Thursday, 24 March 2016

Top 10 Xpages Interview Questions Answers

Explain what is XPages?
XPages is a web and mobile application development platform. It allows IBM Domino data as well as data from relational and other data sources to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms.

Xpages are developed by?

How to get information from the event parameters in a XPage event?
When triggering a Event in an XPage the global object THIS will contain a XspEventEventHandler. We retrieve the parameters using a .getParameters() this will return a Java ArrayList
The code below loops thru the arraylist and gets the value from the parameter name that matches the Key variable
var value=this.getParameters();
var tmp="";
var Key="MyParameter"; // Key contains the parameter name you want to retreve
requestScope.MyField=tmp; // Place the parameter data in the MyField requestScope vaiable
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