If you are preparing for ASP.NET interview, then Ajax knowledge is must, and for that you must aware what is the best uses of Ajax, How and where we use Ajax, So here are most frequently Ajax questions, so before attend interview must go through this set of questions, This set of questions represented by, If you want good answers and completely understand then you must to subscribe
Ajax most important interview questions practices by Narayan).
So here are Top Ajax "How to" Interview questions
  1. How to send asynchronous HTTP request to the server and get response? - .ajax(type, url, data, success) 
  2. How to send request to and get response from server using HTTP Get and HTTP Post - .post(), .get() 
  3. How to load JSON data from server? - .getJSON(Url, data, callBack) 
  4. How to load a page data from the server into a particular element - .load(url, callBack) 
  5. How to serialize the form element data that can be submitted to the server - .serialize()
  6. How to register a handler to be called when first ajax request begins? - .ajaxStart()
  7. How to perform certain operations when ajax request is about to send? -.ajaxSend()
  8. How to know if my ajax request is successful? - .ajaxSuccess() 
  9. How to know when my ajax request is complete? - .ajaxComplete() 
  10. How to know when all ajax request is completed and no other ajax activity is in process? - .ajaxStop() 
  11. How to know if an error occurred while performing ajax operation - .ajaxError()
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