with them to solve problem and they remained clients of the hotel.

32). What qualities do I have to work here? 
Ans: I am still in high school. And I have an Microsoft Office PowerPoint certificate

33). How have you resolved a conflict between to employees?
Ans: I brought the issue to the manager so they can figure it out

34). What was a difficult time you had in your life and how did   you fix it?
Ans: I struggled with this.

35). Name a time when you went above and beyond for a customer?
Ans: Situation task action result.

36). Why do you think I should hire you and not the person outside that door?
Ans: I replied because I know I very we'll qualified and able to do what iNneeded I Am bubbly and I am energetic and I work hard to give a effort

37). How do you act around people? 
Ans: I am a very friendly person, i love talking to people and asking them how their day was.

38). Explain a time when you had to lead a group of employees on   and project what procedures did you use and what was the conclusion. 
Ans: I can't even remember. I just made eye contact and answered the question.

39). What is your hours availability?
Ans: Open availability.

40). Tell me when you made a mistake and regretted it?
Ans: I just made up a random mistake and said I regretted it

41). What are the three basic beliefs of Walmart? 
Ans: Associates are expendable. Suckups are god. we own the lawyers

42). Are you determined to get this job? 
Ans: yes.

43). Describe a time you went above and beyond your expected duty?
Ans: I told a story about a time I was an algebra tutor but took on the job of a chemistry tutor even though I had to teach myself the subject material during my own time

44). Name a time you went outside of your comfort zone and   performed well?
Ans: Told a story about a time in nursing school interested a urinary catheter for the very first time.

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What is food with integrity means to you? Answer

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Top 31 Dominos Interview Questions Answers PDF


Here are the 31 question set asked at Dominos interview. Means this is the set of most frequently asked Dominos pizza interview questions with answers. You can download pdf file as well.
Download PDF
1). What can you tell me about Dominos?
Ans: They are delivery experts, they are very popular, they make pizza and other stuff(!)

2). Tell me about a decision you made that added difficulty to  your life in the short term in order to improve your life in the long term?
Ans: Picking a competitive college with a solid name brand

3). What do you think about pizza and its business?
Ans: I love pizza and I'm interested in finding out more about the business.

4). How did you handle an angry customer? 
Ans: Use basic comm skills, remain calm, let them know you&amp;#039;re on their side, answer all questions...

5). If you were given a million dollars what would you do with it? 
Ans: Anything related to helping family, saving good amount or investing.

6). Do you have a car with insurance?
Ans: Yes

7). Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ans: I just wanted to concentrate on the here and now, one step at a time, get back on my feet after some difficult years, and do the best I can.

8). How long do you see yourself staying with Dominos?
Ans: As long as you (the manager, not the company as a whole) work with me and back me up i'll give you everything i have and stick it out.

9). Why do you want to work for Dominos?
Ans: Because it's one job I know I can do, and do well.

10). Have I worked as a delivery driver before?
Ans: Yes.

11). Are you willing to work after your shift time is over, if   necessary on occasion?
Ans: Yes, I would prefer it to not be every day though (it is, they won't let you leave until 1-2 hours after you're scheduled off

12). Can you tell me any weaknesses (we all have them) 
Ans: I said simply I hadn't been able to work for over 3 years so was very nervous and rusty.

13). Would you be ok doing things such as phones, washing up, cleaning, etc. 
Ans: Yes

14). What would do if you had to deal with an angry customer? 
Ans: I would stay calm and listen to what they had to say. I would then ask if they would like to speak to the manager.why should i hire you over everyone else.
why should i hire you over everyone else.
I said I'm a go getter and will make sure things get done. which is true and was a good enough answer to get to orientation.why should i hire you over everyone else.

15). Why should i hire you over everyone else. 
Ans: I said I'm a go getter and will make sure things get done. which is true and was a good enough answer to get to orientation.

16). What are some skills that you can bring to Domino's? 
Ans: I am a very hard worker who focuses on the details. I speak Spanish and French and am studying American Sign Language. I have my food handler's card and am very eager to learn.

17). Where have you worked before?
Ans: Tesco, various offices, salvation army, conservation/forestry.

18). Are you willing to change stores? 
Ans: Of course. Wherever you need me I'll go.

19). What makes me a good candidate for the position I applied for. 
Ans: Honestly I'm trying to make a living for my three children. I'm very enthuastic passionate, goal and detailed oriented. I'm a hard working woman and can anything I put my mind too.

