Top 50 Bank of America Teller Interview Questions with Answers

There are many job applications that Bank of America receives every year which are 10 times more than the jobs they have got to offer. The ration of applicants applying and jobs offered in Bank of America is 10:1.
Now what were the possible reasons of not being selected?

  • Were the applicants not recruited because they didn't had enough qualification?
  • Were the applicants not recruited because they were stupid?
  • Or were the applicants not recruited because they were not good for this role?
The answer to these questions was given by Jacob Gates, who worked as a corporate interviewer in Bank of America for two years, and he used to interview daily candidates like you.
He said that the applicants were graduates, post graduates, technician and qualified by all means. But the reason why they failed was that they were not good in the art of mastering an interview, they were not able to sell themselves in that interview.

Here are Top 50 Bank of America Teller Interview Questions and Answers:

1). Tell me about an effective manager?
Ans: They are checking what you know about the duties of different positions at this job, tell them about a manager’s management style and interpersonal skills.

2). Tell us about yourself?
Ans: Start by introducing yourself, tell them about your achievements and past job experience. Share them about your statistics in finance. Tell them how you see yourself after five years in their company.

3). How do you plan for major projects?
Ans: Give them a good answer about how you can handle big tasks. Tell them how you decide time frames, set deadlines, determine priorities, delegate tasks, and decide what to do for yourself.

4). What is your greatest accomplishment?
Ans: They want you to share your greatest achievement so far, tell about an achievements that works in favor for this job.

5). What is the color of your brain?
Ans: This is a tricky question.
Best answer for it is that say that your brain is always on fire with great plans and ideas, hence it is red in color.

6). Sell me this XYZ.
Ans: These are common types of questions that you will always find in a bank interview,
Start saying what the product is and what are its uses, dig out even the smallest possible use of the product and how it can be an asset for the buyer.
The interview will act as he is still not convinced, but don’t give up. Keep answering till they don’t stop you, you will be definitely rejected if you give up.

7). What are HTM and AFS?
Ans: HTM stands for Held to Maturity. AFS is Available for Sales.

8). Tell us about dated govt. securities?
Ans: Dated government securities are long term securities which carry a fixed interest rate which are paid based on the face values. Their tenor can be upto 30 years.

9). What is private banking?
Ans: Private banking refers to more personal banking, this assist high net-worth individuals.

10). What is bank rate?
Ans: Bank rate is the rate of interest that a central bank charges on loans and advances that it extends to commercial banks.

11). How will you handle a conflict between your colleagues?
Ans: Very easy question. Tell them you will find the root of the problem first and then think of a remediation which will be a better solution to solve the problem and then get the remediation into action to fix the problem.

12). Give us an example when your presentation skill solved a problem.
Ans: Tell them about how your presentation skills made a customer of yours trust you and you got the deal done.

13). What good characteristics you would want in a team?
Ans: Each member should understand his responsibility, each member should think for his team before himself and there should be a relation of trustworthiness between each team member.

14). Who are your role model?
Ans: Don’t mention an actor or a sportsman, you can mention some noble prize winners. Since you are for a bank interview, mention some great economists, etc.

15). Say about yourself in thirty seconds?
Ans: Don’t say your name and other stuff, mention your positive attributes only in some specific good terms.
For eg. Sociable, Reliable, Resourceful, Respectful, Creative, Confident, Trustworthy, Attentive, Direct, Committed, Motivated, Objective, Tenacious, Conscientious, Dynamic, Hard Worker, Persistent, Methodical.

16). Tell us what do you know about us?
Ans: Tell them about what you know about the company, you need to do a basic research on the company before appearing for the interview.

17). What are you passionate about?
Ans: Tell them you are passionate about banking and how can your skills prove as an asset for the bank.

18). Compare a cheque and a demand draft?
Ans: Similarity:
Both are used for transferring money.
Cheque is written by an individual and Demand draft is issued by a bank.

19). What do you expect from us?
Ans: A good answer to this can be that you expect them to give you an opportunity to prove yourself practically as an asset to their bank.

20). Do you have any knowledge about computers?
Ans: Say them about what kind of software you know. For eg. MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Tally, etc.

21). Give us an example how you handle juggling commitments?
Ans: Share an incident when you had a big work load and how you managed to get things going in your way.

22). What are five first things you would do if you get this position?
Ans: This is the question for you, give your best for this question. Show them how you will use your abilities as an asset for their company.

23). If given a chance to work in some other country, will you be able to manage this?
Ans: Tell them about your past business trips to different countries and what you learned from there and how did you manage the situations there.

24). What are your weaknesses?
Ans: Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses don’t say you are lazy or any other things that don’t support the job, just mention a few things which will not affect your job.
Don’t say that your greatest weakness is that you are perfectionist, they will laugh at you.

25). What differentiates you from the competition?
Ans: Tell them about your achievements and abilities which makes you different from others.

