If you are preparing for Script) interview, then Java script knowledge is must, and for that you must aware what is the best uses of JavaScript, How and where we use JavaScript, So here are most frequently Java Script questions, so before attend interview must go through this set of questions, This set of questions represented by, If you want good answers and completely understand then you must to subscribe
Ajax most important interview questions practices by Narayan).
So here are Top JavaScript "How to" Interview questions

  1.  How to get the length of the string?
  2.  How to apply Big style to the text in JavaScript?
  3.  How to apply small style to the text in JavaScript?
  4.  How to apply bold style to the text in JavaScript? 
  5.  How to apply italic style to the text in JavaScript?
  6.  How to apply strikethrough style to the text in JavaScript?
  7. How to apply subscript style to the text in JavaScript? 
  8. How to apply superscript style to the text in JavaScript?
  9.  How to convert the text to the lower case? 
  10.  How to convert the text to the upper case? 
  11.  How to replace a character or characters from the string in JavaScript?
  12.  How to get current date and time in the JavaScript? 
  13.  How to declare and use an array in JavaScript?
  14.  How to round a decimal value in JavaScript? 
  15.  How to get random number in JavaScript? 
  16.  How to get max value from the integers? 
  17. How to get the min value from the integers? 
  18.  How to find characters in a given string in JavaScript?
  19.  How to write a timer in JavaScript? 
  20.  How to stop the timers in JavaScript?
  21.  How to open a popup window using JavaScrip?
  22.  How to redirect the user from current page to another page using JavaScript? 
  23.  How to reload/refresh current page in JavaScript?
  24. Explain how you will freeze an object in javascript?

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