20). Do you easily get along with your co-workers? 
Be patient, help them as best as possible, etc.

21). What time commitment can you make to the job? 
Ans: 15-20 hours per week.

22). Do you know the area we will be having you deliver in? 
Ans: Yes i have lived in this area for 15 years.

23). What is hours am I expecting? 
Ans: 30 hours

24). What kinds of things are important in business? 
Ans: Knowing where your money comes from and where it goes.

25). Is the customer always right? 
Ans: The customer isn't always right, but they are usually the one with the money.

26). Describe a scenario where someone was upset. How did you   turn the situation around to satisfy this person? 
Ans: Apologize for the inconvenience, give them what they wanted, and then provide them with something extra to compensate for the trouble.

27). What is something you witnessed that was questionable and   how did you deal with it? 
Ans: Noticed somebody stealing, reported it to general manager.

28). How would you change your way of communicating to an older   audience/ staff? 
Ans: I would make sure to spell out everything and use concise professional language.

29). Do you like working in a fast paced environment? 
Ans: Yeah, A fast paced environment helps keep me interested and i wont get bored with the job.

30). How did you handle an unruly customer at another job?
Ans: Tried my best to calm the customer down, analyze the situation, and do what was best for her and the company.

31). What can I bring to the company to help increase sales over   the previous year? 
Ans: I said that I bring experience at making a high quality product and providing excellent customer service.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

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Top 50 Walmart Interview Questions Answers Common for All positions : SET-1

Here are most faq Walmart Interview Questions With Answers, You can download PDF as well.

For a company e.i:Walmart, the purpose of conducting a job interview is none other than finding the right person, qualified and can better meet the needs of the vacancy. For the candidate to prepare a job interview has two aims: to convince the interviewer, through their behavior and responses, that is the right person for the job and find out if the job you are offering, filled his personal aspirations and professionals, so it is very important to learn how to behave and what to respond during the job interview. When preparing for a job interview should consider that this starts from the moment you are called to attend an appointment and success will depend in large of the degree of preparation you have for it. Thorough preparation of interview questions should be a golden rule for any interested candidate in one job. So here are the interview questions with answers.
Download PDF
1). Tell me about yourself
Ans: This is a very typical question. You need to have as short a possible answer prepared in advance . Be careful not appear prepared, acts naturally . Try to highlight issues related to the position that you are applying. Talk about the things you have done and jobs in which you've been relating to the position for which you are interviewing. It begins speaking from the oldest to the newest.

2). Why did you leave your last job?
Ans: Stay positive regardless of the circumstances that led to the departure of his latest work. You Never say that the reason was due to a problem with their bosses and never speak ill of your former supervisors / managers / directors , workmates or organization . Be positive, smile and make reference to positive reasons for his departure from his previous work as the search for new opportunities or for example have a new vision of the future that led you to leave your previous job.

3). What do you know about this company?
Ans: You need to do a preliminary investigation of the organization(Walmart) where you are applying to work, now with the Internet is a very simple task. Find out the origins of the organization and where it is going, and if you can, have prepared a small study, printed, to show that you have bothered.

4). How do you expect to make a difference at Walmart?
By providing quality service to the customers and leave them feeling taken care of and putting customer service first. I want to make sure every costumer is happy.

5). Do you consider successful?
Ans: You should always answer yes and briefly explain why . A good explanation is that you have set goals that have been met and that also has helped others achieve theirs.

6). What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
Ans: Try to include activities that relate to the job interview and which enhance your professional and personal knowledge .

7). What experience do you have in this field?
Ans: Talk about specific aspects that relate to the position for which you are being interviewed. If you do not have specific experience, try to get as close as you can with real examples, never invented.

7). What is what your co-workers say about you?
Ans: Be prepared any quote from his previous coworkers . You can be a quote about a recognition of a specific achievement you accomplish in your previous job or something more general like saying "Let your boss always said you were one of the workers."

8). Do you know anyone who works for us?
Ans: You have to know the company policy of relatives, but keep in mind that they ask about acquaintances and not on relatives. Be careful if you mention to a friend, be sure that this well considered.

9). Are you applying for other jobs?
Ans: You have to be honest , but do not waste time in this section. Focus your answer immediately at work that are applying in the interview and what you can do for that company. Anything else is a distraction.