26). How are you with working in a team?
Ans: Team spirit is the most important in any job, tell them about an incident of your past that was a good example of working in a team.

27). How do you motivate yourself?
Ans: Everyone is motivated by the salary they get for their work, the bonuses, the promotions, etc.
I would suggest don’t mention it directly, add some role of the company that motivates you as well
You can say that the promotions you get after working harder for this company to take this company to a next level of success makes you feel happy and motivates you.

28). How much cash did you deal with on a daily basis in your last job?
Ans: Answer this question with respective your last position, if you didn't deal with any cash then just say no.

29). How do you stay up to date with the industry?
Ans: Say that you read magazines, newspapers, search on internet, etc. that keeps you updated about things happening every day.

30). Why do you want to be a part of Bank of America?
Ans: Don’t mention money, Money is not what the interviewers are expecting from you. Say them about your plans where you see yourself taking the bank at a next level of success.

31). How would you deal with someone who fundamentally disagreed with what you told them to do?
Ans: You cannot say that this never happened to you as this happens to everyone at least once in their life. Simply be honest, and say them that you will try to know where the things were going wrong and accordingly you will try to suggest some solutions using your communication skills.

32). Scenario – Customer has high capital in her Debit account. Pretend that you are processing her check and pitch us a savings account?
Ans: “I would be glad to process your check, by the way I see that you're debit account is high, how would you like to open up a savings account to gain interest on that capital.”

33). Why Bank of America?
Ans: Leave a good impression by answering about your Personal interest in the finance industry along with the direction of the company.

34). What is an ideal job for you?
Many would answer earning billion dollars for just working for 2-3 hours per day or perhaps playing cricket for the country. These type of answers generally don’t help much.
Ans: I would suggest you to keep it simple and just say about what kind of job you have applied for in Bank of America. This will leave a positive impact on interviewers about you.

35). Describe your academic achievements.
Ans: This question is left to you, tell them about your academic achievements such as a topper in school or university, etc.

36). Have you ever served a customer and needed the help of a manager.
Ans: Say something slick like you're the kind of worker that true to find solutions by not having to come to a manager. If it gets out of hand then you would call them.

37). Name a time when you handled a difficult situation. How did you go about solving it?
Ans: It is a behavioral question to examine how you handle different situations, give an example of you past where you handle a situation and got the best results.

38). Why do you want this job? Why do you see yourself as fit for this position?
Ans: Say them “I have great communication skills. I love interacting, sharing my sales expertise and learning new things. I am also interested in banking teller position is one that combines my skills and interest which makes me a good for this job.”

39). What will you do if we will force you to go for a location which you didn't opt?
Ans: This question is asked to know how can you manage to put your views in front of your seniors, try to prove them why your decision to disagree your seniors had some genuine reasons.
This will help you to convince your customers and improve your conversation skills.

40). How do you work under pressure?
Ans: You should answer this question in a positive manner, if you say that you lose your temper or just keep yourself away from work under pressure then that will not help you get the job.
Instead you can say that you handle pressure properly and add one of your life event as an example where you came under pressure conditions and performed well.

41). What is something other people misunderstand about you?
Ans: This is a behavioral question, put something positive about yourself that others misunderstood about you.

42). What is your dream?
Ans: Be honest, simply share your dreams. Don’t make stories, the hiring authorities of Bank of America appreciate honesty from you.

43). Improvements you have made to a process or problem in your career to date in order to make an impact, and what that impact was?
Ans: A simple behavioral questions, keep things simple and answer about a good quality you inculcated in your life that changed the things for you.

44). What are the biggest strengths you bring to this organization?
Ans: Say them about your past job experience and about your presentation and management skills, and explain how will they be helpful to their bank by giving a good example.

45). What are you going to do here?
Ans: This is a very simple question, but many fail to answer this. Just say them about what duties you will be performing in this job. Don’t mess up by adding your expectations.

46). What are your thoughts about failure?
Ans: According to me failure happens in life, but sticking to that is not advisable. We need to learn the reasons why we failed and keep trying to win it. Giving up will never give you any second chance to transforming your failure to success.

47). Were you fired anytime in your past job?
Ans: Be honest, if you were fired then please tell them the truth, because they will have a background check before recruiting you. And if they found it later then this will create problems for you and your career.

48). How important is positive attitude for this job?
Ans: Positive attitude is incredibly important because there will be times when you might see failure, but the key is to keep faith in yourself and move on.

49). How open are you about relocation?
Ans: Just simply say no if you are not, but if you are open then let them know which places you can work.

50). How do you prioritize your work initiatives?
Ans: Discuss how you make your working good. For example if you are in customer services then say about how your speaking skills helped your customers to solve their products.

Last words,
Mostly Behavioral or hypothetical questions are asked in Bank of America interviews, make sure you know about basic information about this bank as well. The questions mentioned above are the mostly asked questions so don’t skip practicing them.

All the best for your interview!!



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