Here we comes with Family\Personal support worker's interview questions with answers, which help you to get job. And I think this type of job mostly available in busy country like UK,USA, CANADA where parent have less time for their children due to business in job. So you can get job to take care their family. We are writing more questions after complete 100 questions we will share pdf free of cost, So if you want to get that pdf then comment and leave email id we will email you pdf after complete 100 q-a.
So lets first understand its definition.

What is a family support worker?
Family support workers help families who are experiencing difficulties and in need of emotional support. The purpose of the job is to help children who would otherwise be taken into care to stay with their family. As a family support worker your work would vary depending on the particular needs of the family
Important things to know before applying for job as family support worker.

1.As a family support worker ,first you may have experience of working in
       *Children's homes
       *Family refuge centers
       *Probation services
       *Family community centers
       *Mental health services
       *Youth projects
This will help you to learn skills required as a family support worker and qualifications in childcare, social work, social care, counseling, youth work and education could
all help you to find work in this field.Employers would normally look for a minimum of a level 3 qualification in one of these areas, although you may be taken on with level 2
qualifications if you have a lot of experience behind you. Examples of qualifications might include:
       *Level 3 Certificate in Work with Parents
       *Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care
       *Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (all pathways).
       *Higher-level qualifications might include a social work degree or an advanced diploma in counselling.

2.The qualities and skills the are necessary for family support worker are:
       *Caring skills
       *Time management and organizational skills
       *Good team working skills
       *Flexible approach
       *Good listening skills
      *Understanding behavior and patience
      *Commitment to supporting people in difficult circumstances
      *Ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with children and adults
      *Ability to build good relationships with families that may be unfriendly at first
      *Non-judgmental approach
      *Ability to stay calm under stress
      *Ability to help parents develop the skills they need to run their home
      *Good understanding of child development and the needs of children

Here are the top 20 interview questions and answers for family support worker job:

1)Why do you think you are perfect for this job?
Ans.First show your suitability by reflecting back how specific skills are worded on the job description, drawing on examples of when you have applied the relevant skills in
a practical context, rather than just saying you’ve studied them .Second prove that you want this job – even if your background doesn’t match and last hint how you could be
useful in future for the organization. It’s very  important to be able to use examples and avoid talking in generalities; generic responses should be avoided at all costs.Saying
for instance, “I’d be good at the job because I’m motivated, ambitious and have strong organizational skills” would be a poor response because it’s subjective rather than
objective and interviewer don’t actually learn anything from that statement.’ So use strong points as proof for your answer.

2)How would you encourage yourself to do well on the job?
Ans.This is your opportunity to tell your potential employer what keeps you focused.Possible answers include that you encourage yourself to do well on the job by focusing 
on the positive,surround yourself with like-minded people that enjoy their work,by personal pride & accomplishments and by concentrating on your potential career growth.You can
motivate yourself by motivating others and promoting a positive atmosphere in the office.

3)How would you evaluate your performance on the job?

Ans.This question requires you to understand the benefits of setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) objectives and developing action plans.
This is all about reflecting on and evaluating honestly your own performance, and discovering ways to improve it through skills development.This requires you to work with
others to identify your strengths and weaknesses.You effective answer may include :
      *You develop a personal development plan and update it regularly to include new aims or achievements.
      *Use feedback from clients, contacts or colleagues to identify any skills gaps.
      *Regularly describe and analyses any improvements that need to be made,
        either by you or through involving others.
      *Monitor your performance regularly to make sure that it is as effective as possible.

4)According to you what qualities will make you successful on this job?

Ans.The qualities which will make you successful on this job as i mentioned above are :
      *Caring skills.
      *Time management and organizational skills.
      *Ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with children and adults.
      *Ability to build good relationships with families that may be unfriendly at first.
      *Non-judgmental approach.
      *Ability to stay calm under stress.

