How to Generate Sequence without using Ranking functions in SQL Server?

Ans: Spose you have a temp table with only one column 'A' as above, Now you can use following query to generate sequence ...

What is Spool Operator in SQL Server: SQL Server Performance Tuning

Spool operator scans the input and places a copy of each row in a hidden spool table that is stored in the tempdb database and existing o...

What are joins in database and mention different types of joins?

Join is used to display results(combined rows) from two or more than two table . Below are the types of joins are: Natural Join Inner...

What is Database testing?

Data base Testing is segmented into below four different categories. Data validity testing Data integrity testing Performance related ...

What are different types of errors? Explain each.

Syntax errors Execution errors Logic Errors Syntax errors: The syntax errors are those that appear as you type the code. Visual B...

Explain what is Alpha and Beta testing?

When custom software is built for a customer, a series of acceptance tests is performed to allow the customer to validate all requirements....

What do you understand by Integration testing?

Integration testing (sometimes called I & t integration and testing) is the software testing phase in which individual software modules...

What is the exact difference between debugging and testing?

When a test is performed and a defect has been identified, it is the duty of the developers to first locate the defect in the code and then...

What do you understand by Unit testing?

In programming, a unit test is a way to test the correct functioning of a code module. This is to ensure that each of the modules functions...

Explain Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of verifying and revealing the quality of a software product. They are used to identify possible implementa...

What is the difference between validation and verification? Testing

Verify: It consists of verifying the implementation of the requirements. This involves providing objective evidence that an element meets ...

What do you understand by dirty read in terms of database?

Dirty reads occur when a transaction is allowed to read a row that was modified by another transaction that has not yet committed. Non-comm...

What do you ensure by database code scalability test?

Evaluate how applications work when real activities are implemented. Perform load tests on SQL scripts, PL / SQL, T-SQL code, and stored pr...

What do you understand by scalability testing?

Scalability is a performance benchmark that investigates a system's ability to grow by increasing the workload per user, or the number ...

What is the objective of database testing?

Database testing objective is to be ensure that access methods and processes work properly and without causing data corruption.

How are some best practices you follow for testing a database, that should every one follow?

Create your own queries: In order to test the operation in a database in a proper and accurate manner, first a tester must have very goo...

What should be tested in a database? Explain

Data mapping in a database: It should be ensured that regardless of the visual (front-end) part of the application, all CRUD operations ...

What is the CRUD model in a database?

C : Create - When the user "saves" any new transaction or information to the database. A : Retrieve - When the action of 'Se...

What do you understand by ACID properties in Database?

Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability(ACID) are a set of properties necessary for a set of instructions to be considered as a tr...

Write a SQL query to display all employee name start with "a"?

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Name any three database testing tool available in market?

AnyDbTest DBFit DBUnit NDbUnit SQLUnit TSQLUnit(for testing T-SQL in SQL Server)

What do you understand by RDBMS?

Relational database management system (RDBMS) is a database management system (DBMS) that is based on the relational model as invented by E...

What are your Database testing approaches?

Gather database requirements  Create test scenarios against each requirements  Test schema data and test scenarios  Positive and negat...

What is Report Parameter and Query Parameter in SSRS?

The Query Parameter will filter your data in the DataSource level. We can use these parameters in dataset of SSRS report to filter the corr...

What are Different types of SSRS Reports?

What are Different types of SSRS Reports? There are basically following types of different SSRS Reports-- •Parameterized reports •Sub...

What do you understand by Crowd Accelerated BI?

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What is In-Chip technology over In-Memory?

In April 2013, Sisense introduced an alternative to in-memory technology called In-Chip analytics, designed to maximize the disk, memory an...

What are DataSource and DataSets in SSRS? Benefits Of Shared DataSource And Shared Datasets?

What are DataSource and DataSets in SSRS? Benefits Of Shared DataSource and  Shared Datasets? If you need to show information from the da...

How you relate Sisense with Hadoop / Hive?

Sisense works with Hive–the data warehouse system designed for Big Data analytics. works well, but it is a developer tool, not a business u...

Whats the advantage of Sisense over in-memory software?

As you know with previous generation in-memory BI software the amount of data that you can analyze is limited by the number of RAM Gigabyte...

Whats the advantage of Sisense over visualization software?

Most data visualization and business intelligence tools allow you to visually explore data sets. They work well if you have a few data sour...

Can you install Sisense on Linux?

Not at this time, however Sisense only needs to be installed on a centralized Windows machine to pull data from multiple data sources, and ...

Explain, What is a build?

A build is a process that pulls the data from the sources and prepares it to be used in your dashboards. Before you use the data for the fi...

What is the difference between the Elasticube Manager, the Elasticube Server, and the Elasticube Server Console?

The Elasticube Manager is component of the Prism suite that helps you design the Elasticube (connect to tables, build relationships, etc.),...

What is the difference between .ecdata and .ecube data files?

The Elasticube Manager stores the design of the data schema in a .ecube file. It is not the data itself, but actually a “blueprint” of your...

How do I connect to data with Elasticube Manager?

Connecting to data with Elasticube Manager is very easy, and it supports many data source types: Excel files, databases, and even web servi...

Importent Procedure for Performance Tuning

SELECT OBJECT_NAME([PS].[object_id], [PS].[database_id]) AS [ProcedureName], [PS].[execution_count] AS [ProcedureExecutes], [QS].[pl...

Explain Sisense Architecture?

Sisense Architecture The Sisense system is comprised of the following components.   Sisense Web Application: The Sisense Web applic...

Why Sisense? What makes it unique?

In today IT world companies had two options for data analytics: complex and pricey BI tools that can handle big and complex data, or lower ...

What is Sisense?

Sisense is a BI tool that was developed for all types of user, even those with little or no prior experience with BI software. Sisense'...

Top 50 SISENSE BI Interview Questions Answers

What do you understand by Sisense BI? Why Sisense? What makes it unique? How do I connect to data with Elasticube Manager? What is...

What IS SSRS and What reports can we make using SSRS?

SSRS interview Question; What Is SSRS and What reports can we make using SSRS? SSRS is a Server based Report generating System. We can Bu...

Concat NULL value in SQL Server? TCS Interview Questions

SQL Server interview question asked in TCS interview. Q: What would be the output of following script? Ans: Q: So how y...

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