How to answer the 10 most Difficult Interview Questions

There is no worse feeling than being in an interview and the interviewer asks you a question to which you do not have the answer. The best ...

There is no worse feeling than being in an interview and the interviewer asks you a question to which you do not have the answer. The best way to control this dreaded disaster is to be prepared for the interview. Familiarize yourself with some of the more common difficult questions and answers prepared in advance.

Tough Question # 1: "Tell me about yourself?" .
Usually, this is the first question in an interview and is the perfect time for you blades yourself, not for you to tell the story of your life.
Your answers should be a brief summary of your qualifications and your experience. Talk about your education, your work history, your recent professional experience and your future goals.

Recommended response : "I graduated from University X and since then, I have worked in public relations with an agency where I generated millions of hits in public relations for my clients Although I enjoy working at the agency, I want to expand my horizons and build relationships. public enterprise like this. "

Question 2 : "Why did you leave your last job?" 
This is your chance to talk about your experience and your career goals, not to badmouth a former boss or give a laundry list of reasons why you left.
Instead, focus on what you learned in your previous job and you're ready to use those skills in a new position.

Recommended response : "The company simply did not fit with my creativity, but I learned that organizations have distinct personalities, just like people now know where I'll be better.".
Your past and future

Question 3 : "How you project yourself in five years?"
Let the employer know that you are a stable person and you want to stay in this business for a long time.
Do not tell anything about your aspirations to assume a position of control of the company for which you are giving the interview, to have your own business, to retire at age 40 or who are married and have five children.

Recommended response : "I want to get a civil engineer in charge of a national company that focuses on the development of retail Ideally, I would like to work for a new company, like this, to participate from the beginning and take advantage of all the opportunities offered a growing company. "

Question 4 : "What are your weaknesses?"
The key to answering this question is no answer classical literally. It is likely that your future employer is not interested in your weakness is that you can not cook nor want to hear general answers, as you are "very thorough" or "I work too hard".
Answer this question by identifying areas of your work that you can improve and figure out how it can be attractive to a prospective employer. If you did not have the opportunity to develop certain skills at your previous job, explain how eager you are to gain that skill in this new job.
Recommended response : "In my last job, I could not develop my speaking skills." I'd really like to work in a place that helps me improve by giving presentations and speaking in front of others. "

Question 5 : "Why are you fired?"

This question will become more common as the continued economic slowdown. However, it is a difficult question, especially because many workers are not exactly explained the reason for his dismissal.
The best way to address this question is to answer as honestly as possible.

Recommended response : "As you know, right now the economy is going through a difficult time and my company felt its effects was part of a large staff reduction and that's the information I have, however, I am sure that there was no relationship with my job performance, as demonstrated with my achievements. For example .... "

Question 6 : "Tell me about the worst boss you've ever had."
I will never speak ill of your former bosses. A boss may anticipate that speak ill of him the same way at some point.

Recommended response : "While none of my former bosses was horrible, there were some who taught me more than others definitely learned how management style I get along better.".

The benefits you offer

Question 7 : "How would others describe you?"
You should always ask your colleagues and supervisors make you comments so you can evaluate your performance; This way, you can answer the question honestly based on their comments.

Keep track of comments to give them to the employer, if requested. If you do, you will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Recommended response : "My former colleagues said it is easy to do business with me and I am always ready to work on new projects I have more specific feedback with me, if you give them a look.".

Question 8 : "What can you offer me that another person does not?"
This is the moment you talk about your achievements. Delivery specifics of your resume or portfolio of work; show an employer your worth and how llegarías to be a valuable asset.

Recommended response : "I'm the best person for the job I know there are other candidates who could take this job, but my passion for excellence sets me apart from the rest I am committed to always deliver the best results For example ......".

Question 9 : "If you could choose any company to work for, what would it be?" 
Never mention a different company from which you are interviewing. Talk of labor and the company in which you are giving the interview.

Recommended response : "I would not have applied for this position if frankly did not want to work in your business". Continue with specific examples of why you respect the company interviewing you and why you would be a good contribution.

Question 10 : " Would you be willing to accept a reduction in salary? "
Salary is a delicate topic. Despite today's tough economy, the salary that can pay you a business could be a key factor in deciding whether or not to offer employment.

Recommended response : "Now I win $ XX understand that the salary range for this position is $ XX $ XX Like most people, I like to improve my salary, but I'm more interested to get the job the money. I would be willing to negotiate a lower starting salary, but we expect to renegotiate in a few months, after showing my worth. "


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  1. Great Collection Of Questions ... I think 80% of these question always asked from a candidate ........

    1. @Pankaj Thanks you very much, for you kind comment.

  2. very good and usefull questions and answers

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