5)Why should we select you for this job?
Ans.This is the common interview question that can take you down the wrong road unless you've done some thinking ahead of time.This question is purely about selling yourself
in the interview.Think of yourself as the product and tell them Why should the customer buy? Show that how effectively you can sell yourself to your interviewer.But do not
show your desperation for the job.Your answer should focus on what you can do for the company, not what they can do for you .As this is a question inviting you to promote
yourself, there's a fine line between being perceived as confident or arrogant; providing tangible evidence to back-up each of your points will prevent you from veering
dangerously towards the latter.
Sample answers:
      *Sir, since you are providing me with job which is the main source of my bread and butter I
        will strive hard for the growth of the company and it will be my honor to be a part of the company.
      *Being a fresher it would be my first job so the performance level which I'll impart here will decide
        the pathway of my future. Everybody want to build up their future so I will try my level best to fulfill
        your expectations from me.

6)Tell us about your experience you've had on this field?
Ans.Here you need to be quiet honest.If don't have any experience then you can simply say no to interviewer that you are a fresher and you don't any experience in this field till
yet.And if you have then its very good, share it with your interviewer effectively but in short that what you had learned there,how was your experience etc.

7)What do you think a family support worker does?
Ans.Family support workers assist families who are experiencing problems, visiting them regularly to offer practical help and emotional support. The aim is to allow children to
remain with their families rather than being taken into care. The family support and safeguarding service is made up of social workers and family therapists who offer a service
to children and families with complex need.The family support and safeguarding service has developed a range of services.These are :
      *Counseling for domestic violence
      *Help with children's behavior
      *Mediation around family issues
      *Household budgeting
      *Parenting skills workshops or support within homes helping carers to improve their children's
        development and address their educational needs

8)What do you know about family support services?
Ans.Family support services are community-based services that assist and support parents in their role as caregivers. Such services can take many different forms depending on
the strengths and needs of the family, but their overarching goal is to help parents enhance skills and resolve problems to promote optimal child development.Family support
programs may address the general population or target particular groups such as ethnic and cultural minorities; adolescent parents; kinship caregivers; or families facing
health, mental health, or substance abuse issues. They can be comprehensive or focus on a specific goal.Family support services may include:
      *Respite Services 
      *Professional Support Services
      *Child and Youth Care Worker
      *Parent Support Program
      *Behavioral Support Services

9)Do you have any stressful experience on this job and how you coped with it?
Ans.This question allows you to use one of your strongest examples and may help you relax.For the interviewer, it is also an indication of where your natural focus or
achievements may be people development, process, change etc.It might be helpful here to describe a stressful project you've worked on and the specific actions you took to
organize each step and see the project through.

10)Are you not overqualified for this job?
Ans.Keep in mind that you can customize the answer to fit your particular circumstances and the job you are applying for.Here you need to be quiet smart while answering but be
polite, this isn't a time for being antagonistic and comparing your qualifications with a whole raft of other people or positions. Just keep it simple and state that you're not
really sure why the interviewer believes this to be the case and ask for clarification.Or you may say that tt's a dream job or something you've always wanted to try and your
qualifications are neither here nor there or You can say that you hated being in management and want to return to more involved work .

11)What do you think are the responsibilities of the family support worker?
Ans. Family support worker work in settings such as foster care or adoption agencies, child protective services agencies or family services organizations. The exact duties of
family support workers usually vary based on the setting, but most focus on providing social services and assisting with the promotion of physical well-being and mental health.
Responsibilities of the family support worker include:
       *Assessments- (Family support workers are usually on the front lines when social services agencies
            are called in to evaluate allegations of serious family problems, such as drug
              abuse, mental illness or domestic violence.)
       *Client Education- (Family support workers educate their clients on a variety of relevant mental health
         and social service-related topics. For example, they might provide education on parenting, parent-child
         interaction, discipline, job skills, child development, abuse prevention or prenatal care.)
       *Referral- (Referral is another vital responsibility of family support workers. Because families in need or
         in crisis often don't know where to turn, it's important for family support workers to have a broad
         knowledge base of available resources and assistance programs to help their clients obtain the
         services they need.)
      *Consultation- (Family support workers are often a part of a larger support network consisting of other
         mental health, legal or social services professionals. These include clinical social workers, correctional
         officers, social services workers, substance abuse counselors, foster care workers and school

