Taxi driver’s job is recognized as a service sector job, the taxi is hired by some passengers and the responsibility of the taxi driver is to drop the passenger from one place to another. Passengers board in a taxi to travel a far distance up to their offices, shelters, courts, etc. Here are some best questions that are asked in a taxi driver interview.

1. How well do you know about the town?
Ans. It is very necessary for the taxi driver to know the town very well, if you don’t know the town then you can never be a good taxi driver. Tell them in brief about your knowledge related to the town.

2. How patient type of person are you?
Ans. A taxi driver may have to halt at places which will be according to the passenger, or sometimes the passenger will be an irritating one who would keep on talking with the driver. So the driver has to be patient and keep focusing on his driving.
Answer them with an example of such similar situation you may have faced before.

3. Have you ever missed work?
You may miss your work due to some personal reasons or health problem, but keep in mind that it was your past and so do not repeat those things in the interview. Tell them that you absentees are very less and you rarely miss your work.

4. How good is your driving record?
Ans. Don’t mention about your record of being caught by traffic police every week, and don’t even say that you were never caught. Both your answers will never give you the job. Just say them that you were caught once when you broke some traffic rules to urgently admit some person in a hospital. Such reasons will add a good impression.

5. Why did you choose to become a taxi driver?
Ans. Keep your answer simple and say them that you are a good driver, you know traffic rules very well and you know very well about the city.

6. What are your views on a responsible taxi driver?
Ans. A responsible taxi driver never upsets his passengers, and he knows very well about driving, traffic rules and the city. If sometime there is some accident with his car then he does not run away but take responsibilities of his car and his passengers.

7. How do you deal with an angry passenger?
Ans. Don’t tell that you yourself start a quarrel with the customer. Tell them that you will calmly understand the passenger’s problem and find where the things went wrong and then find a possible good solution to the problem.

8. Are you willing to work in night shifts?
Ans. Be honest and speak the truth, say them no if you have problems doing the night shift. If you lie now then that will cause problems in future if you get the job. Hence it is advisable to keep the things transparent.

9. If a customer was angry at you because you took a wrong turn, how would you manage the situation?
Ans. Say them that such incidents will not happen if you are on the driver’s seat, but in-case if it happen then there will be a possible reason of road being block or a new short-cut you found to drop the passenger on his place before time.
Say them that you will explain the reason for this actions of yours kindly and make the customer satisfied for your decision.

10. How do you manage time well?
Ans. Time management is very important for a taxi driver because he has to collect the maximum fares he could during his work time. Tell them that you know the city very well and can drop the passenger to their place comfortably before time. Say them that you will try to avoid time delays from your side and do the best work possible in very lesser time.

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