As you know Microsoft launched his window 10 and along with this window they also launched, Google Chrome and Firefox competitor browser named with Microsoft Spartan Browser. Spartan browser comes up with great feature to bit Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Here are the key difference between three most popular browser, and you can decide with is best browser for Window, Mac, and Android, according to following features. There are 30 difference between them. So choose best browser and comment, which is best.

Microsoft Spartan Vs Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox
S.N Spartan



1 Website
2 Default search engine Bing Google Google
3 Tab Groups No No Yes
4 Tabbed browsing Yes Yes Yes
5 Operating Systems Windows, Windows Phone Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android,IOS Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, UNIX, Android
6 Initial release January 21, 2015 September 2, 2008 September 23, 2002; 10 years ago
7 Full screen mode Supported Supported Supported
8 Supports custom extensions Yes Yes
9 Latest stable release 30 27
10 Developed by Microsoft Corp. Google Mozilla
11 Developer Google Inc. Mozilla Foundation and the open source community
12 Freeware Yes Yes
13 Flash player Plugin is built-in; can be disabled Plugin available; not built-in
14 Written in C++ Python, C++ C/C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBL
15 License Proprietary Free under Google Chrome Terms of Service MPL
16 Related software Windows OS Chrome OS Firefox OS
17 CSS animated gradients in HTML Supported Supported Supported
18 Media codecs supported Vorbis, WebM, Theora, AAC, MP3, H.264 WebM, Ogg Theora Vorbis, Ogg Opus, MPEG H.264 (AAC or MP3), WAVE PCM
19 PDF viewer Yes Plugin is built-in; can be disabled PDF viewer natively supported (without plugin); more features than Google Chrome such as thumbnails, page numbers, page navigation
20 Print preview Yes Yes Yes
21 Auto update Yes Yes Yes
22 Omnibox Yes Yes
23 Voice-powered Yes No No
24 Built in Save Web page as PDF Feature Yes No No
25 Buit-in Reader Mode Yes Yes Yes
26 Famous among -- Web Designer --



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