50 Best Resume Objective Statements Sample/Example for Fresher or Experienced

Your resume is your self-marketing tool and it is very important for you to make sure that you have a perfect resume before applying for any job either you as a fresher engineer or experienced. An HR receives thousands of resumes per day and for him it becomes very difficult to have a look at every line of every resume. All he does is that he looks at the objectives of a particular candidate in his resume. From my past experience and interaction from various employers, the key tool that is used for shortlisting candidates is on the basis of their Achievements, Profession Goals and Objectives.

Achievements of a person are the positive attributes about himself that he holds in the form of an awarding document for himself. Generally achievements for a fresher are only his educational degrees and some awards that he would have won in him school and college life. But for a person who already has an experience in some particular field, his completed projects and the promotions in his last job are counted as his achievements.

A person’s Profession Goals defines how high he wants to take his career in this profession. A person with higher goals is generally found to be hard working and more eligible for a job compared to others with some small and common goals.
There is no shortage of job seekers and for a particular job there will be at least 3 resumes out of 5 with almost same achievements and goals. Then what is the key factor that can help you to stand out of those resumes?

 The key factor that will help your resume stand out from those thousands of resumes present on the HR’s table is the way you write your objectives. Your objective statement will be something different compared to others on a resume and a hiring manager generally searches for some really convincing objectives on a resume. An effective objective can help you get some special attention from the employer.

Here are a few tips that you should consider before writing objective statements on your resume:
It should be short and simple.
       Try to write whatever you want to say in simple and small sentence. A hiring manager has lots of        work to do and he has no extra time to read your long paragraphs. Try to highlight the keywords          in case if your objective is a little longer.

Stick to your point specifically.
        Be specific when you write your resume. Don’t write points which are not relevant to you.

Write about what you have for them.
        Don’t write things which have no relations with your job. For eg. Don’t write you are a good               singer if you are applying for a software engineer’s job. Singing makes no sense with Software           engineering.

Avoid writing stories.
        Many resumes straightaway get rejected when people write stories to explain about things they           are good at. Avoid repeating this mistake.

Here we have listed a few examples of the Best Objective statements which were selected straightaway from the Best resumes and have been put here without even editing a single word. The objective statements basically cover almost every kind of profession and we hope it helps you to write a perfect resume.


1. I look forward for an opportunity that offers me a greater challenge, provides some increased benefits for my family and also provide me with a chance to prove my abilities.

2. A permanent position in your company or a long term consulting project.

3. An environment where my academic skills and quality experience adds value to the organization.

4. Secure a responsible position as a Sales Manager and use my resourceful experience for the company’s growth and success.

5. Seeking a commanding position in the Marketing team.

6. To work in an environment where I can utilize my skills and education at its best.

7. Looking for an opportunity where my experience can put a positive impact on company’s growth statistics.

8. To further my education skills and knowledge in the field of Information and Technology.

9. To secure a responsible position which can make a significant contribution to my employer’s success and company’s growth.

10. To leverage my resourceful experience for some challenging projects of the company.

11. Software Engineer in a successful and established I.T. company.

12. To use my leadership skills as a successful project head.

13. A position to pursue as an Account Manager which can provide me with an opportunity to use my experience in managing accounts.

14. A position of a Software Engineer which can help me execute plans from my experience to implement them for the company’s growth.

15. An opportunity to utilize my superior knowledge and skills for increasing company’s profit.

16. A senior position which gives me a direct opportunity in playing a big role for the company’s growth.

17. A position that helps me build upon my current skills to work as responsible employee for the company.

18.  Position as a financial analyst to help the company in producing higher outputs from small inputs.

19. I wish to work as a Marketing Director and prove out to be the company’s investment for its future profits.

20. Looking forward to work with a company that provides me an opportunity to meet and exceed assigned goals.

21. Wish to be hired for some environment that uses my knowledge and experience as a Management Process Improvement consultant.

22. Want to get associated with a company which can utilize my skills and give me a chance to prove to be an asset for company’s growth.

23. To contribute my project and operations management skills in handling some dream projects of the company.

24. To seek a fulfilling position in the Manufacturing industry that offers me with great opportunities.

25. To acquire a challenging opportunity which can help me prove my skills as a Sales Manager in an established business.

26. Use my experience to analyze and improve marketing, sales and operational performances.

27. To play a dynamic role in company’s growth and development.

28. Work as a Director who can establish virtues of teamwork in his employees.

29. Obtain a position as an analyst in an established I.T. security industry.

30. Looking to work with some highly professional seniors to improve my knowledge skills.

31. To work as an analyst who can optimize company’s resources for maximum profits.

32. Looking forward for an opportunity that can assign me to work as a team.

33. Wish to focus on marketing challenges for a company which can provide me with opportunities to put my resourceful knowledge in maximizing company’s outcomes.

34. Seeking a job as a Software Engineer to prove as a technical asset for the company.

35. Take responsibilities as a leader and utilize my skills to meet and exceed company goals.

36. An enthusiastic skilled person looking for a challenging position that can use his skills as an asset for the company’s goals.

37. To secure a position as a public relations professional who can use his interacting skills to get more clients for the company.

38. Provide some superior contribution to the company by working as a Marketing Head who can exceed the company goals.

39. To put my knowledge skills and experience in promoting my abilities as a Legal Advisor who can take the company to higher limits.

40. Seek an employment as a Transportation head who can bring the company’s growth on a faster track.

41. A strong desire to transform my company into a well-established environment.

42. Exploring career opportunities to utilize my public interfacing skills as a Chief Public Relations Manager for the company.

43. Looking for a long term employment in a well-established environment.

44. Looking forward to work as a part of the sales team for a company that can provide me opportunities to work hard and exceed the company’s goals.

45. Seeking a position as an Analyst who scale company’s progress to higher levels.

46. To propose my working skills as an ophthalmic assistant who can work with a great influence.

47. Looking forward for a position that offers key participation in team oriented tasks.

48. Seeking a position as an Accounts manager which can utilize my accounts management and technical skills efficiently.

49. Looking forward to diversify my skills for working in an environment that can provide me some opportunities to relocate.

50. Looking forward for an environment that can use my administrative and supervision skills in providing me with some challenges that can really benefit the company with growth and success.

Best of luck for your job....


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I made changes in my resume according to this. And my resume got selected. Now hoping for the best in the interview rounds.

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  3. All these statements are really good to use. I had a chance to try them on my own and should say they worked for me. I also figured out that perfect resume is just half way to being accepted another half depends on your confidence. So I found some tips on how to make your confident interview real brining results.

  4. The article shares a great thought on the topic. It should definitely get serious attention and the proposal is very valid. Thanks for sharing!

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