One of the best know face of IT industry "Sheo Naryana" come with the great collection of MVC Interview Questions Answers, Here are the subset of Razor View engine interview questions. Itfunda.com is famous for "how to tips and tricks" related to IT.
  1. What is Razor and what is the benefit of Razor?
  2. How to declare a variable in the View using Razor syntax?
  3. How to comment in razor view?
  4. How to perform for loop in razor view?
  5. How to perform foreach loop in view?
  6. How to perform if conditional operation in view?
  7. How to perform switch case conditional operation in view?
  8. How to write variable data inside the URL?
  9. How to perform mathematical operation in the razor view?
  10. How to mark a particular content as text in the razor markup?
  11. How to create & call an inline custom helper method in Razor markup?
  12. How to create and call an external HTML helper method in Razor markup?
  13. How to import a namespace in razor view?
  14. How to call external method in the razor view?
  15. How to specify a model for the razor view?
  16. How to write ViewBag / ViewData value to the razor view?
  17. How to unbox ViewBag / ViewData data to its stored type object?
  18. How to create a new read only view?
  19. How to create a form based view?
  20. How to create a model based view?
Reference : http://www.itfunda.com/Howto



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