What do you understand by scalability testing?

Scalability is a performance benchmark that investigates a system's ability to grow by increasing the workload per user, or the number of concurrent users, or the size of a database.

Scalability tests Attributes:
  • Response time
  • Performance
  • Beats per second, Request per second, transactions per second
  • Measuring performance with the number of users
  • Measuring performance under a huge load
  • CPU usage, memory usage, while ongoing tests
  • Network usage - data sent and received
  • Web server - Request and response per second
The steps for developing a scalability test are as follows:
  1. Define a realistic scenario 
  2. Record the Stage 
  3. Run the stage to simulate concurrent users, simulating more and more users 
  4. When performance degrades to such an extent that it does not allow acceptable use of the system, the maximum number of users has been found. 



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