G.D. is the best way to share feelings opinions and ideas.
But in an interview a group discussion is used to see the performance of a candidate when under stress or when dealing in a project or even at least proposing an idea for project.
coming to the point!!
A person should and must know how to talk or behave in a group and rules to be followed in a group discussion.
yeah!! surprise there are rules for attending or participating in a group discussion.
lets see them.


  • Always raise hand before speaking. Avoid false starts, do not present wrong data or facts or deviate from topic.
  • Quality of thought: You can score a point if you speak less but make a valid point that is acceptable to the group.
  • Avoid giving a negative impression.
  • Try to emerge as a leader as in, voice your opinion in a striking manner while at the same time listen to others carefully and also include their views in a respected manner. Leadership quality is a must-have ingredient for GD.
  •   It is really a good way to summarize the given subject and then raise the questions based upon the topic. Sometimes it is also a good idea to agree how the discussion will happen and form rules. 1st person may ask permission of group that everyone will be given chance to speak once in line and then general discussion starts. 
  •  In the time provided (if any) to think and organize, think critically, analyse thoroughly and then try to arrive on the conclusions. Irrelevant points and facts should be avoided instead stick to the point with objectivity.


  •  One to one discussion or interactions with any of the members in the group instead make yourself involved with everyone present.
  •  Pointing fingers, shouting or any such kind of impolite behavior.
  • Don’t use any slang's or abusive language.
  •  Avoid negative body languages like shaking legs, yawning, drumming table, looking here and there or swinging pen or pencils etc.

Now as you have known the do's dont's and the rules of attending\participating in a group discussion.lets see the top and frequently raised group discussion topics and their conclusions.

  • What is desirable - love marriage or arranged marriage?

Whether it may be love or an arranged marriage. the main aim of marriage is to bond a male and a female, they can bound only if there is love in them for one another.So the conclusion is,It may be love or arranged marriage there should be love.

  • Is Science a curse or a boon?

Compared to other thoughts and subjects science gives a proof of everything,It helped us to develop till what we are now and science is making our future better but as life has limitations,So does science also has limitations. The conclusion says that science is a boon but only and only with limitations.

  • Are reservations in jobs justified?

Well there are reservations in everything now-a-days,But in job if we have reservations then there may be people who doesn't even know how to work,But will join and make the organization to have a downfall. so the conclusion will be no its not advisable to have reservations in jobs.

  • Ragging\bullying in institutions good?

Criticizing a person is been a sort of habit,well think about this, if the person who is being bullied or ragged gets powerful than you and reverses your techniques on you,then? it would not be so good hence we can conclude for this topic by saying no ragging\bullying in institutions is not advisable or good.

  • Movies influence people on good or bad?

To accept the truth,Movies have a lot of knowledge and imagination,comparatively till now movies have inspired a lot of people to do good rather than bad, you may already guess the conclusion,YES it is what you are thinking. Movies have good influence on people based on their mentality.

  • Education vs. Knowledge?

People say with out education a person cannot live and behave properly but a person with knowledge can basically live,Education and knowledge are not same.The conclusion would be knowledge is more important than Education.

  • Which is more important hardware or software?

The conclusion can be stated by:As a brain is waste without a soul and a soul is waste with out a body.The same theory applies here with out hardware a software cannot be created,so we can state hardware is more important than software.

  •  Which one is more preferable desktop or a laptop?

Both are electronic devices,But have their own specifications. what ever the specifications are but the laptops have limitations on up-gradation compared to desktops,so the conclusion is desktops are more preferable when compared to laptops.

  • Police/cops guardians or destroyers of peace?

Basically cops were selected to be guardians of society and also peace.But with increase in greed and position of a person the cops are really turning into destroyers than guardians of peace.

  • God A Truth or A Myth?

People believe in what they have seen and no body saw god, But it is truth that if there is a creation then there is a creator,So we can conclude god is truth not a myth.

  • Education:right of an individual or nice business?

According to the basic laws of nature and humans,Education is a right of an individual but basing on today's competition and human life basic needs the education have become a nice business.

  • Hard work or work made easy which is preferable?

Work made easy sounds good for everyone, no body likes to do hard work but there may be errors in work made easy,As it will be done fast but hard work always has 100% of result, so we can give conclusion hard work is always better than work made easy.

  • Interviews! are they really necessary?

A person can only get a job when he is tested and known what he is capable of and unlike some few written tests,he will have to answer to person so that a person or a firm can confirm that he is capable for work,so yes interviews are really necessary.

  • Money or love?

This is tough one but the conclusion will always and always be LOVE.It is a simple theory of recognition of what is important. A man can have a lot of money but with out a person with whom he can share his feelings makes the man low and unsuccessful,so love is more and more important than money.

  • Spicy food or sober food?
"HEALTH IS WEALTH" is a known proverb and according to the proofs,we have and daily life basic rules spices are a little harmful and sober food is better,so to save your health and make everyone happy sober food is preferable.

  • War: base of peace? or base of destruction?

People believe a war between anything is to maintain peace,but instead truth is,war is the base of destruction and loss of lives,wealth,environmental balance. so conclusion would be war:base of destruction.

  • Youngsters: future of country?

YES! Today's youngsters are tomorrows elders that decide the future of the country. If a youngster gets out of track that will not really matter unless he is a leader. So we can give a conclusion saying yes youngsters are future of country.

  • Racism: Good or Bad?

NO! racism is not good, racism is the discrimination of people basing on many aspects, present in the world the racism of color is the biggest havoc present, racism discriminates people which is the most worst thing happening, so the conclusion is RACISM is BAD.

  • Cops or Marines?

Well a lot of people have the feeling that cops are not so powerful than marines, that is true but to accept cops have much more superior connection to people and they help in preserving the peace at local or nearby neighborhood, with this aspect we can conclude to point that cops are more important than marines basing on local peace.

  • Games: Virtual world or Real life?

Once upon a time there were days where soccer meant real people on field,but now-a-days the meanings have changed to virtual world kids doesn't want to do any physical exercise or gaming anymore this is bad to health,but sadly yes the virtual world is more selective.
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