Affiliate marketing has got a very great importance in a web developer?s professional career. Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money from your website by putting affiliate links. MaxBounty is one the best place for Cost Per Action Marketing as it provides you a better commission compared to others. But to get into it you need to go through a round of interview either or telephone or on Skype for sure. So in this article we will be sharing you the most frequently asked and top interview questions which will help you to clear your round of interview.

Here are 20 top questions which are frequently asked in the MaxBounty interview:

1.What are your expectations regarding promotions and salary increases?
Don?t say that whatever you pay me will be enough, this won?t work that great. You can tell them that you expect them to increase some commissions for a particular publisher considering his performance of the previous month and also provide some bonus if the performance was very high.

2.How did your education help prepare you for this job?
Share a few details of your qualification and how it help you to have your own website and apply for this interview.

3.What are your technical certifications?
You can share what courses you have completed in computer science and web development.
Note: This is a telephone interview but that doesn?t mean your answers will not be cross checked, only mention those certificates which you legally own. If they find you acting a little over smart then they will ask you to send those certificates either as hard copies or soft copies.

4.Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way.
You can say that the technical knowledge helped you create your own website, you can also share about some projects that you may have made in your college where you used your technical knowledge.

5.What development tools have you used?
It depends on your experience about what kind of tools have you used before. You can name a few development tools such as programming tools, web development tools, app development tools, etc.

6.What is the role of continuous integration systems in the automated-build process?
Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. By integrating regularly, you can detect errors quickly, and locate them more easily.

7.When is it appropriate to demoralize database design?
It is advisable to demoralize the database at the start, else in future it brings the danger of update anomalies back to the database. Therefore, you have to do it deliberately. You should document any denationalization thoroughly. To make sure your application correctly maintains demoralized data, you need to use transactions appropriately.

8.How much reuse do you get out of the code that you develop, and how?
Reuse of a code varies from person to person depending on the way he prepares his algorithm. Incase if you are modifying small things in your previous program to create a new one then it may have the maximum reuse.
But if you start again from scrap then the reuse will be null.

9.When is the last time you downloaded a utility from the internet to make your work more productive, and what was it?
They want to check that how frequently you keep updating yourself from the advanced technology. My suggestion to you would to say the truth as there will be cross questions respective to your answer.

10.How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
You may have various plans. Some of you may discontinue after finding some better opportunities. But please avoid saying what is in your mind over there. You can say them that you have planned to get promoted at top positions in this company and you will continue to work hand-in-hand with all the other employees to take this company to much higher levels.

11.Tell me about a situation when it was important for you to pay attention to details. How did you handle it?
Don?t even dare to say that you get it done from your juniors. They wish to see how determined you are to your work. Give them a good example.

12.Tell me a specific instance when you found it necessary to be precise in order to complete the job.
Another behavioral question, you should be well prepared with an example for such questions. You can share an example where you worked in a team and you completed the job given to you with perfections.

13.Were you fired from our last job?
Tell the truth, don?t be in an impression that hiding the truth will help you get the job. They do have external sources to know about you and if they come to know that you gave some wrong information then surely it will create many problems for your career.

14.What skills have you acquired from your previous work experience?
You may have done different jobs in your past. But only do mention those skills which do matter a lot in this job. A few good examples can be core coding, database administration and authorization processes, etc.

15.How important is it to work directly with your business users?
Understanding Your Target Market Is Critical for Success and working directly with your business users helps you to improve your business in a better way. You can also add some good examples to support your answer.

16.Were you the best person in your unit at your last company?
Think 10 times before answering this question as this question will have many cross questions ahead no matter whatever you answer. If you answer yes then they will ask to explain in brief about your role and other details related to the job.
If you say no, then too they will ask questions regarding the reasons of why you had not been the best.

17.Describe your production deployment process.
There are various deployment processes which may include activities such as Release, Install and activate, deactivate, adapt, update, built-in, version tracking, uninstall and retire. Do share yours with them.

18.How would you rate your key competencies for this job?
Employers typically use some of the following as their key competencies:
* Teamwork
* Responsibility
* Commitment to career
* Commercial awareness
* Career motivation
* Decision making
* Communication
* Leadership
* Trustworthiness & Ethics
* Results orientation
* Problem solving
* Organization
Do share yours from the above listed competencies.

19.What have you done to ensure consistency across unit, quality, and production environments?
Another behavioral question to test your abilities, answer them with a good example that also meets the needs of this job.

20.In databases, what is the difference between a delete statement and a truncate statement?
*Truncate is a DDL command whereas Delete is a DML command. Both have different uses.

*The DELETE command is used to remove rows from a table. A WHERE clause can be used to only remove some rows. If no WHERE condition is specified, all rows will be removed. After performing a DELETE operation you need to COMMIT or ROLLBACK the transaction to make the change permanent or to undo it. Note that this operation will cause all DELETE triggers on the table to fire.

*TRUNCATE removes all rows from a table. The operation cannot be rolled back and no triggers will be fired. As such, TRUCATE is faster and doesn't use as much undo space as a DELETE.



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