12)What are your strengths as family support worker?
Ans.Here match your answer with the qualities of family support worker.Provide persuasive answers to the question of the interviewer about strong points,You do not only state
your strong points to the interviewer but must also provide evidence for them .Simply give your strengths and then give an example of how you've shown it, for example how good
at time management and multi tasking you are, from having a young family.Make sure that your strengths must relate to the required skills like good organizational skills,
effective team working skills, flexible approach etc.

13)What have you done to improve your knowledge and skill for family support worker position in the last year?
Ans.The best way to handle this question is simply to always spend some time working on your skills in whatever way you can.There are various new skills and sources which can
help you to learn and acquire more knowledge on this field.If you put effort into improving yourself regularly then this question will not be a serious issue for you.Try to
include improvement activities that relate to the job. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement.Have some good ones handy to mention.

14)Tell us about your abilities to work under stress?
Ans.Say yes, without a second thought.Your answers may include:
       *I enjoy working under pressure as only them I am able to bring out my best.Ones just needs to break
         tasks,start achieving  them one by one with commitment and concentration.
        And the joy is more when you get success .
       *Yes, I actually enjoy working under pressure, though I believe that proper planning and good time
         management will greatly reduce any alarming deadlines.

15)Why did you leave your last job?
Ans.Never give negative response to this question and try not to mention that you are fired or something or if you are fresher then there is no problem to answer this question.
Your answer may include :
      *I had learned everything I could in that job so I decided to take a little time off and focus on my next
      *I don't have room to grow with my current employer and I'm ready to move on to a new challenge.
      *I am interested in a job with more responsibility, and I am very ready for a new challenge.

16)What do you think will be the most challenging part of the job?
Ans.The effective way to answer this question is to first analyze the job at hand and think about which components of the job will be most difficult for you, based on your past
experiences.You can start by breaking down the job into parts and thinking about the skills, knowledge and experiences you'll need for each responsibility.You should also
think about elements of the job that will require some learning or adjustment and then turn it into short answer and share it with your interviewer..

17)Why do you want to work in this field?
Ans.Show your interest here that why you want to do this job, what you love most in this job and what makes you strive for working in this field.This is a rather stupid
aggressive question, you would be best off tactfully redirecting your response by answering a slightly broader, and better, question. What your interviewer really should be
asking is why you are interested in a particular field, not a particular firm. Answering this question will get you where you need to go, but with more useful, honest content.

18)What would you do if someone you were working for got angry?
Ans.The interviewer will be looking for common answers I should think and for answer you may say that I would talk to them calmly,ask why they were angry, what had
someone/something made them angry, if yes then I would try to solve the problem effectively that made them angry.If they didn't calm down then i would  contact a more senior
member of staff for support and document it in the notes.

19)What are your salary expectation for this position?
Ans.This is another common situation is when you’re going through a job application, and again, you come across a question about desired salary.First thing, I would like to
point out that you should never negotiate a salary in an interview only after a job offer is made.Show your potential employer that you’ve got what they need and you’re a
great fit for the job- if you can do that, you can approach the salary question confidently.At whatever stage you’re being asked about your salary expectations, remain
broad without being unrealistic or unhelpful, until you and your new employer are ready to commit

20)Do have any questions for us?
Ans.It is important for you to ask questions -not just any questions, but those relating to the job, the company and the industry.You may ask questions like:
      *Who would supervise me?
      *When are you going to make a hiring decision?
      *What are the opportunities for advancement?
      *What kind of training is provided or available?
      *Why is the position vacant?

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