How Withdraw Cash From ICICI Bank ATMs Cardless/Without Debit Card

ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank, announced its ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’ service that allows its customers to transfer mon...

ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank, announced its ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’ service that allows its customers to transfer money from their account to anyone in India with a mobile number, the bank said in a statement.

The recipient can withdraw money round the clock without using a debit card from over 10,000 ATMs of ICICI Bank across the country. One can do this even without having a bank account of any bank, the bank further said.

Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Presenting Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, a simple and safe mode for ICICI Bank customers to send cash, 24x7, to any mobile number in India. All you need is to login to with your Internet Banking user ID and password and initiate a Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction. The beneficiary need not have any bank account and can withdraw cash from over 9000 ICICI Bank ATMs across India, without any ATM card, using the details received through SMS.

Advantages of Cardless Cash Withdrawal!
  • 24X7 service to send and withdraw cash, anywhere in India
  • The beneficiary need not hold a bank account
  • Safe and secure mode of cash transfer using Internet Banking
  • Obtain the cash instantly without any ATM card
  • Cash withdrawal is available from a large network of ICICI Bank ATMs

Get Started

To get started with Cardless Cash Withdrawal, you need your Internet Banking User ID & password and be registered with ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Services.

How Withdraw Cash From ICICI Bank ATMs Cardless/Without Debit Card?
Follow these easy steps to use Cardless Cash Withdrawal service:

Step 1. Request for Cardless Cash Withdrawal at
  • Log in to with your Internet Banking user ID and password.
  • Register a beneficiary
    • Go to 'manage payee' section and select 'add Cardless Cash Withdrawal payee'
    • Enter beneficiary mobile number, name and address
    • Confirm beneficiary registration by entering Unique Registration Number (URN) received on your registered mobile number
  • Create Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction
    • Go to 'Transfers' section and select 'Cardless Cash Withdrawal'
    • Select an account to make a payment and select Cardless Cash Withdrawal beneficiary from the registered beneficiary list
    • Enter transaction amount
    • Authenticate transaction using your debit card grid
    • Your selected account will get debited
Step 2. SMS from ICICI Bank
  • You will receive a unique 4-digit code on your mobile from ICICI Bank
  • Please share the 4-digit code with beneficiary.
  • The beneficiary will also receive a sms with a unique 6-digit code on their mobile phone from ICICI Bank.
Step 3. Cash withdrawal from ICICI Bank ATM by beneficiary
  • You will receive a unique 4-digit code on your mobile from ICICI Bank. Please share the same with beneficiary.
  • beneficiary has to visit a specified ICICI Bank ATM and enter the following details:
    • The beneficiary mobile number
    • The 4-digit code (as received by the sender)
    • The 6-digit code (as received by the beneficiary)
    • The amount to be withdrawn (in INR)
  • Cash will be dispensed on successful authentication of all these four parameters. The entire amount needs to be withdrawn by the beneficiary as a one-time transaction.


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