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Here we come with very new BI tool Interview questions-answers, This new BI tool is known as Power BI, So most frequent interview questions of Power BI is

What is the difference between Power BI, PowerPivot, PowerQuery and PowerView? 

Power Query:
Power Query is a self-service ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool which runs as an Excel add-in. It allows users to pull data from various sources, manipulate said data into a form that suits their needs, and load it into Excel.

Power Pivot:
Power Pivot is an in-memory data modelling component that enables highly-compressed data storage and extremely fast aggregation and calculation. It is also available as part of Excel, and can be used to create a data model within an Excel workbook. Power Pivot can load data itself, or can have data loaded into it by Power Query. It is extremely similar to the SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Tabular model, which is like a server-based version of Power Pivot.

Power View:
Power View is an interactive visualization tool which provides users with a drag-and-drop interface allowing them to build quick and easy visualizations of the data in their Excel workbooks (using the Power Pivot data model).

Power BI:
Power BI is a cloud-based tool-set which enables business users to service their own business intelligence needs. It is based on Microsoft's Office 365 and SharePoint Online products, and, through Excel 2013, encompasses Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View.

Power BI (with Office 365 and SharePoint Online) provides a site where users can upload and share their created content with other users, as well as manage gateways into enterprise data source, enable data refresh, and advanced features like Q&A, which allows natural language querying of data models.

Microsoft have also released an early version of a standalone Power BI Designer application, which ties together Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View in a standalone application, removing the Excel 2013 constraint.
It is also possible to achieve a lot of the functionality of Power BI using on-premise SQL Server 2012+, Excel 2010+ and SharePoint 2010+, if cloud-based is not an option for you.
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This video is an Introduction to Calculations in Power Pivot. DAX calculations can significantly enhance the information available from a data model, and are an important skill for any Power Pivot data modeler. This video introduces the two types of calculations: Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields (aka Measures). It also discusses Implicit and Explicit aggregation behavior for Calculated Fields. If you are new to data modeling in Power Pivot or SSAS Tabular, this video can help jumpstart your understanding of the types of calculations.

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Affiliate marketing has got a very great importance in a web developer?s professional career. Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money from your website by putting affiliate links. MaxBounty is one the best place for Cost Per Action Marketing as it provides you a better commission compared to others. But to get into it you need to go through a round of interview either or telephone or on Skype for sure. So in this article we will be sharing you the most frequently asked and top interview questions which will help you to clear your round of interview.

Here are 20 top questions which are frequently asked in the MaxBounty interview:

1.What are your expectations regarding promotions and salary increases?
Don?t say that whatever you pay me will be enough, this won?t work that great. You can tell them that you expect them to increase some commissions for a particular publisher considering his performance of the previous month and also provide some bonus if the performance was very high.

2.How did your education help prepare you for this job?
Share a few details of your qualification and how it help you to have your own website and apply for this interview.

3.What are your technical certifications?
You can share what courses you have completed in computer science and web development.
Note: This is a telephone interview but that doesn?t mean your answers will not be cross checked, only mention those certificates which you legally own. If they find you acting a little over smart then they will ask you to send those certificates either as hard copies or soft copies.

4.Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way.
You can say that the technical knowledge helped you create your own website, you can also share about some projects that you may have made in your college where you used your technical knowledge.

5.What development tools have you used?
It depends on your experience about what kind of tools have you used before. You can name a few development tools such as programming tools, web development tools, app development tools, etc.

6.What is the role of continuous integration systems in the automated-build process?
Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. By integrating regularly, you can detect errors quickly, and locate them more easily.

7.When is it appropriate to demoralize database design?
It is advisable to demoralize the database at the start, else in future it brings the danger of update anomalies back to the database. Therefore, you have to do it deliberately. You should document any denationalization thoroughly. To make sure your application correctly maintains demoralized data, you need to use transactions appropriately.

8.How much reuse do you get out of the code that you develop, and how?
Reuse of a code varies from person to person depending on the way he prepares his algorithm. Incase if you are modifying small things in your previous program to create a new one then it may have the maximum reuse.
But if you start again from scrap then the reuse will be null.