10). Why want to work for Walmart?
Ans: The answer to this question should be personal and, of course, must be based on research that has made ​​the company in question. Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily perceived. If possible, share your long - term career goals.
e.i:Walmart is great place to work, its a friendly environment and to build future career opportunities.

11). How much money or salary expect to receive?
Ans: This is often the big question in an interview . It would be ironic to lose the opportunity to get the job to respond, first, an inappropriate amount. An alternative response might be to say something like: That's a difficult question. Could you tell me the budget set for that position? The interviewer, in most cases, be surprised. If not, you can also add that may depend on the details of the work. Then, not a specific figure but a wide range , for example, from 28,000 € to 35,000 €, depending on job responsibilities.

12). Have you ever had to fire someone? How did you feel about it?
Ans: This is a key issue. Do not give the feeling that it is easy for you fire people, even so . Make reference to " Always prefer the company against someone who may have created a situation detrimental to the mism to".

13). Tell me about any suggestions you have made?
Ans: Prepare a list of suggestions that you have done in previous works. You have to be sure that your suggestion was accepted and implementation and succeeded . Moreover, if the suggestion is related to the position you are applying it would be excellent. If you do not have any suggestion that has been set up account Briefly, the suggestions you have made, to see in you a person that if you care by improving the company you are working .

14). What is your philosophy towards work?
Ans: The interviewer does not seek a long answer here. You have to be short and positive showing a benefit to the company . Maybe you can talk about the good feelings that produces you do your job and finish it .

15). What most irritates your coworkers?
Ans: This is a question trap . Think of something serious that you can irritate , and avoids saying anything it can irritate. In fact, this question you can avail, since you can use weak points of others in your favor : "It irritates me that my partner has the cluttered table and not pay attention in meetings."

16). Are you a team player?
Ans: You are a team player, of course . Make sure you have ready several examples. Indicates characteristics in each of these examples demonstrate that every action was for the good of the team and not for yourself , it will be a good example of attitude. Do not boast but uses concrete facts rather than findings .

17). How long you expect to stay working for us if hired?
Ans: A concrete answer would be most appropriate in this question. A generic answer should work much better: " I wish it were for a long time " or " While I feel I'm doing a good job and you feel it the same way ."

18). Have you ever been asked to put aside their views on a topic?
Ans: As far as possible, say no . If you have actually happened it is honest, brief and avoid saying negative things about people or companies involved .

19). Why do we hire you?
Ans: He notes that as you meet the requirements of what enterprise to search. Do not make mention other candidates or make comparisons.

20). If you had enough money to retire Would you stop working?
Ans: This question will have to make clear that you are in the interview because you need work and money . In fact, the opposite would be strange, because if you have money to retire ... What are you doing doing an interview?

21). What is your greatest strength?
Ans: There are many good answers, only you must remain strong and positive .

22). What are, according to their former supervisors or bosses, their strengths?
Ans: Analyze yourself and find your strengths . Some examples can be loyal, energy, positive attitude, leadership, teamwork, initiative, patience, hard work, creativity, problem solving, etc.

23). What would be your dream job position?
Ans: Stay away from a specific job. You can not win if you say your dream job is applying these would be very condescending and lose credibility. If you say another job interviewer might suspect you would not be satisfied if you are hired. It is best to stay generic and say something like: " A job where I like what I do, like the people you work, where you can grow professionally and to contribute . "

24). Why do you think that would do this job well?
Ans: It gives several reasons that include knowledge, experience and interest .

25). Explain how you would be an asset to this company?
Ans: You should be anxious for this question. Give you the opportunity to emphasize the best points in regards to the position and what you can contribute . Think in advance the most appropriate response.

26). What are you looking for in a job?
Ans: Stay away from a specific job. You can not win if you say your dream job is applying these would be very condescending and lose credibility. If you say another job interviewer might suspect you would not be satisfied if you are hired. It is best to stay generic and say something like: " A job where I like what I do, like the people you work, where you can grow professionally and to contribute . "

27). What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
Ans: When you say your answer, make sure you refer to something that was beyond your control , shows acceptance and no negative feelings.

28). What has disappointed you about your last job?
Ans: Do not be trivial or negative. A useful answer would be: " There were not enough challenges " or " As the previous organization did not win a contract could not take on new responsibilities ".

