If you are preparing for ASP.NET interview, then caching knowledge is must, and for that you must aware what is the best uses of caching in, How and where we use caching, So here are most frequently caching questions, so before attend interview must go through this set of questions, This set of questions represented by, If you want good answers and completely understand then you must to subscribe
Caching most important interview questions practices by Narayan).

So here are Top caching "How to" Interview questions
  1. How to perform page output caching in ASP.NET?
  2. How to implement partial or fragment caching or How to cache User control data? 
  3. How to implement page output caching based querystring value of the page?
  4. How to store data into Cache and retrieve it?
  5. How to implement time based caching in ASP.NET?
  6. How to implement file dependency caching in ASP.NET? 
  7. How to implement SQL Caching in ASP.NET (Poll based SQL Cache dependency)?
  8. How to use Push SQL Cache dependency in ASP.Net?
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