9.When is the last time you downloaded a utility from the internet to make your work more productive, and what was it?
They want to check that how frequently you keep updating yourself from the advanced technology. My suggestion to you would to say the truth as there will be cross questions respective to your answer.

10.How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
You may have various plans. Some of you may discontinue after finding some better opportunities. But please avoid saying what is in your mind over there. You can say them that you have planned to get promoted at top positions in this company and you will continue to work hand-in-hand with all the other employees to take this company to much higher levels.

11.Tell me about a situation when it was important for you to pay attention to details. How did you handle it?
Don?t even dare to say that you get it done from your juniors. They wish to see how determined you are to your work. Give them a good example.

12.Tell me a specific instance when you found it necessary to be precise in order to complete the job.
Another behavioral question, you should be well prepared with an example for such questions. You can share an example where you worked in a team and you completed the job given to you with perfections.

13.Were you fired from our last job?
Tell the truth, don?t be in an impression that hiding the truth will help you get the job. They do have external sources to know about you and if they come to know that you gave some wrong information then surely it will create many problems for your career.

14.What skills have you acquired from your previous work experience?
You may have done different jobs in your past. But only do mention those skills which do matter a lot in this job. A few good examples can be core coding, database administration and authorization processes, etc.

15.How important is it to work directly with your business users?
Understanding Your Target Market Is Critical for Success and working directly with your business users helps you to improve your business in a better way. You can also add some good examples to support your answer.

16.Were you the best person in your unit at your last company?
Think 10 times before answering this question as this question will have many cross questions ahead no matter whatever you answer. If you answer yes then they will ask to explain in brief about your role and other details related to the job.
If you say no, then too they will ask questions regarding the reasons of why you had not been the best.

17.Describe your production deployment process.
There are various deployment processes which may include activities such as Release, Install and activate, deactivate, adapt, update, built-in, version tracking, uninstall and retire. Do share yours with them.

18.How would you rate your key competencies for this job?
Employers typically use some of the following as their key competencies:
* Teamwork
* Responsibility
* Commitment to career
* Commercial awareness
* Career motivation
* Decision making
* Communication
* Leadership
* Trustworthiness & Ethics
* Results orientation
* Problem solving
* Organization
Do share yours from the above listed competencies.

19.What have you done to ensure consistency across unit, quality, and production environments?
Another behavioral question to test your abilities, answer them with a good example that also meets the needs of this job.

20.In databases, what is the difference between a delete statement and a truncate statement?
*Truncate is a DDL command whereas Delete is a DML command. Both have different uses.

*The DELETE command is used to remove rows from a table. A WHERE clause can be used to only remove some rows. If no WHERE condition is specified, all rows will be removed. After performing a DELETE operation you need to COMMIT or ROLLBACK the transaction to make the change permanent or to undo it. Note that this operation will cause all DELETE triggers on the table to fire.

*TRUNCATE removes all rows from a table. The operation cannot be rolled back and no triggers will be fired. As such, TRUCATE is faster and doesn't use as much undo space as a DELETE.
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Nowadays Tourism, Online Shopping and Courier Service jobs have progressed to be one of the most profitable business in the service sectors which has created job opportunities for many people who are good at driving skills and are looking for their career as a driver. Driving is a job which a little easy but on the other hand there is a huge difference between a driver and a good driver.

A driver can be anyone who knows to drive a vehicle but a good driver is someone who has the ability to provide a secure and safe journey to his passengers. Any company who hires drivers will first look on the point that how safely the candidate can drive when he has the responsibilities of the passengers sitting in the car. On the other hand they also consider points such as time management and vehicle expense management to select a good driver.

Here are 20 such questions which are frequently asked in a driver interview and if you are looking for a job as a driver then you should take care that you don?t miss them:

1.For how many years you have been driving?
This is a fixed question, you don?t need any diplomatic answer for it. Just say the numbers of years of your driving experience.

2.What type of vehicles can you drive?
There are various kind of vehicles available in the market, generally the jobs which hires drivers either give them to ride a two wheeler or a four wheeler. Now it is on you what types of vehicles you are trained to drive and just name those to them.

3.What type of license you have for that and is that up-to date?
There are different licenses for two wheeler and four wheeler, just say them what types of licenses you have and make sure that they are up-to date before you appear for the interview.

