I think every one is aware about interview question answers gent "Shivprasad Koirala", he is the master of all, and had published many interview question book and articles. But in these days one new name also rising in .net developer world, which is "Shailendra Chauhan". I think you have must visited his site,which is becoming very popular between developer prepare for .net interviews, this site is owned by one of the great community contributor "Shailendra Chauhan". Till now Shailendra Chauhan have contribute more than 500+ articles/tricks and interview material which is very helpful for .net developer for prepare for interview.

Shailendra Chauhan has also published two interview question books/pdf, and the best thing about these book is that both books/pdf is FREE of cost. Yes! You can download both interview questions pdf book free of cost.
Following are the interview questions books published by Shailendra Chauhan
1. "ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers Book"
2. "LINQ Interview Questions and Answers Book"

About his first book:-
His first book "ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers Book" got great success and now his book is very famous book among the ASP.NET MVC developers, who is prepare for MVC interview.
This book is for senior level professionals who wants to strengthen their skills before appearing for an interview on ASP.NET MVC.
This book is not only the ASP.NET MVC interview book but it is more than that. This book helps you to get the depth knowledge of ASP.NET MVC with a simple and elegant way.

 ASP.NET MVC interview question book by "Shailendra Chauhan"


  1. Get Download complete TypeScript Training Book By Shailendra Chauhan. In this book you will learn ES6 and TypeScript basic and advance topics.



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