Sunday, 10 January 2016

Name any three standard trace templates provided by SQL Server Profiler? Sql Server Interview Questions

Following are some most commonly used trace templates which comes with Sql Server profiler.

Standard(default): Generic starting point for creating a trace. Captures all stored procedures and Transact-SQL batches that are run. Use to monitor general database server activity.

TSQL_Duration: Captures all Transact-SQL statements submitted to SQL Server by clients, their execution time (in milliseconds), and groups them by duration. Use to identify slow queries.

TSQL_Grouped: Captures all Transact-SQL statements submitted to SQL Server and the time they were issued. Groups information by user or client that submitted the statement. Use to investigate queries from a particular client or user.

TSQL_SPs: Captures detailed information about all executing stored procedures. Use to analyze the component steps of stored procedures. Add the SP:Recompile event if you suspect that procedures are being recompiled.

Tuning: Captures information about stored procedures and Transact-SQL batch execution. Use to produce trace output that Database Engine Tuning Advisor can use as a workload to tune databases.



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