29). What kind of person would refuse to work?
Ans: Do not be trivial. He talks about serious things, for example, someone disloyal to the company.

30). What is most important to you: money or work?
Ans: Money is always important, but the work is always more important . That will always be the best answer.

31). Are you willing to put the interests of the company ahead of their own?
Ans: It is a question of loyalty and dedication. Do not worry about the ethical and philosophical depth, just say yes .

32). Describe your management style.
Ans: Try to avoid labels. Some of the most common tags as progressive, salesman or consensus, can have several meanings depending on your interviewer. It gives an overview and say you're going to manage according to the specific situation given .

33). What have you learned from mistakes on the job?
Ans: Here we must be careful not to affect your credibility. You can make mention of a small, well intention-ed mistake with a positive lesson learned. An example would be: " Too much work on a project that took you to learn to work in coordination with coworkers ."

34). Are you willing to work overtime?
Ans: This depends on you. It is totally honest . Companies increasingly, ask people who are willing to take hours of their free time for the company. If you answer no, it's likely someone else you have answered yes is ahead of you.

35). Tell me about any problems you have had with a supervisor.
Ans: This is another clear example of trick question in a job interview. The interviewer puts you test , wants to know if you speak ill of your boss, and if you fall into that game may be affected your interview and your chances. It remains positive and has briefly been a problem that you have with your boss or supervisor, but is best answer you have not had any problems .

36). Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
Ans: Answer always that comfortable working under pressure, it does not have to be in the future, and if so, will have to learn to do. Exemplifying relating to the requested position.

37). Does it match your skills this job or another job would be better?
Ans: Sure match . Do not plant the suspicion that you may want another job more than this.

38). Do you have some quality to develop?
Ans: Another trick question. If you know the qualities missing let you be blind spots , so stay positive and say you're attentive to detect any anomalies.

39). What motivates you to do your job better?
Ans: This is a personal trait that only you can answer, but a good example would be: Challenges, achieving goals, recognition, etc.

40). How do you know you're succeeding in a job?
Ans: There is a very good response to this point: " I establish high standards for myself and I meet them. My results are a measure of my success . "

41). Describe your work ethic.
Ans: Emphasize the benefits for the company . Issues like the job determination, hard work or enjoy your work are good answers.

42). Tell me about the most fun you had at work?
Ans: He speaks, for example, about the fun by meeting objectives for the company.

43). Would you be willing to move to another community or country if necessary?
Ans: You must have this very clear answer , so before I talk it over with your family before the interview if you think there is a possibility that may arise. Do not say yes just to get the job if the real answer is no , this can acarrearte many more problems forward. Again be honest and save yourself future trouble.

44). If thou hast done this interview What would seek to hire the person?
Ans: Try to put yourself in the place of the interviewer. Be careful to mention or explain the features that are needed, but suggests that the person they need is a lot like you .

45). What qualities do you look for in a boss?
Ans: It is generic and positive. He talks about safe qualities, as it is intelligent, with sense of humor, loyal, loyal to subordinates and a professional high level. All bosses think they have these traits .

46). What position prefer to have when working in a team?
Ans: And again honesty. If you are comfortable in different roles, say so, and if not, explain that you prefer positions.

47). Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
Ans: Regardless of your qualifications, point out that these very well qualified for the position , and you have many desire to continue to learn and develop as a professional .

48). How do you propose to compensate for their lack of experience for this job?
Ans: First, if you have experience, explains the interviewer who does have experience. In case you have not said that you know work with dedication and you learn very fast.

49). Have you ever helped resolve a dispute between others?
Ans: Choose a specific incident. Concentrate on your problem solving technique and not the dispute itself.

50). Think that you are CEO of Walmart, then How would you improve Walmart?
I would first understand the customer's requirement, for that I would listen to the customers and will taker suggestions of them to make Walmart a better place and will make a positive experience for the shoppers as a place of choice to shop, continuous store cleanliness and organization, inventory control, in lower prices, legendary service.

51). Do you have any questions?
Ans: You should always have prepared some questions as show your interest in the position. Questions should be positive and interest in the company. If during the interview detect that there are points that are unclear, this is the best time to bring them out, so you give to know your ability to listen, communicate and propose.

Before you go, I recommend you read several articles I have published  with the sole purpose to help  and go  better prepared for the job interview , so that this process easier and for you and end up with more chance of success
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