Microsoft Spartan Keyboard Shortcuts Windows/Mac PDF

As you know Microsoft officially introduced its next-generation browser, code-named Project Spartan, at its coming-out party for Windows 10 in Redmond, Wash., on Wednesday. The software giant has struggled to escape its legacy as the chief embodiment of a bygone era of PCs, and Windows 10 marks its biggest step yet toward a simpler, more modern "one Windows" vision meant to tie together desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

I think you are looking for Spartan Browser keyboard shortcut for Windows and Mac?
Here we will provide all shortcut as soon as Spartan browser available in market. So please wait for some time and enjoy new browser.

Note: most of the shortcut key would be same as Internet explorer because Microsoft never change it, but you must need shortcut key for new feature of this browser. So must visit again, after Spartan release.

Here are some IE keyboard shortcuts key, I think these would be same in Spartan Browser

Open a new window                         CTRL+N

Close the current window                  CTRL+W

Save the current page                     CTRL+S

Print the current page or active frame    CTRL+P

Activate a selected link                  ENTER

Open the Search box                       CTRL+E

Open the Favorites box                    CTRL+I

Open the History box                      CTRL+H



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