Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How Use sp_MSForEachTable SP for Tables Row Count

Easiest way to get row count of every table in a database. You can use sp_MSForEachTable

CREATE TABLE #Tablescounts

(table_name varchar(255),row_count int)


EXEC sp_MSForEachTable @command1 = 'INSERT #Tablescounts (table_name, row_count) SELECT ''?'', COUNT(*) FROM ?'


SELECT * FROM #Tablescounts

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SQL Pivot Tricky Query Example Asked in TCS

1). We have a table(#Temp1) contain RollNumber, Subject, Marks and want output as below, Write query for same.(pivot) asked in TCS

SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM(SELECT RN,[Subject],Marks from #Temp1)a

PIVOT(MAX(Marks) for [Subject] in ([Math],[Hindi],[English]))E) K



2). Now write query which will show Subject as well like below .(pivot)

SELECT * FROM( SELECT RN,[Subject],Marks from #temp1)a

PIVOT (MAX(marks) for [Subject] in ([Math],[Hindi],[English]))E) K


SELECT CONCAT(Marks,('-'+[Subject])) MaxMarks_Subject FROM (

SELECT ROW_nUMBER() OVER(PArtition by rn order by Marks DESC) RowNum,Marks,Subject FROM #temp1 Where RN= K.RN)

J WHERE J.RowNum = 1

) S

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Explain what is AutoScaling?

Scaling by adding additional instances is often referred to as scaling out. Windows Azure also supports scaling up by using larger role instances instead of more role instances.
By adding and removing role instances to your Windows Azure application while it is running, you can balance the performance of the application against its running costs.
An auto-scaling solution reduces the amount of manual work involved in dynamically scaling an application.

What is the difference between Web and Worker Roles in Windows Azure?

As you know the main difference between the two is that an instance of a web role runs IIS, while an instance of a worker role does not. Both are managed in the same way, however, and it’s common for an application to use both.For example, a web role instance might accept requests from users, then pass them to a worker role instance for processing.

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