Applying for a job is now a very simplified process compared to what it was a decade ago. In the past, we used to get to know about the job vacancies from a classifieds section on the newspaper and we used to send hard copies of our resume and other certificates either by post or by personally visiting the place. But nowadays the things are very simplified as you can directly send your job application letter, resume and other certificates as a soft copy via the email service.

This process has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages are that you can apply at
many places and the work that you need to do is just send a mail, but on the other hand the disadvantages are that there are many like you standing in the queue to get a job and the email accounts of the HR is bombarded with applications. And no matter how better your resume is or how much experience you hold for that job, its never gonna work until your resume is read by the HR. Just imagine yourself as the HR, there are thousands of application and ready every application will require him two more people to do the job.

What does the HR do?
HR does some clever thing which is preferably the best solution. He only reads those resumes which have an eye catching Subject line.

But what is this eye catching subject line?
An eye catching subject line is the normal subject line that you mention while sending your application, but the only difference in it is that it is written in a smarter way.

Now what is the smarter way?
A smarter way is a technique where only the most important information of the application is shared on the directly in a short sentence.

Here we have 10 best subject lines that are suggested by some professionally expert interview guiders:

1. Job  Application: 'Your Name', 'Position of Application'.
eg. Job  Application: Ravi Sharma, Software Engineer.

This is the easiest and effective way where you straight away highlight yourself.

2. Job Candidate: 'Your Name', 'A positive attribute about your self'.
eg. Job Candidate: Ankit Verma, Award winning editor at Hindustan Times.

This highlights the most highlighted line of your resume. This will impress the director to have a look at your resume.

3. Application for 'Job Position' – 'Your name'.
eg. Application for Software Engineer - Ravi Sharma.

This will highlight your job position and will be easier for the HR to sort your profile.

4. Referred by 'Name of the referrer' – 'Your name'.
eg. Referred by J. D. Birla - Ankit Verma.

In this case you will be directly highlighted by the name of the referrer who will be a person that the HR may be knowing, so it will straightaway attract the HR's eyes on your email.

5. Your 'post name', 'your past experience.'
eg. Assistant Director, experience of 10 years.

This helps the HR to straightaway sort out some good resumes who have a good experience from their past job.

6. 'Your Name' Following Up on 'Your job position' Position
eg. Ankit Verma Following Up on Senior Editor's Position.

An attractive subject line to straightaway introduce yourself with the post of application.

7. Recommended by 'Name of the person who recommends your work, his position' for the position of 'Job post you are applying for'
eg. Recommended by Mr. J. D. Birla, CEO Sunshine Technologies for the post of Software Engineer.

This is obvious that your employer and the recommender both will be on LinkedIn. A recommendation by some senior employee of a company is something that the HRs don't miss. He can get to know more about you by contacting that person via LinkedIn or any other social platform.

8. 'Job post' - 'Your name' , 'Your degree'.
eg. Senior Manager - Atul Raheja, MBA.

A nice and formal summary of your Resume.

9. 'Job post', 'posting number', 'Degree/Experience'
eg. Marketing Manager posting, NO. MMO1176, MBA/10yrs exp

Incase if you are contacting after referring from a posting number of a job advertisement, then you can add the posting number. This helps the HR to relate you directly.

10. Job Posting No. 'posting number' , 'your name' is interested
eg. Job Posting NO. 1A234, Ankit Verma is interested

You are straight away linking to the posting number and the HR can directly get to you in case if there is a vacancy left for that post.

More Tips for making subject line your:
A subject line typically has up-to 60 characters in it, make sure you use that space in such a way that can advertise your resumes up to the best. You can also write subject lines by your own, just make sure you follow the given tips:

Keep the things only up to they are required:
Be short and specific and try to avoid using words such as 'Heyy','Hello',etc. Only write what is required.

Put the keywords initially:
The HR is going to view this email either on his laptop or on his mobile, make sure that the Keywords are written in such a way that they can easily catch the reader's eyes.

Use the characters properly:
Make sure that you don't use all CAPITAL letter nor you use all small case letters. Also use special characters to make it look more justify, but do not fill the entire line with special characters.

That's all from us, we wish you the very best for your interviews. 


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