4.How well do you know about the town?
This is a very important question, your employer wants you to know the town as best as possible because it will help you to complete the tasks on time. Do answer properly for this question and don?t try to give fake answers, there will be some cross questions as well on your answers.

5.What do you know about our firm?
This will require some homework to be done from your side before coming for the interview. You should know what the company really does and what role you have got to play in that company.

6.Do you know what type of vehicles can you drive with a class C driver license?
Class C driver license is issued for driving vehicles lesser than 26,000 pounds in weight. Examples of such vehicles are trucks, buses, vans, etc.

7.How patient type of person are you?
A driver may have to halt at places which will be according to the passenger, or sometimes the passenger will be an irritating one who would keep on talking with the driver. So the driver has to be patient and keep focusing on his driving.
Answer them with an example of such similar situation you may have faced before.

8.How good is your driving record?
Don?t mention about your record of being caught by traffic police every week, and don?t even say that you were never caught. Both your answers will never give you the job. Just say them that you were caught once when you broke some traffic rules to urgently admit some person in a hospital. Such reasons will add a good impression.

9.What was the maximum speed of your vehicle which you reached ever and why?
Don?t give examples that once you were caught breaking the traffic rules and to save yourself from paying the fine you were driving on high speed. Say them that there was a patient in your vehicle who required to be immediately hospitalized and you were driving on a very high speed just to save his life, this will create your image as a responsible driver in front of the employers.

10.Do you have a vehicle of your own?
Simply say the truth, this is a general question and it won?t affect your job interview.

11.Why did you choose driver as your profession?
Keep things simple, just say them that you are a good driver and you are passionate about this job.

12.How do you manage time well?
Time management is very important for a driver whether it is regarding delivering things at places or taking the passengers to their places. A good driver should know to manage the time well so that he can do maximum work in minimum time.

13.Do you have any mechanical knowledge regarding vehicles?
This is good if you really know to deal with technical failures in cars, but I advise you to say the truth. If you lie today, they will catch you for this sometime in the future and if you fail there then you are surely going to be fired.

14.Suppose you get an angry customer, how would you deal with him?
Don?t tell that you yourself will start fighting with the customer. Tell them that you will gently understand the passenger?s problem and find where the things went wrong and then find a possible good solution to the problem.

15.Will you do night shifts in case if we have an urgent client?
Tell the truth. If you can work extra then say yes else simply say no.

16.Have you ever missed attending your job?
Say them that you have missed your work rarely due to some health problems. In-case if you had missed it for a long period in your past, don?t even dare to mention it here.

17.If a customer was angry at you because you took a wrong turn, how would you manage the situation?
Tell them that such incidents will not happen if you are on the driver?s seat, but in-case if it happen then there will be a possible reason of road being block or a new short-cut you found to drop the passenger on his place before time.
Take the responsibility to get the customer satisfied on your decision by giving some reasonable answers.

18.Tell us about a situation where your role as a driver was truly tested.
This is a pure behavioral question. This is your opportunity to shine and speak something good about yourself. Go prepared with some good example to answer this question.
You can give an example that you had to deliver something very urgent and how your time management skills helped you to do the task on time.

19.What are your views on a responsible driver?
A responsible driver never upsets his passengers, and he knows very well about driving, traffic rules and the city. If sometime there is some accident with his car then he does not run away but take responsibilities of his car and his passengers.
In-case if you are applying for a delivery job then just say them the responsibility of the driver is to deliver the products at the given place safely before time.

20.How would you incorporate technological gadgets in your job?
With GPS services one can easy travel in the entire world independently. Say them that by using such gadgets the only question that you would have is where to reach and not how to reach.
Best of luck.. happy driving... comment if you like our blog..
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Here we come with types of interviews. Below are the most common 11 types of interview which is used for hire any good candidate for company. So when you go for interview then you must go for one of them.
So know about this, this is good for basic knowledge of interview, that which type of interview you are going to attend.


1. Screening Interview

2. Phone Interview

4. Group Interview

3. Stress interview

5. Panel Interview

6. Lunch/Breakfast Interview

7. Behavioral Interview

8. Case Interview or Situational Interview

9. One-to-One Interview

10. Follow-up Interviews

11. Final Selection Interview

So which type of interview you are going to attend? comment :)
Best of luck...

