Nowadays Tourism, Online Shopping and Courier Service jobs have progressed to be one of the most profitable business in the service sectors which has created job opportunities for many people who are good at driving skills and are looking for their career as a driver. Driving is a job which a little easy but on the other hand there is a huge difference between a driver and a good driver.

A driver can be anyone who knows to drive a vehicle but a good driver is someone who has the ability to provide a secure and safe journey to his passengers. Any company who hires drivers will first look on the point that how safely the candidate can drive when he has the responsibilities of the passengers sitting in the car. On the other hand they also consider points such as time management and vehicle expense management to select a good driver.

Here are 20 such questions which are frequently asked in a driver interview and if you are looking for a job as a driver then you should take care that you don?t miss them:

1.For how many years you have been driving?
This is a fixed question, you don?t need any diplomatic answer for it. Just say the numbers of years of your driving experience.

2.What type of vehicles can you drive?
There are various kind of vehicles available in the market, generally the jobs which hires drivers either give them to ride a two wheeler or a four wheeler. Now it is on you what types of vehicles you are trained to drive and just name those to them.

3.What type of license you have for that and is that up-to date?
There are different licenses for two wheeler and four wheeler, just say them what types of licenses you have and make sure that they are up-to date before you appear for the interview.

4.How well do you know about the town?
This is a very important question, your employer wants you to know the town as best as possible because it will help you to complete the tasks on time. Do answer properly for this question and don?t try to give fake answers, there will be some cross questions as well on your answers.

5.What do you know about our firm?
This will require some homework to be done from your side before coming for the interview. You should know what the company really does and what role you have got to play in that company.

6.Do you know what type of vehicles can you drive with a class C driver license?
Class C driver license is issued for driving vehicles lesser than 26,000 pounds in weight. Examples of such vehicles are trucks, buses, vans, etc.

7.How patient type of person are you?
A driver may have to halt at places which will be according to the passenger, or sometimes the passenger will be an irritating one who would keep on talking with the driver. So the driver has to be patient and keep focusing on his driving.
Answer them with an example of such similar situation you may have faced before.

8.How good is your driving record?
Don?t mention about your record of being caught by traffic police every week, and don?t even say that you were never caught. Both your answers will never give you the job. Just say them that you were caught once when you broke some traffic rules to urgently admit some person in a hospital. Such reasons will add a good impression.

9.What was the maximum speed of your vehicle which you reached ever and why?
Don?t give examples that once you were caught breaking the traffic rules and to save yourself from paying the fine you were driving on high speed. Say them that there was a patient in your vehicle who required to be immediately hospitalized and you were driving on a very high speed just to save his life, this will create your image as a responsible driver in front of the employers.

10.Do you have a vehicle of your own?
Simply say the truth, this is a general question and it won?t affect your job interview.

11.Why did you choose driver as your profession?
Keep things simple, just say them that you are a good driver and you are passionate about this job.

12.How do you manage time well?
Time management is very important for a driver whether it is regarding delivering things at places or taking the passengers to their places. A good driver should know to manage the time well so that he can do maximum work in minimum time.

13.Do you have any mechanical knowledge regarding vehicles?
This is good if you really know to deal with technical failures in cars, but I advise you to say the truth. If you lie today, they will catch you for this sometime in the future and if you fail there then you are surely going to be fired.

14.Suppose you get an angry customer, how would you deal with him?
Don?t tell that you yourself will start fighting with the customer. Tell them that you will gently understand the passenger?s problem and find where the things went wrong and then find a possible good solution to the problem.

15.Will you do night shifts in case if we have an urgent client?
Tell the truth. If you can work extra then say yes else simply say no.

16.Have you ever missed attending your job?
Say them that you have missed your work rarely due to some health problems. In-case if you had missed it for a long period in your past, don?t even dare to mention it here.

17.If a customer was angry at you because you took a wrong turn, how would you manage the situation?
Tell them that such incidents will not happen if you are on the driver?s seat, but in-case if it happen then there will be a possible reason of road being block or a new short-cut you found to drop the passenger on his place before time.
Take the responsibility to get the customer satisfied on your decision by giving some reasonable answers.

18.Tell us about a situation where your role as a driver was truly tested.
This is a pure behavioral question. This is your opportunity to shine and speak something good about yourself. Go prepared with some good example to answer this question.
You can give an example that you had to deliver something very urgent and how your time management skills helped you to do the task on time.

19.What are your views on a responsible driver?
A responsible driver never upsets his passengers, and he knows very well about driving, traffic rules and the city. If sometime there is some accident with his car then he does not run away but take responsibilities of his car and his passengers.
In-case if you are applying for a delivery job then just say them the responsibility of the driver is to deliver the products at the given place safely before time.

20.How would you incorporate technological gadgets in your job?
With GPS services one can easy travel in the entire world independently. Say them that by using such gadgets the only question that you would have is where to reach and not how to reach.
Best of luck.. happy driving... comment if you like our blog..


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