Best answers for the question " WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES ?"

* Tips to answer the interview questions confidently:

Tip 1). Being confident from the moment you walk through the door will always give you a better chance of landing the job. The good news is that self-confidence can be generated and regained.

Tip 2). If you are early in your career or short on the experience, knowledge, or successes you need to feel fully confident for the job you are interviewing for, seek assistance from relevant books, the web, training courses, and a mentor.

Tip 3). Good resources and a commitment to study will give you all the confidence you need.

Tip 4). The key to confidence when interviewing is coming prepared and staying present, connected and fully engaged in the process and what you need to convey about yourself.

Tip 5). Connect with your interviewer by providing helpful answers to questions and being actively interested in what they have to say.

Tip 6). One great way to build your interviewing confidence is by conducting plenty of research on the company you’re applying with and the position it’s offering.

Tip 7). A great way to build your confidence for the interview is to practice before the big day. You can do this by answering questions in front of the mirror to read your own facial expressions and body language, or have a friend act as the interviewer to help you simulate the actual environment.

Tip 8). Speak with conviction, but use your normal speaking voice. Try to sound relaxed and not hesitant when you talk. The interview will go more smoothly if you know what you are talking about. Prepare any questions you want to ask in advance.

Tip 9). To increase your feeling of self-confidence, sit quietly before the interview and run through your interview in advance, as though watching a film. See yourself being successful. If, at any time you see a negative picture, change it and deliberately replace it with a positive picture.

Tip 10). Think about the interview like it’s just a simple conversation with someone, to discover each other and see if there is a fit.

Tip 11). Practice speaking your answers out loud so you can hear your voice and correct any nervous intonations, pitch problems, or pacing issues before you go to your interview.
Tip 12). Always remember that the interview isn't just a session to figure out what skills and experience you possess, it’s a chance for you to let your personality show and to prove that you’d be a good fit for the team. Don’t pass up any opportunity for friendly conversation, and be more wary of short and curt answers than loquaciousness (but try not to ramble too much, of course).
Tip 13). One of the best ways to fool a hiring manager into thinking you’re more confident than you feel is to keep steady, natural eye contact throughout the interview.
Tip 14). Keep your tone sincere, so that even if your responses are brief, they don’t come off as curt or dismissive. It’s more about sticking to one main topic per question instead of going off a nervous tangent.
Tip 15). You will feel more confident  and come across as such  if you are clear in your own mind what you want at this stage in your career and what you have to offer. ‘You need to be clear on your options, and clear on your value,’ states Alexandra.

Now the best ways to answer the question " What are your strengths and weaknesses?" 
#STRENGTH- A strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity. The key to building a strength is to identify your dominant talents, then complement them by acquiring knowledge and skills pertinent to the activity.

#WEAKNESS- Weakness is defined as a lack of strength or a character flaw, or something that you cannot resist.
What interviewer looking for in this question is:

*To determine what assets you have that will help you succeed in the job if you are hired, as well as what could be problematic.
*Interviewers will be looking for indicators of your weaknesses in the way you answer questions.
*Interviewers looking for examples of how a person faced obstacles in the past.
*The interviewer is hoping they will catch you off guard, when you don’t have a scripted answer to fall back on. They think you will reveal something you didn't want or expect to.”
*They’re trying to get past your nice, presentable interview façade and get a sense of what you’re really like to work with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
*About your weaknesses even if you don’t answer honestly, your answer tells them something about you. If you dodge the question or try to fake your way through, the interviewer will wonder if:
   1) You've got scary secret weaknesses that you won’t discuss.
   2) You think you’re perfect because you have no self-awareness.
   3) You think you’re perfect because your standards are very low.
*The interviewer seeks to find out if:
  1)Your strengths align with the company’s needs.
  2)You can do the job and perform like a rock star.