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*Understand concept of supply channels, delivery conditions and procedures
*Line up procurement sources to execute timely and cost driven sourcing responses and cost reduction actions
*Explore and execute improved procurement solutions
*Develop tracking and reporting metrics
*Strong negotiation skills
*Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
*Key team player
*Excellent analytical and data mining skills coupled with a thorough working understanding of procurement systems
*Manage & Improve supplier performance in terms of quality , costs and delivery

Experience in Capital Goods Purchase, Import Logistics, Engineering/ Equipment purchase, Good understanding of technical drawings, Should be able to formulate tender and product specifications, clear understanding of prevalent laws in UAE, SAP Knowledge, Extensive knowledge of vendors in Gulf.
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The Procurement Officer is responsible for the timely procurement and delivery of high quality, low-cost pharmaceutical products and the proper processing of assigned customer orders.
In order to carry out these responsibilities, the Procurement Office selects and evaluates the performance of suppliers, oversees the customs clearing process and coordinates the processing of assigned customer orders.

Ideal candidate will hold a mechanical / automobile engineering degree
•Minimum 4-5 years of UAE experience in procurement in the field of Oil and Gas pertaining to aviation, shipping and transportation.
•Good knowledge on procurement of diesel pumps, truck auto parts, treys, pipes etc. mandatory. •Candidate should be available in Dubai for a walk in interview
•Arabic speaking knowledge will be an advantage.
•Salary - 5,000USD+ family benefits ( travel and medical)ssssJob Title:Procurement OfficerLocation:Dubai, UAEFunction:Transport and LogisticsEmployer Industry:Transport and LogisticsBusiness Type:Private SectorEmployer Country:UAEAnnual Salary:120000 AED - 120000 AEDJob Level:Mid CareerExperience From:UAEPreference will be given to candidates that can start immediately.
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G.D. is the best way to share feelings opinions and ideas.
But in an interview a group discussion is used to see the performance of a candidate when under stress or when dealing in a project or even at least proposing an idea for project.
coming to the point!!
A person should and must know how to talk or behave in a group and rules to be followed in a group discussion.
yeah!! surprise there are rules for attending or participating in a group discussion.
lets see them.


  • Always raise hand before speaking. Avoid false starts, do not present wrong data or facts or deviate from topic.
  • Quality of thought: You can score a point if you speak less but make a valid point that is acceptable to the group.
  • Avoid giving a negative impression.
  • Try to emerge as a leader as in, voice your opinion in a striking manner while at the same time listen to others carefully and also include their views in a respected manner. Leadership quality is a must-have ingredient for GD.
  •   It is really a good way to summarize the given subject and then raise the questions based upon the topic. Sometimes it is also a good idea to agree how the discussion will happen and form rules. 1st person may ask permission of group that everyone will be given chance to speak once in line and then general discussion starts. 
  •  In the time provided (if any) to think and organize, think critically, analyse thoroughly and then try to arrive on the conclusions. Irrelevant points and facts should be avoided instead stick to the point with objectivity.


  •  One to one discussion or interactions with any of the members in the group instead make yourself involved with everyone present.
  •  Pointing fingers, shouting or any such kind of impolite behavior.
  • Don’t use any slang's or abusive language.
  •  Avoid negative body languages like shaking legs, yawning, drumming table, looking here and there or swinging pen or pencils etc.

Now as you have known the do's dont's and the rules of attending\participating in a group discussion.lets see the top and frequently raised group discussion topics and their conclusions.

  • What is desirable - love marriage or arranged marriage?

Whether it may be love or an arranged marriage. the main aim of marriage is to bond a male and a female, they can bound only if there is love in them for one another.So the conclusion is,It may be love or arranged marriage there should be love.

  • Is Science a curse or a boon?

Compared to other thoughts and subjects science gives a proof of everything,It helped us to develop till what we are now and science is making our future better but as life has limitations,So does science also has limitations. The conclusion says that science is a boon but only and only with limitations.

  • Are reservations in jobs justified?

