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1st Winner is: Krishan
 1st Winner IS : Manish Kumar Singh


  1. I am in my final year of engineering
    I need this book on the first preference.

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  3. hi Sir i am regular reader of your website for interview questions and i have selected in HCL
    thanking you for providing a good platform for preperation of interview but i have some queries for SQL
    these are given below.
    1.Q select 8*8 from employee
    2.Q which join is fast
    A.Inner join
    B.Left Outer Join
    C.Cross Join
    D.right outer join
    3.Question select (8+2,7) from Student table

    4.Whats the Output of these queries

    select (8*2+'a') from student

    select (8+2) from student

    select * from (select 1 as abc ) abc

    select * from (select 1 abc)

    5. Question : How to display coma separated value in different column (i have a cell which have values like [a,b,c,d,e,f]) now i want output like

    a b c d e f

    Answers : Hi sir i have emailed all questions answers in details please check it

  4. @@@@@@@@@
    @@@@@@@@@ Manish Kumar
    Congrats!!!!!!!!! You are selected as a winner,

    We like your Sql Query interview questions/answers set...
    But lot of diff. in the questions which you posted here as a comment and the well mannered/written questions set (5) which you sent me by email.
    I like the well written questions set which you sent me by email, which you posted here is need some improvement... so always post best/well written set.
    Anyway... you has won the book, I have order it to your address.. Please check and confirm me...

  5. Please send it to me at


  6. First of all thanks for giving me book i am so exited that as you announced me winner
    I have also need of your help as i want to learn ssis and ssrs so please write some artical on these topic

  7. Hi Please send those questions (sql questions) along with the answers to

  8. 1) What is Using Common Table Expressions?

    Answer : A common table expression (CTE) can be thought of as a temporary result set that is defined within the execution scope of a single SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or CREATE VIEW statement. A CTE is similar to a derived table in that it is not stored as an object.
    A CTE can be self-referencing and can be referenced multiple times in the same query.


    ;WITH expression_name [ ( column_name [,...n] ) ]
    ( CTE_query_definition )
    USE AdventureWorks2008R2;
    -- Define the CTE expression name and column list.
    WITH Sales_CTE (SalesPersonID, SalesOrderID, SalesYear)
    -- Define the CTE query.
    SELECT SalesPersonID, SalesOrderID, YEAR(OrderDate) AS SalesYear
    FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader
    -- Define the outer query referencing the CTE name.
    SELECT SalesPersonID, COUNT(SalesOrderID) AS TotalSales, SalesYear
    FROM Sales_CTE
    GROUP BY SalesYear, SalesPersonID
    ORDER BY SalesPersonID, SalesYear;

    2) Can you explain about buffer cash and log Cache in sql server?

    Answer :

    Buffer Cache: Buffer cache is a memory pool in which data pages are read. It performance of the buffer cache is indicated as follows: 95% indicates that pages that were found in the memory are 95% of time. Another 5% is needed for physical disk access.

    If the value falls below 90%, it is the indication of more physical memory requirement on the server. Log Caches: Log cache is a memory pool used to read and write the log pages. A set of cache pages are available in each log cache. The synchronization is reduced between log and data buffers by managing log caches separately from the buffer cache.

    3)What is a Trace frag? Where do we use it?

    Answer :
    Temporary setting of specific server characteristics is done by trace tags. DBCC TRACEON is the command to set the trace flags. Once activated, trace flag will be in effect until the server is restarted. Trace frags are frequently used for diagnosing performance issues. For example, the trace flag 3205 is used for disabling hard compression for tape drives, when an instance of SQL Server starts.

    4)Explain how to store pdf file in sql server

    Answer : Create a column as type ‘blob’ in a table. Read the content of the file and save in ‘blob’ type column in a table. Or store them in a folder and establish the pointer to link them in the database.

    5)What are the advantages and disadvantages of merge replication?

    Answer :


    It provides built-in and custom conflict resolution capabilities.
    It allows for the synchronization of data from multiple tables at one time.
    It provides rich data replication options like selection of article types and filtering and identity range management.

    Merge replication requires more configuration and maintenance at the server

  9. Download shivprasad koirala's MVC interview question for the same

  10. sir i am from Extc background steal i want to make my carrier in .net so plz give me idea what should i do and so i can get a job

  11. Hello Sir
    I am regular reading of your website and book for interview questions.I have good experience and motivate to do smart work.Thanks sir for providing the good platform.

    Maulik Gohel.(

  12. Send me pdf version of this book at

    1. I m BSCS student . I really need this boom

    Ur book is really helpful thank you



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