How to answer this question:
*The first step will be to analyze your target job to identify the preferred characteristics of the ideal candidate so you can choose the right strengths to emphasize in your interview.
*Turn a negative into a positive by sharing a supposed weakness that is actually a desirable quality in an employee.
*An effective approach is to prepare a story or anecdote which illustrates the strength you are sharing.
*While talking about your weaknesses briefly describe a real weakness that wouldn't be a major handicap on the job then discuss your proactive efforts to improve. This shows that you are self-aware, have a drive to be your best, and that the weakness will not slow you down.
*Don’t feel like you have to go into great detail. Be brief and, most importantly, avoid sounding defensive or overly negative.
*Narrow your list down to least five strengths that you are comfortable discussing.
*Demonstrate by your effective answer that you are working on your weaknesses.
*Be careful about rambling on too long here. Your answer should still be 1-2 minutes long. If you want to share three strengths and back each up with an example, you will want to practice in advance so that you can do it in a concise way.
*Be Honest, positive, Confident, Prepared while answering questions among with effective English communication.
*Throw away the "weaknesses" that are really just strengths in disguise.
*Interviewer is looking for a real discussion of things you can work on, a signpost of insight about yourself. Real weaknesses might include:
              -Being overly critical
              -Being suspicious (of authority, of peers)
              -Being too demanding
              -Being too talkative
              -Being too sensitive
*Show the interviewer how you strive to overcome your weakness.
*Try to be confident while still staying humble about your achievements and skills.
*Try to truthfully pick strengths that could be in line with the individual, business, or organization to which you are applying.
* Real strengths fall into three main categories:
   -Knowledge-Based Skills
   -Transferable Skills
   -Personal Traits
* Illustrate what your strengths look like in real life by providing examples.
*See beyond "strengths and weaknesses" as a mere interview technique.
*Avoid the mistake of frustrating the interviewer as you describe what a great athlete you are and list your latest sports achievements during your sales job interview.

Best sample answers:
Sample Ans 1). *I'm an adaptable person. I work for three different managers, they have very different management styles and expectations of me. I am able to adjust my approach to meet each of their needs.

Sample Ans 2). *I am good with customers. I enjoy the challenge of turning a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Just last week I had an experience when ......." and quote a recent example of how you successfully managed an unhappy client.

Sample Ans 3). *Dedicated towards work, innovative thinking, facing any situation with smile (positive attitude).

Sample Ans 4). *My strength is my knowledge and my knowledge provide me confidence. Positive thinker, mix up easily, communication skills. Good in human psychology, dedicated and efficient with a pleasing personality.

Sample Ans 5). *I am determined person and I am dedicated towards my tasks, once I decide something to do I put in all my affords to doing that.

Sample Ans 6). *My Strength is my confidence in me, eager to learn new thing, fulfilling the duties and responsibilities well as assigned to me. I am always open to feedback which helps me to improve always and enhance my skills. I have positive attitude & am self motivated.

Sample Ans 7). *Able to make atmosphere friendly with any kind of people in any kind of work, able to mold myself as per the work requirement.

Sample Ans 8). *I'm a self confident, Honest, Enthusiastic person and always look to accomplish things on time! sometimes I look for same mindset of people to treat me the same. yet love talking to different people and treat them with due respect.

Sample Ans 9). *I do not believe immoderately on people what they saying I believe when they show me actual things. And even I seen then also don't accept it I think all sides and check scientifically. If some work assign me I can't stop until finish it.

Sample Ans 10). *For my strengths I would say I have the ability to work under pressure and keeping deadlines even at short notices, ability to identify problems proactively and re actively and implement corrective measures, excellent verbal and written communication skills, intercultural competency and ability to deal with difficult personalities to mention a few.

Sample Ans 11). *My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. As far as weaknesses, I feel that my management skills could be stronger, and I am constantly working to improve them.


Sample Ans 1). *I'm impatient with people who don't work at the same pace as me but I'm learning to manage this. I make sure that they have the right resources for the job, I follow up to see that they are on track and I step in and help when needed.

Sample Ans 2). *At times I can get too involved in other people's problems, trying to help them.

Sample Ans 3). *I can be a bit aggressive in reaching my goals.

Sample Ans 4). *I can trust the people easily. If I am not interested about one thing I am not concentrate on that one.

Sample Ans 5). *My weakness is whenever I listen sadness about anyone I think too much about that and lost control on my own emotions.

Sample Ans 6). *I get disturbed if my work is not completed on time & I always listen to my heart but sometimes you have to take decisions with your mind.

Sample Ans 7). *Anger-but I have command on my anger. As am dedicated towards work-little bit irritated when things are not completed on time but once they are done back to normal state.

Sample Ans 8). *I need newspaper at early morning daily.

Sample Ans 9). *My weakness are being emotional to people and sometimes angry.

Sample Ans 10). *For my weakness I always have the sense of urgency to achieve the task assigned to me and not just achieving but meeting the deadline and if possible achieving the task before the deadline coupled with the fact that am not organized which I implemented a time management system which has helped and improved my organization skills.

Sample Ans 11). *I pride myself on being a 'big-picture' guy. I have to admit I sometimes miss small details, but I always make sure I have someone who is detail-oriented on my team.


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