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Glassdoor: Hungry Jack's Crew Member Interview Questions with Answers(pdf) 2014-15 for Fresher and Experienced 

Here we are come with the interview questions asked in Hungry Jack's interview, with the help of
These are real time interview questions which are faced by many Crew Member which face welkin in Hungry Jack's for the position of "Crew Member".

Q) Tell me about yourself.
Ans: Simply tell about yourself

Q) Why Hungry Jack's ?
Ans: They have a good training process that helps its crew members work together as a team.

Q) If required are you willing to work till late night ?
Ans: Yes, Sir. I would like to contribute as much as I can.

Q) What would you do if the customer gets angry and throws a fit or throws a scene ?
Ans: I would keep calm and immediately apologize

Q) What does respect mean to you?
Ans: Respect means different things to different people so answer with what you think it means to you. There is no right or wrong answer

Q) When was a time you had to help an angry customer - difficult for me as this was my first job and I think would be most people's.
Ans: I said I had never been in that position but if I would have I'd have done this, this and this.

Q) How will this job benefit your career in the future? Why do you want to work here?
Ans: It would give me the chance to meet new people and learn how to work on a team.

Q) What would you like to earn by working here? 
Ans: Experience

Q) What kind of service is better? Fast or friendly? 
Ans: I said friendly because if there was a delay on the food but you were friendly they would be willing to wait where as if the service was fast with no interaction with the customers then it wouldn't give the restaurant a good loom. The manager understood what I meant and he said its better to have a bit of both. He said whilst working in Hungry Jack's you'll learn how to balance this but some people are still get to learn.

Q) How would you handle unruly customers?
Ans: I would first try to handle the situation the best i could without him becoming upset. should this occur I would find the nearest manager and allow them and there trained expertise handle the situation.

Q) What I would do to bring more customers to the company.
Ans: What they would like to hear relates to every worker potential. How can you, as a part time after school team member help bring more customers to the company? By smiling warmly, listening attentively to them, getting a solution if they have an issue, ensuring they get their food hot, fresh and fast, ensuring they have a clean restaurant - and safe restaurant - to dine and relax in. Your attitude, speed and positivity is what will cause each customer to return again and again. The more money coming into the store, the better your future raises and promotions. The base job title for every single employee in every single job in the world is 'team' member. You all work as a team to give the best customer experience you can. This increases profits for all.

Q) Why did you leave your previous job ? 
Ans: Relocated

Q) How would you greet a customer ?
Ans: "How may I help you?"
It seems to me that such a question would be covered in your training, but I've been wrong before. Plus if you can't answer that question correctly without any formal training, this job might not be for you.

Q) Are you sure you want to work here, with all this   experience in desk jobs? This is not, sometimes dirty work, standing for the full shift. 
Ans: I get the "over-qualified" label a lot. I prefer to think of myself as "highly motivated." I've been unemployed for a while, now, and need to get something to bring in some money. Besides, I had children. Sweat and dirt don't scare me anymore.

Q) Convince me to hire you.
Ans: I learn quickly. I'm a great listener and I can get things done right.

Q) Would you clean the bathroom if I tell you to ?
Ans: "Yes, sure"
After then, every time the bathroom is dirty, it's on me. I said yes only because it was my first job interview and didn't know how to say no.

Q) What traits do you possess that would be useful for this   position ? 
Ans: Patience, Quick-thinking, and Understanding

Q) What is the one thing that draws you the most to Hungry Jack's? 
Ans: The dynamic of the working environment.

Q) What would you do if there was an upset long line of   customers and how would you help and provide faster service efficiently ?
Ans: I would address everyone in the line and assure them that I am trying to provide the best service possible and I will call someone to assist the customers with me

Q) What can you do to improve our store ? (Or some variation of   this question)
Ans: I'll make sure to follow procedures to save time and product as well as learn the various positions of the store's operation to ensure that I become an asset to your restaurant.

Q) What would you do if you saw one of your coworkers out in   the lobby socializing with their friends ? 
Ans: Tell them that they need to get back to work, and that there is an appropriate time for said interactions.

Q) Who is my crush ? 
Ans: Hoping that i will be succeeded.

Q) How would you avoid overcharging or forgetting an order   ? Sometimes the customer is trying to trick you and sometimes it was an honest mistake...what do you think is the right approach ?
Ans: The right approach is to treat every situation as if it were an honest mistake. Ultimately the customer is always right and going the extra mile to refund them their money or replace their food will go a long way. Double checking your work quickly as you go, checking receipts, and repeating back orders to a customer are all ways that mistakes can be minimized.

Q) How would you react to a customer using harsh language to   both yourself and the manager ?
Ans: I would remain calm and continue to let the manager handle the situation until the manager would tell me to interfere in the situation.

Q) How much customer traffic do you expect during the night   shift, relative to the day shift ?
Ans: Below average.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? 
Ans: Like I said before, be honest. If you see yourself long gone from Hungry Jack's in 5 years, be sure to let them know that you have bigger plans in your life. Be sure not to blab on, and keep answers short and sweet.

Q) If confronted about an illegal action being done at the   work place, what would you do ? 
Ans: That wouldn't happen! and If i was confronted about an illegal action being done at the workplace by fellow co-workers i would tell the truth. And if it was me doing something wrong, i would accept the criticism and try to do it better the next time round.

Q) Are you all right to receive orders from people younger   than you ?
Ans: yes, experience matters, not ages.

Q) What are the worst qualities in you that can affect working   over here ? 
Ans: Don't start explaining your actual bad habits like you're lazy and you don't like to work. Start by something like you need a drink after every half hour.

Q) Would you tell a manager if your best friend stole something worth 4 dollars ?
Ans: For me it depends..

Q) What would you do if you caught someone stealing ?
Ans: I said I would tell someone in a higher position, such as a manager, instead of trying to interfere and deal with it myself.

Q) Working alone or with a team ?
Ans: I would like to work in an environment where there is a blend of both. Its great working in teams while sharing and learning ideas with each other, but it’s also great to sit at my own desk and work hard productively. Therefore I would like to work independently towards a team goal.

Q) How would you handle an angry customer ?
Ans: In order to keep your customers calm, you have to be calm. There is no way you'll be able to calm customers if you're yelling at them. Keep your clam, and just remember that they are going through a temporary tantrum.

Q) Give an example of how you would deal with a customer   complaining about their food taking to long ? 
Ans: Apologize- Remember that customer who was so upset over the long waiting line? Offer an apology. “I understand that you are not happy about the wait, sir, but we are working as fast as we can to get you a table. We really appreciate your patience and willingness to wait. Perhaps you would like to have a drink at the bar until your table is ready.” You demonstrate that you completely understand their frustration and are working diligently on a solution.

Q) How would I deal with a rude customer ?
Ans: Listen and be as polite as possible and figure out the best way to help them

Q) Why Hungry Jack's, when there are other fast food restaurants ?
Ans: I said I picked Hungry Jack's because it's one of the most loved and well known fast food restaurants, that people trust and know more, and I wanted to work for Hungry Jack's then any other.

Q) When are you available ?
Ans: Just say them "ANYTIME"


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