TABLEAU RESUME FORMAT/SAMPLE/TEMPLATE : Here this time we come with best growing technology tableau resume samples/template which will be ...

Here this time we come with best growing technology tableau resume samples/template which will be helpful for you if you want to try you career as a Tableau Developer.
I feel that these days this technology growing very fast, so many .NET and Java developers learning this tech. and try there career with this tool and for that they modify/create their resume accordingly.
So here we are come with 7-8 resume sample with have Fresher to 4+ years exp. as a Tableau Desktop Developer/Dashboard.

Here we are giving full sample of first resume, to see other resume you can click on the link and download and edit accordingly.

Tableau Resume Sample/Template (Fresher and Experienced ) 1:

Email:                                                              Mobile: +91-8147935662                     

Professional Summary:

  • Having  4 Years of Experience as a Software Developer in the IT industry.
·         2.3  years of experience with the Tableau Desktop and Server
·         Experience in development of Reports and Dashboard in Tableau.
·         Hands on Experience in development of Reports and Dashboard in Tableau.
  • Having work experience on  Publishing and Retail  Domain.
·         Experience in creating aggregates, hierarchies, charts,filters, quick filters, table calculations, trend lines calculated measures.
·         Experience in Tableau report developing, testing and deploying reporting solutions using Tableau Server.
·         Experience in Creating Users, Groups and Projects on tableau server.
·         Created Customized and interactive dashboards using multiple data sources.
·         Good knowledge on Oracle Databases.
·         Having  2  years of  Experience  in Java/J2ee Technologies.
·         Possessing good work experience in Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Struts and Hibernate.
·         Good Implementation Knowledge in Design Patterns, Log4J and Junit, Ant and Hibernate Framework.
·         Having work experience on Software Methodologies like SDLC and Agile.
·         Outstanding   analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of learning new technologies quickly.
Skills Summary:-
  • Operating Systems:   Windows 7/XP.
  • Languages               :   SQL, Java/J2ee
  • Databases                :   Oracle
  • BI Tools                   :   Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Work Experience:
Ø     Worked as a Software Engineer with Venture SoftTech India Pvt Ltd, Banglore From Jan 2011 - Till Date.
Corporate Trainings:

ü  Trained in Tableau Reporting tool.
ü  Trained in publish the reports in the Tableau Server.


ü  Master of Computer Applications from O.U.

Projects Handled:
Project #1
         Project Name                :  Delivery Notes Application                   
         Client                             :  CenturyLink, U.S.A.
         Role                               :  Tableau Developer
         Environment                :  Tableau, Oracle
         Team size                      :   4
         Duration                        :    Feb 2014 – Till Date.     

                                 Delivery Notes Dashboard is a project, which keeps track of operationprocess from placing of order to shipping of the that order to the proposed address to analyze efficiency of the Delivery Plants responsible for  delivery of the product to the end customer . This is a real time solution , has functionality to integrate Events like Production lunch or one day event, provides  capability to understand and manage  demand-supply  on special occasions.
                                        This application is built to keep information up to the granularity of order and corresponding delivery and keeps track of different status of the order and corresponding deliveries up to the most granular level .This project provides one UI developed in java  and one more UI developed in Tableau and back-end of UI is in Oracle.

Text Box: Responsibilities:

·         Text Box: Responsibilities:

Text Box: Responsibilities:

Understand Requirement, Analyzing Systems and Source Databases.
·         Designed, developed and implemented Tableau Business Intelligence reports.
·         Create basic calculations including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations and ratios, date math, logic statements and quicktable calculations.
·         Representing data using the visualizations such using Charts.
  •  Development of back-end (Oracle) to fulfill the UI requirement.
·         Use Trend Lines, Reference Lines and statistical techniques to describe the data.
·         Use Measure name and Measure Value fields to create visualizations with multiple measures and dimensions.
·         Responsible for dashboard design,  look and feel and development.
·         Use parameters and input controls to give users control over certain values.
·         Combine data sources by joining multiple tables and using data blending.

Project #2:

            Project Name               :    Sales Service                     
Client                            :    Ingram Micro, USA
Role                             :    Tableau Developer
Environment               :    Tableau, Oracle
Team size                     :    6
Duration                      :    Jan 2013 –  Feb 2014
                              Ingram Micro Inc. is the world’s largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Ingram Micro creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support, financial services and product aggregation and distribution.

·         Understanding the functional and technical specification.
·         Deep experience with the design and development of Tableau visualization solutions.
·         Use Measure name and Measure Value fields to create visualizations with multiple measures and dimensions.
·         Develop, organize, manage and maintain graph, table, slide and document templates that will allow for efficient creation of reports.
·         Regular involving in calls with customer and discussing about status and new  requirements of the project.
·         Preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters in Tableau.
·         Used TrendLines,Parameters, Aggregate  Functions ,Filters.

Project #3

Project Name             :   ELT-451
Client                          :   Pearson, UK.
Role                            :   Junior Developer.
Team Size                   :   4
Duration                    :   Jan 2011 – Jan 2013.
Environment              :   Java/J2ee, Struts, Hibernate, Tomcat, XML and Oracle, Solar,     
                                         Eclipse, Junit, Interwoven, Maven.

                              Pearson is a Publishing Domain. In under Pearson, so many projects is there, like a e-text, Big, PT-Online, ELT, RMS etc. I worked for ELT.ELT means English Language Teaching. In ELT Project 2 main sites is there.
1. Team Site
2. Live site or N-Site
                        In Team Site 5 applications are integrated. They are 1.Class Room Bulk Upload 2.Customer Management 3.Discount Management 4.Site and Search Administration 5.Web Data Management. There interrelated for each other. This project is N-tire Architecture
                      If request comes from EPMFEEDS that request goes to the anlogDB .That anlogDB will validate the request. This anlogDB request will goes to the Core applications. The core application will give response. Whatever changes in Team Site core application that directly reflected in the LiveSite.Only end users will access this data through Live Site.

           Understanding the functional and technical specification.
           In this project fixing the production kind of Issues our Customer Satisfaction.
           Participating client calls and team meetings.
           Checking the all environments are working or not, if not working inform to OPTS team.
           Daily checking all Core Applications and LiveSite, if any problem, fixing the issues.
           Understanding the use cases provided by the business to produce the documents.

Click on the below images do download/see Tableau resume sample one by one (Total Resume 8)
Note: All above resume are regional which will be helpful for respective member to get best job, I collected these resume from Tableau HR, So if anyone want to remove their respective resume then comment below.


TABLEAU RESUME TEMPLATE 1602601156484050914

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