Iceland is the second best growing company of 2014 in UK. So as this company growing, there would be the lots of jobs ahead.
Are you prepare for Iceland Foods sale assistant Job interview questions. We are come with questions and answers which are asked in Iceland Foods's sale assistant Interview. Soon you will get pdf.

1). Why do you want to work here?
Ans: I want to work here because it is very convenient as far as location. Also, I enjoy working with people and I think it will be a great experience for me.

2). if you have a customer who is very rude to you, then how would you handle with him/her being a sales assistant?
Ans: I will deal with them with courtesy and will try to help them out with their problem and if I fail in that then I will get some senior to handle such a customer but I will never be rude.

3). What would you do if a team member isn't contributing?
Ans: I would talk to the member individually and politely telling him what the situation is and if he can try to contribute more it would be both beneficial for him and the team.

4). Did you do any presentations at either school or college?
Ans: The question was along those lines, but I remembered that I was so confident in answering - without hesitation she was very impressed with what I had to say. I mentioned my personal experiences of delivering presentations at college and how they helped me with my skills development.

5). Your biggest flaw?
Ans: That I cant stop something until its perfect!

6). If you were going to handle your stress, what would you do on the job?
Ans: Scream stress relief.

7). What would you do if a customer asked you for help ordering something which is not belong to your department, and you were not trained on the department?
Ans: Go get someone who knows the system...i.e. a member of the home department, or management staff....NEVER say "I don't know" to a customer!


  1. Awesome interview. The answers are too good. Thank u for the share.

  2. @Shreya
    Thanks for your kind comment..... This kind of comment gives me power...



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