Telephonic Interview tips, What to do and not do | HOW TO CRACK TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW

Telephone interviews are now becoming the most popular types of interviews. Due to the advantages of less time consumption, less cost for conducting interview, many interviews conducted in less time, etc. it has now become one of the type of basic clearance or barrier which one has to clear to appear for a face to face interview.
Many big companies use telephone interviews in order to shortlist a few candidates out of many. Now to get into those few selected candidates you need to prepare a little for the phone interviews

Make sure that before you appear for a telephone interview, you are fully prepared to face it
It is suggested to find a silent a calm place so that there is no distractions and disturbances in the communication process.
Move into a place where you can think positively and can answer your questions asked to you with a free mind.
Keep your resume, a notebook, a pen and some notes already prepared about commonly asked questions in interview.
Try to disable or divert other calls which may come to you while the interview is going on.
“Practice makes a man perfect.”
Practicing is very important as it will bring some confidence to you. You can practice a rehearsal with your friends.
What you should possibly do while appearing for a telephone interview:
1) Address the interviewer professionally.
Introduction and addressing the interviewer needs to be formal. Address them with proper salutations, don’t do a blunder by calling them with their names.

2) Speak in a uniform voice
Don’t rush in a hurry to say what you want to say, answer them in a pretty low and formal voice.

3) Take your time.
Don’t rush the interview. If you’re feeling nervous take a moment or two to collect your thoughts.

4) Listen to the complete statement of the interviewer and then answer.
Answer the questions which are being asked. Do not make the mistake of telling the interviewer what you want to tell them. Give them the answers to their questions.
Note: Let them complete themselves before you answer. Don’t be in a hurry of missing the train, trust me I can’t say about the train but you will definitely miss the job.

5)  Ask them questions
Asking questions implements a good level of conversation between both, the interviewer and the candidate. Most the jobs that require an employee with better speaking skills are recruited through the phone interview.
This is a straight way for the employer to examine the speaking skills of the candidate. Job interviews for call centers, online data entry, marketing, public relations, etc. are done on phone.

6) Remember to smile.
Experts say that smiling puts you in a better state of mind and will project a positive image to the listener. This will also keep your voice calm and help you answer politely with the interviewer.

7) Don’t forget to breathe.
It will help you stay calm and sound more relaxed. Interviews are times when people generally feel nervous, breathing normally will make you confident about yourself and your answers. If you don’t breathe well you may have some errors while speaking fluently.

8) Be prepared with “Notes”.
Be prepared with some notes about questions that are generally asked in interviews, this will help you a lot.

9) Keep a glass of water handy.
Nothing is worse than having a dry mouth. Some people may have the problem to their mouths drying during the interview. Don’t worry about it, this is just because you were feeling a little nervous at the time of the interview. Drinking water in regular breaks while listening to the interviewer will solve your problem.

10) Give them a researched answer.
Be ready with a little research about the firm which is going to call you for the phone interview. Answering their questions with respect to their values will help you to finish your interview a little earlier and a good chance of getting selected as well, because this trick can impress the employer and he will really appreciate your motivation for working with them.

What NOT to do during the phone interview:
1) Don’t eat anything, drink or chew a gum.
You may feel that these activities are not being noticed by the interviewer, but trust me you are fooling yourself. These activities will distract your mind from thinking and you will end up answering worthless answers.

2) Avoid smoking.
Smoking is an addiction with almost every fifth guy. Smoking may cause you to cough loud during the interview which is not a good sign. Even if you are a regular smoker please avoid smoking during the interview as this will also distract your mind and your will end up with a blunder.

3) Avoid interrupting the interviewer.
As mentioned earlier, let the interviewer complete himself and only then you should answer. You don’t have the rights of interrupting them as they are not your friends. The employer will take this as a sign of over smartness and will straight away reject you.

4) Answers in “yes” and “no” will not do.
Elaborate your answers, provide examples if applicable. Elaborating yourself also adds to your speaking skills which many call centers and telemarketing companies would want in their employees. You can use cheat nodes in case you find difficult to remember big sentences.

5) Avoid being too casual/informal.
Don’t try to be much formal by just supporting them on their statements, many interviewers play a trick to find how logical thinker or creative the candidate is. Remember that they are not hiring a servant, they are hiring an employee.

6) Avoid Jumbling up with your answers .
Your answers should be understood straight forward, don’t try to answer much deeper, answer only what is asked to you.

7) Avoid showing your nervousness
Avoid using sounds like “aa…a” in your answers, this will never help you. Be confident about what you are saying.

Last words,
Phone interviews are the easiest one to master as you don’t have the fear of facing the interviewer face to face, but on the other hand a little preparation is very important.
Many leading companies knock-out a large number of job applications by conducting phone interview before the face-off interview, it is advisable to follow the dos and don’ts suggested in this article to nail the telephone interview.
Readers will be appreciated if they share their experiences and views about the phone interview.



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