Well there are reservations in everything now-a-days,But in job if we have reservations then there may be people who doesn't even know how to work,But will join and make the organization to have a downfall. so the conclusion will be no its not advisable to have reservations in jobs.

  • Ragging\bullying in institutions good?

Criticizing a person is been a sort of habit,well think about this, if the person who is being bullied or ragged gets powerful than you and reverses your techniques on you,then? it would not be so good hence we can conclude for this topic by saying no ragging\bullying in institutions is not advisable or good.

  • Movies influence people on good or bad?

To accept the truth,Movies have a lot of knowledge and imagination,comparatively till now movies have inspired a lot of people to do good rather than bad, you may already guess the conclusion,YES it is what you are thinking. Movies have good influence on people based on their mentality.

  • Education vs. Knowledge?

People say with out education a person cannot live and behave properly but a person with knowledge can basically live,Education and knowledge are not same.The conclusion would be knowledge is more important than Education.

  • Which is more important hardware or software?

The conclusion can be stated by:As a brain is waste without a soul and a soul is waste with out a body.The same theory applies here with out hardware a software cannot be created,so we can state hardware is more important than software.

  •  Which one is more preferable desktop or a laptop?

Both are electronic devices,But have their own specifications. what ever the specifications are but the laptops have limitations on up-gradation compared to desktops,so the conclusion is desktops are more preferable when compared to laptops.

  • Police/cops guardians or destroyers of peace?

Basically cops were selected to be guardians of society and also peace.But with increase in greed and position of a person the cops are really turning into destroyers than guardians of peace.

  • God A Truth or A Myth?

People believe in what they have seen and no body saw god, But it is truth that if there is a creation then there is a creator,So we can conclude god is truth not a myth.

  • Education:right of an individual or nice business?

According to the basic laws of nature and humans,Education is a right of an individual but basing on today's competition and human life basic needs the education have become a nice business.

  • Hard work or work made easy which is preferable?

Work made easy sounds good for everyone, no body likes to do hard work but there may be errors in work made easy,As it will be done fast but hard work always has 100% of result, so we can give conclusion hard work is always better than work made easy.

  • Interviews! are they really necessary?

A person can only get a job when he is tested and known what he is capable of and unlike some few written tests,he will have to answer to person so that a person or a firm can confirm that he is capable for work,so yes interviews are really necessary.

  • Money or love?

This is tough one but the conclusion will always and always be LOVE.It is a simple theory of recognition of what is important. A man can have a lot of money but with out a person with whom he can share his feelings makes the man low and unsuccessful,so love is more and more important than money.

  • Spicy food or sober food?
"HEALTH IS WEALTH" is a known proverb and according to the proofs,we have and daily life basic rules spices are a little harmful and sober food is better,so to save your health and make everyone happy sober food is preferable.

  • War: base of peace? or base of destruction?

People believe a war between anything is to maintain peace,but instead truth is,war is the base of destruction and loss of lives,wealth,environmental balance. so conclusion would be war:base of destruction.

  • Youngsters: future of country?

YES! Today's youngsters are tomorrows elders that decide the future of the country. If a youngster gets out of track that will not really matter unless he is a leader. So we can give a conclusion saying yes youngsters are future of country.

  • Racism: Good or Bad?

NO! racism is not good, racism is the discrimination of people basing on many aspects, present in the world the racism of color is the biggest havoc present, racism discriminates people which is the most worst thing happening, so the conclusion is RACISM is BAD.

  • Cops or Marines?

Well a lot of people have the feeling that cops are not so powerful than marines, that is true but to accept cops have much more superior connection to people and they help in preserving the peace at local or nearby neighborhood, with this aspect we can conclude to point that cops are more important than marines basing on local peace.

  • Games: Virtual world or Real life?

Once upon a time there were days where soccer meant real people on field,but now-a-days the meanings have changed to virtual world kids doesn't want to do any physical exercise or gaming anymore this is bad to health,but sadly yes the virtual world is more selective.
In next section we come with Current affairs related Group discussions topics. So keep visiting.

please leave comments and share if you feel this may help someone.
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Well everyone has to attend an interview to get a JOB.
Before attending an interview, we get nervous and then feel may be we will not get selected,
Recheck again every person or candidate lacks some things that results in failure in an interview.
If we closely watch all the aspects then.
We basically classify interview to be of 3 rounds.

