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If your favourite subject is Science then this is must for you to know about Google Science fair, Because this is also important from interview point of view, If you face any interview in future, and you told that science is your favourite subject then, this is the important to know about this event.
If you are from India, then best of luck.

The Google Science:
The Google Science Fair is a global online science and technology competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. Find out what you can win, and learn more about the people involved with the competition.

Interview questions
Winner from India?
Ans: Arsh Shah,
Arsh Shah Dilbagi, a 16-year-old boy who hails from Panipat and has made his way to being one of the top 15 Google Science Fair 2014 global finalists.
Arsh has developed a device named 'Talk' that allows people to communicate with the help of their breath, which is converted into speech by the device developed by him. Arsh is the only finalist from Asia this year.

Grand Prize:
The Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 in scholarship funding.
The $50,000 Google scholarship is intended to further the Grand Prize winner’s education. If a team wins the prize, the scholarship’s value will be divided equally among the teammates.
Offered by Google

The finalist prizes:
The 20 global finalists will receive a variety of exciting prizes.
Prizes for the finalists includes
A LEGO Education Goodie Bag
•A LEGO Education backpack, accompanied by one LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 core set, charger and single software license.
Offered by
+ “Scientific American” subscription
A free 12-month subscription to Scientific American magazine, in both print and digital
Offered by
Scientific American
+ National Geographic subscription
A free 12-month subscription.
Offered by
National Geographic
+ A Google Goodie Bag
Offered by Google

Arsh Shah (Indian)

And many more price...
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