Explain Sisense Architecture?

Sisense Architecture
The Sisense system is comprised of the following components.
  • Sisense Web Application: The Sisense Web application is an interactive web application that provides the user interface in which users can design, share, view and explore dashboards. The Sisense Web application runs in popular web browsers and enables access to the Sisense server.  Dashboards can also be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Sisense Web Server: The Sisense Web Server is installed locally on your computer and hosts the Sisense Web application.
  • ElastiCube Server: The ElastiCube Server is installed locally on your computer and enables access to ElastiCubes. Both the Sisense Web Application and the ElastiCube Manager query the ElastiCube Server and receive results.
  • ElastiCube Manager: The ElastiCube Manager is a visual environment in which you create ElastiCubes. The ElastiCube Manager enables you to structure and import multiple data sources, create relationships between data, and perform ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes to prepare data for analysis and visualization.
  • Sisense Server Console: The Sisense Server Console provides administration functions for managing ElastiCubes on the ElastiCube Server.
Refrence: https://documentation.sisense.com



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