How you will change the font size/style in SQL Server?

Ans:- By following below steps

Write a query to get all employee detail from "EmployeeDetail" table?

Tables:- 1. Write a query to get all employee detail from "EmployeeDetail" table  ANS: SELECT   *   FROM  [EmployeeDeta...

What are the Goals of CRM Security Model?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) provide a security model that protects data integrity and privacy, and supports ...

Difference between Role based Record based and Field Level Security in Dynamics CRM

Role-based security:  Role-based security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 focuses on grouping a set of privileges together that describe the re...

Field Level Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), you use field-level security to restrict access to high business impact fiel...

What is MS CRM? MS Dynamics CRM Interview Question

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM is a category of integrated, data-driven solutions that improve how you interact and d...

TRUNCATE is DDL or DML command in SQL Server?

Ans: DDL

Difference between Session and Connection in SQL Server?

Sessions – when the client application connects to SQL Server the two sides establish a “session” on which to exchange information. Stric...

What is a Data Page in SQL Server?

A page is the most basic unit of storage in SQL Server. The disk space allocated to a data file (.mdf or .ndf) in a database is logically d...

What is Fill Factor in SQL Server? SQL Server Interview Question

In SQL Server a page(8KB size) is the basic unit of data storage in SQL server. Data is stored in the leaf-level pages of Index.  The perce...

What is the difference between TRY_CONVERT and Convert? 2016 SQL Server Interview Question

Convert : enables you to convert data stored in one data type to another. The conversion might fail if you attempt to convert between data ...

What is the maximum length of a file-name in S3?

Names are the object keys. The name for a key is a sequence of Unicode characters whose UTF-8 encoding is at most 1024 bytes long.

How to access/ping a server located on AWS?

Using UI: In your security group: Click the inbound tab Create a custom ICMP rule Select echo request Use range for e...

How to delete files recursively from an S3 bucket?

aws s3 rm --recursive s3://your_bucket_name/foo/ Or delete everything under the bucket: aws s3 rm --recursive s3://your_bucket_name If...

How many objects you can put in a S3 bucket? is there a limit to the number of objects I can put in an S3 bucket?

Write, read, and delete objects containing from 1 byte to 5 terabytes of data each. The number of objects you can store is unlimited.

What is the difference between Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS?

Amazon SNS  allows applications to send time-critical messages to multiple subscribers through a “push” mechanism, eliminating the need to...

How you will change the root EBS device of my amazon EC2 instance?

Stop the instance. Detach the root EBS volume. Attach the alternate EBS volume (as the root e.g. /dev/sda1) Start the instance. This p...

Write down the command you will use to copy all files from one S3 bucket to another with s3cmd?

s3cmd sync s3://from/this/bucket/ s3://to/this/bucket/

Explain what happens when I reboot an EC2 instance?

Rebooting an instance is like rebooting a PC. The hard disk isn't affected. You don't return to the image's original state, but...

How do you see how much disk space is using by S3 bucket?

s3cmd can show you this by running s3cmd du, optionally passing the bucket name as an argument.

How step you follow to make 10,000 files as public in S3?

I will generate a bucket policy which gives access to all the files in the bucket. The bucket policy can be added to a bucket through AWS c...

Is it possible to use AWS as a web host? What are the way of using AWS as a web host?

Yes it is completely possible to host websites on AWS in 2 ways:  Easy - S3 (Simple Storage Solution) is a bucket storage solution that...

How do you pass custom environment variable on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (AWS EBS)?

As a heads up to anyone who uses the .ebextensions/*.config way: nowadays you can add, edit and remove environment variables in the Elastic...

How you will find out the instance id from within an ec2 machine?

wget -q -O - http://instance-data/latest/meta-data/instance-id If you need programatic access to the instance ID from within a script di...

What are the benefits of EBS vs. instance-store?

EBS backed instances can be set so that they cannot be (accidentally) terminated through the API. EBS backed instances can be stopped whe...

Which AWS responsible for managed email and calendaring?

WorkMail is a managed email and calendaring service with strong security controls and support for existing desktop and mobile email clients...

What is Amazon AppStream and advantage of using AppStreaming?

Amazon AppStream is an application streaming service that lets you stream your existing resource-intensive applications from the cloud with...

How to find your regions and Availability Zones using the Amazon EC2 CLI?

Use the ec2-describe-regions command as follows to describe your regions. PROMPT> ec2-describe-regions REGION us-east-1

Explain what is Regions and Endpoints in AWS?

To reduce data latency in your applications, most Amazon Web Services products allow you to select a regional endpoint to make your request...

What Is Amazon CloudSearch and its features?

Amazon CloudSearch is a fully managed service in the cloud that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your websi...

What is Amazon Kinesis Firehose?

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a fully managed service for delivering real-time streaming data to destinations such as Amazon Simple Storage Se...

What is AWS Data Pipeline? and what are the components of AWS Data Pipeline?

AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that you can use to automate the movement and transformation of data. With AWS Data Pipeline, you can de...

What is Amazon EMR?

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) is a managed cluster platform that simplifies running big data frameworks, such as Apache Hadoop and ...

What is AWS WAF? What are the potential benefits of using WAF?

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that lets you monitor the HTTP and HTTPS requests that are forwarded to Amazon CloudFront and lets yo...

What is the AWS Key Management Service?

The AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) is a managed service that makes it easy for you to create and control the encryption keys used to ...

