Well everyone has to attend an interview to get a JOB.
Before attending an interview, we get nervous and then feel may be we will not get selected,
Recheck again every person or candidate lacks some things that results in failure in an interview.
If we closely watch all the aspects then.
We basically classify interview to be of 3 rounds.

  • Aptitude.
  • Jam or any other instinct round.
  • HR or one-to-one person round.
Well to accept the above rounds are given to the freshers ,For professionals who are just shifting from an organization to other organization have..

  • Phone interview
  • Face to face interview 
  • Technical round 
The technical round depends on the platform and base job of which you will be working on,But the face to face interview has option to check your capabilities and thinking out of the box... This proves your thinking skills and also your capability to work faster and with more precision.
We may not be able to help you with the aptitude and the technical rounds.But we can help you with the HR or face to face round.
Below we have a few best and most frequently asked interview questions.
Well don't worry,We also have the best fit answers for these questions.
Hope you will get a basic idea from these questions.

Questions for freshers:

  1. Why did you select our firm to work with?
  2. What if we didn't give you the job?
  3. What will you do if the job intended to you is not legal?
  4. How will you undergo a situation where you lost all your work that has been done and you have to finish your work by next morning?
  5. Would you like to write a bond with our firm for 1 year?
  6. While working with our firm will you move on to another firm if you get a chance?
  7. Do you believe in luck?
  8. What are your basic weaknesses?
  9. What is your most biggest achievement so far?
  10. What type of people do you want to work with and how much salary do you expect?


  1. Sir/Madam,I have selected your firm specifically because of your firm's achievements and fame in the field of works i would be a honor if i get a job in your firm and i can assure that i will work hard for success of both firm and myself.
  2. I would be an unlucky person, but i will recall my faults and try again to gain job in this firm by recovering my faults.
  3. I would definitely not take up the job, after all my study and hard work i have reached this level of life and i would not risk my life for easy money or illegal work.
  4. I will always have a backup of my work in two to three copies but i will secure it so that no one else can manipulate it and yes even if a situation like that occurs i would be ready with my backup.
  5. I would like to write a bond with your firm for 1 year but as the terms of the bond permit my decision may change.
  6. Depending on multiple aspects like work nature,economical aspects and few other aspects i would always select the best option and then take the decision on the arrival of time but i will definitely intimate my decision before taking a step.
  7. Yes, i do believe in luck or else i would not be getting such a nice opportunity to stand a chance in front of such a successful firm like yours.
  8. My basic weaknesses are my anger and patience but i have always been overcoming them time to time and also i am practicing methods to control my weaknesses.
  9. For this question tell your answer stating it is your biggest achievement so far.
  10. I would like to work with people have honesty and work integrity who can finish their part of the job in given time,and coming to salary i am a fresher so to be honest i am expecting basic salary of your company level.

Questions for experienced:

  1. Why did you shift?
  2. How was your experience in your old company or firm?
  3. What if our firm does not meet your requirements?
  4. What was your most stressed moment in your old firm?
  5. What did you learn from your old firm?
  6. How many years have you been working with your old firm?
  7. Are you ready to sign on a bond?
  8. How can we believe you that you will not abandon us later?
  9. What was your biggest upholding in your old firm?
  10. What if we did not select you?


  1. I have many reasons to shift my old firm, few stated can be the environment,salary,work stress.etc.
  2. I can state that i did work my 100% , but i cannot be sure that the firm was happy with my work.
  3. Sir/Madam, If your firm does not meet my requirements then i would have never applied for a job in your firm.
  4. For this question give your most stressed out moment based on project or any meetings or conferences. etc.
  5. I have learnt basics of my jobs and also how to make my work easy rather than making it long.
  6. (Depends on candidate's work streak).
  7. Depending on your firms rules and regulations, It may depend that whether i will write a bond or not.
  8. I can assure that by signing a bond. That i will not cheat or do any illegal concerns in your firm.
  9. (depends on candidate).
  10. I would be little disappointed at the beginning but, I will find my faults and rectify them that i will not make or repeat them again in any other interviews.

Above are top most questions asked in HR or face to face round interview segments in most of the Multi national companies(M.N.C's) and also professional firms,both for FRESHERS and PROFESSIONALS.

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