Hey, here this time we came with one of the most trending freelancing job interview questions, which is know as "blog content writing", these days content writing job becoming famous in freelancing world or in social media. If you are good in English and you can think out of box then you can earn by sheeting at home. Even we are proving job for content writer about Interview questions. If you are expert in any area and can write interview questions then you can contact us.
Lets come on topic now, here we come with top 20 blog content writer interview questions with answers. So if you are going to attend any interview then prepare your self for the following questions.

Q 1: Please describe about yourself in 200 words?
Ans: This question generally checks how better are you in describing a content within a word limit. It also tests your abilities of creative thinking and creative writing.

Q 2: How good are you in social networking?
Ans: Social networking is very important if you are any kind of a writer, when you have a good network then it also helps the website owner to get some quality readers to his site.

Q 3: What kinds of books do you read?
Ans: Sometimes reading also reflects to a person's writing capability. A good reader is always an innovative writer. And the better a content writer writes, more readers the website attracts.

Q 4: What is your experience in this field?
Ans: Having an experience in content writing is good, but there is no problem if you are a fresher because writing skills cannot be judged straight away by someone's experience, a fresher can even turn out to a best seller if he writes some quality stuff.

Q 5: Have you written for some other websites before?
Ans: If yes, then share a few of your articles. This will create a good impression of yours in front of your recruiter.

Q 6: Have you reviewed any product or place before?
Ans: When a person reviews something, it gives the clarification that the person has a great knowledge in that field. This will also help your employer to assign you some topics of your interest.

Q 7: What are you education details?
Ans: Share your true education details, don't try to act over qualified, the employer will know about your knowledge level within a few days after recruiting you so please be honest.

Q 8: Do you have the skills of using Photoshop?
Ans: Photoshop skills don't master much in this profession but in-case if you are a Photoshop expert then you can create images by yourself and this will help you to express your ideas in a better way.

Q 9: What technical knowledge do you have?
Ans: Generally you don't need any special technical skills such as coding, etc. But on the other hand you should also know simple technical stuffs like using MS Office, Facebook, Twitter and Email Services.

Q 10: Have you taken surveys or interviews in your past?
Ans: Its a basic question about you experience, answer it honestly.

Q 11: Do you have the capability of writings stories and poems?
Ans: Such questions are only asked by people who are looking for a content writer who is good at his literature skills. Say yes if you are capable, else simply say know and share the fields where you are good at.

Q 12: How much articles can you write in a day?
Ans: Generally people can write around 3-4 quality articles in a day. In some extreme cases people can also write up-to 6-7 articles. Simply say the truth so that it will be easy for the recruiter to assign you work.

Q 13: Are you a blogger?
Ans: A blogger is a person who writes about various topics on his personal interest, travel, food or some technical stuffs. If you are a blogger than the recruiter can easily have a look on your blog and this interview will turn into a conversation.

Q 14: What are your interest in writing?
Ans: Share the topics that you are comfortable to write with. Make sure that you know the types of content that the website shares on it.

Q 15: Share a few of your best blogs/articles?
Ans: Share a few best articles of yours which are originally written by you. Make sure that the articles are also related to the topics for which the recruiter is hiring you.

Q 16: Have you tried Blogging?
Ans: If you are a blogger then tell you blogging experience, Interviewer can ask the blogging platform that which blogging platform you using, Google's and WordPress is best blogging platform in the market currently, you can tell about them, and in blogging type these days video blogging trending these days, this has a good scope in future as it also attracts those people who prefer watching visual content over reading.

Q 17: How do you judge the success of your article?
Ans: People do measure the success of blogs by the number of hits or social network shares it has got. I do agree with those, but apart from that I personally feel that even if only one reader comments "This article helped me a lot", this is a great success compared to the hits or shares you have got.

Q 18: Which professional organizations do you belong to?
Ans: You can share your previous job experience if you have any.

Q 19: Do you know about plagiarism?
Ans: Plagiarism is an offense in the profession of content writing. This relates to copying someone else's data and putting it as yours. Plagiarism is never appreciated in this profession.

Q 20: Do you have any questions regarding your work?
Ans: Your recruiter will appreciated if you ask some questions regarding the work you will be assigned. Feel free to ask questions and clear all your doubts before joining and starting to work.


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