Explain what is ElastiCache?

ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale distributed in-memory cache environments in the cloud.

Explain what is DynamoDB in AWS?

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. You can...

Explain how the buffer is used in Amazon web services?

The buffer is used to make the system more robust to manage traffic or load by synchronizing different component.  Usually, components rece...

Explain what is C4 instances?

C4 instances are ideal for compute-bound applications that benefit from high performance processors.

Explain what is T2 instances?

T2 instances are designed to provide moderate baseline performance and the capability to burst to significantly higher performance as requi...

How many buckets can you create in AWS by default?

By default, you can create upto 100 buckets in each of your AWS accounts.

Mention what are the differences between Amazon S3 and EC2 ?

S3:  Amazon S3 is just a storage service, typically used to store large binary files. Amazon also has other storage and database services, ...

Explain some features of Amazon EC2?

Amazon EC2 provides the following features: Virtual computing environments, known as instances Preconfigured templates for your instance...

Explain what Is Amazon EC2 instance?

An EC2 instance is a virtual server in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for running applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) i...

What Is Amazon EC2?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Using Amazon EC2 eli...

Explain what is Redshift?

Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all...

Mention what is the relation between an instance and AMI?

From a single AMI, you can launch multiple types of instances.  An instance type defines the hardware of the host computer used for your in...

Explain what is AMI ( Amazon Machine Image )?

It’s a template that provides the information (an operating system, an application server and applications) required to launch an instance,...

Explain what is S3 in AWS?

S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. You can use S3 interface to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time and from anywhere on t...

What is AWS Certificate Manager?

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) handles the complexity of provisioning, deploying, and managing certificates provided by ACM (ACM Certificate...

Explain what is IAM service?

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that helps you securely control access to AWS resources for your users. You use I...

Explain what are the key components of AWS( Amazon Web Service )?

The key components of AWS are :- (AWS 2016 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS) Route 53:  A DNS web service Simple E-mail Service:  It allows sending e...

Explain what is AWS(Amazon Web Service)?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service; it is a collection of remote computing services also known as cloud computing platform.  This new realm ...


AWS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SET-2 set-2 link available at bottom of this post 1.)  What is Amazon RDS? 2.)  In RDS, what is the max...

What is the underlying Hypervisor for EC2? AWS INTERVIEW QUESTION

What is the underlying Hypervisor for EC2? Ans: Xen

What are the 4 level of AWS premium support?

What are the 4 level of AWS premium support? Ans: Basic, Developer, Business, Enterprise

In S3, what does RRS stand for? AWS INTERVIEW QUESTION

In S3, what does RRS stand for? Ans: Reduced Redundancy Storage

TCS AWS Interview Question Answers

If you want to run a database on an EC2 instance, which is the most recommended Amazon storage option, S3, RDS or EBS? Ans: EBS Click her...

In RDS, Automated backups are enabled by default for new DB Instance, true or false?

Ans: True

In RDS, what is the maximum value you can set for my backup retention period? AWS INTERVIEW QUESTION

Ans: 35 Days Note : This questions asked during Aon Hewitt Interview


RDS stand for Relational Database Service is a web service that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the ...

What is the difference between Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation? AWS Interview Question

Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health moni...

What action is required to establish an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) VPN?

We need to assign a static internet-routable IP address to an Amazon VPC customer gateway. Note : This questions asked during Prospecta S...

Samsung AWS Interview Question

Suppose that you are working with a customer who has 10 TB of archival data that they want to migrate to Glacier. The customer has a 1-Mbps...

What is MFA in AWS? AWS Interview questions

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a simple best practice that adds an extra layer of protection on top of your user name and passwor...

What is Amazon VPC?

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to launch Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources into a virtual network that you've ...

Example, how you will create a VPC and Subnets using the AWS CLI? NASA

Click here for answer Note : This questions asked during NASA Interview


Normally, each EC2 instance you launch is randomly assigned a public IP address in the amazon EC2 address space. VPC allows you to create a...

Can you descrive the steps of create default VPC in AWS? AWS Interview Question

When we create a default VPC, we do the following to set it up for you: ( Create a default subnet in each Availability Zone. Create an ...

What are the three features provided by Amazon that you can use to increase and monitor the security? AWS Interview

Amazon VPC provides three features that you can use to increase and monitor the security for your VPC: Security groups — Act as a firewa...

What benefits to VPC security groups give you that EC2 security groups do not?

What benefits to VPC security groups give you that EC2 security groups do not? ( AWS Interview Questions Answers) Ans: 1. Being able to c...

What is the difference between Network ACLs and Security Groups in AWS? AWS Interivew Question

What is the difference between Network ACLs and Security Groups in AWS? Amazon Web Services Interview Question Network ACLs: A network ...

Top 20 Telerik Test Studio Interview Questions Answers PDF

Here are the Top 20 Telerik Test Studio Interview Question with Answers, If you looking for job change and preparing for interview then thi...

What are the Key Steps to Prepare and Execute the Testing of a Project? Testing Interview Question

Below are the Key Steps to Prepare and Execute the Testing of a Project Get to know the domain expert and user community. Fundamentally ...

Telerik Test Studio R3 2016 new features? Interview Question

The third major Test Studio R3 2016 is live now. Here are the new features of R3 2016 include support for Angular, iOS 10, our very own Nat...

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