  • Aptitude.
  • Jam or any other instinct round.
  • HR or one-to-one person round.
Well to accept the above rounds are given to the freshers ,For professionals who are just shifting from an organization to other organization have..

  • Phone interview
  • Face to face interview 
  • Technical round 
The technical round depends on the platform and base job of which you will be working on,But the face to face interview has option to check your capabilities and thinking out of the box... This proves your thinking skills and also your capability to work faster and with more precision.
We may not be able to help you with the aptitude and the technical rounds.But we can help you with the HR or face to face round.
Below we have a few best and most frequently asked interview questions.
Well don't worry,We also have the best fit answers for these questions.
Hope you will get a basic idea from these questions.

Questions for freshers:

  1. Why did you select our firm to work with?
  2. What if we didn't give you the job?
  3. What will you do if the job intended to you is not legal?
  4. How will you undergo a situation where you lost all your work that has been done and you have to finish your work by next morning?
  5. Would you like to write a bond with our firm for 1 year?
  6. While working with our firm will you move on to another firm if you get a chance?
  7. Do you believe in luck?
  8. What are your basic weaknesses?
  9. What is your most biggest achievement so far?
  10. What type of people do you want to work with and how much salary do you expect?


  1. Sir/Madam,I have selected your firm specifically because of your firm's achievements and fame in the field of works i would be a honor if i get a job in your firm and i can assure that i will work hard for success of both firm and myself.
  2. I would be an unlucky person, but i will recall my faults and try again to gain job in this firm by recovering my faults.
  3. I would definitely not take up the job, after all my study and hard work i have reached this level of life and i would not risk my life for easy money or illegal work.
  4. I will always have a backup of my work in two to three copies but i will secure it so that no one else can manipulate it and yes even if a situation like that occurs i would be ready with my backup.
  5. I would like to write a bond with your firm for 1 year but as the terms of the bond permit my decision may change.
  6. Depending on multiple aspects like work nature,economical aspects and few other aspects i would always select the best option and then take the decision on the arrival of time but i will definitely intimate my decision before taking a step.
  7. Yes, i do believe in luck or else i would not be getting such a nice opportunity to stand a chance in front of such a successful firm like yours.
  8. My basic weaknesses are my anger and patience but i have always been overcoming them time to time and also i am practicing methods to control my weaknesses.
  9. For this question tell your answer stating it is your biggest achievement so far.
  10. I would like to work with people have honesty and work integrity who can finish their part of the job in given time,and coming to salary i am a fresher so to be honest i am expecting basic salary of your company level.

Questions for experienced:

  1. Why did you shift?
  2. How was your experience in your old company or firm?
  3. What if our firm does not meet your requirements?
  4. What was your most stressed moment in your old firm?
  5. What did you learn from your old firm?
  6. How many years have you been working with your old firm?
  7. Are you ready to sign on a bond?
  8. How can we believe you that you will not abandon us later?
  9. What was your biggest upholding in your old firm?
  10. What if we did not select you?


  1. I have many reasons to shift my old firm, few stated can be the environment,salary,work stress.etc.
  2. I can state that i did work my 100% , but i cannot be sure that the firm was happy with my work.
  3. Sir/Madam, If your firm does not meet my requirements then i would have never applied for a job in your firm.
  4. For this question give your most stressed out moment based on project or any meetings or conferences. etc.
  5. I have learnt basics of my jobs and also how to make my work easy rather than making it long.
  6. (Depends on candidate's work streak).
  7. Depending on your firms rules and regulations, It may depend that whether i will write a bond or not.
  8. I can assure that by signing a bond. That i will not cheat or do any illegal concerns in your firm.
  9. (depends on candidate).
  10. I would be little disappointed at the beginning but, I will find my faults and rectify them that i will not make or repeat them again in any other interviews.

Above are top most questions asked in HR or face to face round interview segments in most of the Multi national companies(M.N.C's) and also professional firms,both for FRESHERS and PROFESSIONALS.

please leave comments and SHARE if u feel this may help someone.
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