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When participating in a job interview or group dynamics, the practitioner must be aware that recruiters assessed far more than your resume or work experience. In these selection processes attention to posture, behavior and attitudes of each candidate lens.

Especially when there are similarities on the skills and professional experience among candidates, the performance in each of these assessments can be a decisive factor in the final choice of the recruiter.

It is therefore very important that the candidate train and adequately prepare for the selection . And yet there are frequent errors and failures by applicants during interviews or group dynamics. In some cases, whether or not some of them out of the evaluation session without knowing who committed errors in the process.

With the intention to work with professionals who face these marathons, Cloud (Brazilian Center for Internships) selected the top 10 mistakes that candidates make on those evaluations, and suggests how to avoid them in every situation.

1. Inappropriate language : It is a very important point. Speak and write the language correctly, without resorting to jargon, it contributes positively to the image of the candidate. Avoid incurring vices of language, talk calmly to her pronunciation is the most correct. If you come to make a mistake and the interviewer will appreciate your knowledge.

2. Clothing : Knowing what to wear is paramount. Necklines, short or tight clothes or underwear pants showing in the case of men, will be appropriate for other occasions. Avoid dirty and rumpled clothes and bet on neutral colors like black, brown, beige and white. They warn you when you are summoned to the interview, ask what kind of clothes is recommended, because not all jobs require the use of social clothes. When in doubt, best to get well dressed, because it shows concern with time. Shoes should be clean and not old better.

3. Lack of Ethics : Talking bad about people and businesses why you happened is not good for their image. Is unethical citing negative examples, especially when the candidate is not directly involved in the episode in question. The story may sound like gossip and this is not a desired behavior in a corporate environment.

4. Body Posture : Sit in a relaxed posture, his arms folded, the restless feet hitting the ground, taking his head with his hands, can go against you, as it denotes boredom. The body sends many messages and interviewers are aware of them. So keep good posture, but do not force their gestures and facial expressions.

5. Discussion : Avoid side conversations when the interviewer or the rest of the candidates are talking about. That shows a lack of respect for others and you can be prejudiced in the selection process. Be careful when replying to a question. Be clear and objective, try to point out how it can help if elected.

6. Lies : Never make up courses or experiences in your resume or in an interview. That can be tested and if the company has the correct data affecting it may end up not only in the selection process, but in recruiting. If you do not have expertise in areas requested, show interest in learning.

7. Lack of knowledge : Learn about the company and the industry you want to work. Visit websites. So you can get more ideas on the position of the organization in the market and can arouse more interest in the interviewer. Do not ask about salary and benefits at the beginning of the conversation. That shows excessive interest in obtaining money. Although if you have questions, you can raise this issue before the end of the meeting.

8. Delays : Being late is not good for your image. Time how long it takes to reach the site of the interview and even think about what would face unexpected situations such as climate change. The impression left by those candidates who are late is that there is lack of commitment. Attending 15 minutes could give you a chance to relax before the interview.

9. The lack of corporate focus : The dynamics are part of the evaluation. Avoid conversations that are not related to the activity you are doing. Laugh, criticize or joke with the other participants are not expected behaviors by the interviewers. Not impose their ideas, show that you can be understanding when needed.

10. Lack of participation : Are you willing to participate in a group dynamic to get a job? Then, you must do actively. Just be careful and do not talk too much, let the other candidates also have their space. It shows you a team player and gives people the opportunity to participate.

How to get 30 Page PDF Free :
As here we are discussing only 1 page of our 30 pages book "Interview Mistakes-Tips for Crack Interview" if you want free Pdf version of this book then share this post and comment your emaild id we will send complete 30 page book free of cost.



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