How to take a good photo : Photographer interview questions answers

The photography is the most widespread among people of all ages hobby, but difficult to master. To make good photographs, not only it depends on having a good team, or intuition. This is a profession also, and if you want to make your career in this then you must face interview, and in interview you will face question, so here we are come with most frequently asked question which is asked in every photographer interview:

What are some tips/technique you use to take good photo? 
Explain how you will take good photo?
Ans: 1. Be patient
One of the trends that has generated digital photography is willing to take photos constantly, but thus only lead a wealth of photos of poor quality. It is important to wait for the perfect catch and take your time to analyze the mistakes you make.

2. Be Flexible
You not always have perfect conditions for photographing, as in the case where the colors of the sunset and the lights change quickly. You need to be flexible and adapt the settings of the camera to light changes . Whenever you take photos sure to not always take the same approach, but vary slightly even if the position or the camera settings.

3. Know and handles the camera settings
This is essential for great results in no time. Controlling the aperture, the shutter time ... is more than theory, you need to know your camera and above all practice. The main adjustments you need to know are the focus, depth of field and exposure .

4. Learn how to choose the right lens
Not all targets serve to all situations where you can meet with a camera, so it is essential to know to choose them. In low light scenarios are best fixed lenses, photography in space is better to use a wide angle and to capture distant objects is better telephoto.

5. Remember always carry spare batteries and cards
A rule of thumb, since running out of space or without battery card in a session is unforgivable . It is important that before going to think about what to bring, and consider making a backup of the hard drive in case.

6. Use a tripod
This element is key to low light photography. The tripod improves stability of the camera sharpens images and focus on long exposure times. The trigger distance is a good idea to prevent camera shake when you press the button .

7. Power your creativity
The "photographer's eye" is key: try different angles and perspectives when you have a camera with adjustable shade is ideal . Fear not shoot in areas of intense light because you can get great results, and finally previously inspected the place to get different or creative perspectives.

8. Seek simplicity in your composition
Sometimes you want to be as faithful to the reality that you include too many objects and generate the opposite effect. Try to be simple, that's always a hit. The landscapes should be simple and respect the skyline and if you accompany it with an object in the foreground, the better.

9. Approach the subject
Photo-blog When people approach them. Not only is a good picture but you can also absorb the reality of the place and create stunning photography situations. So maybe you'll capture your personality and will tell a unique story.
10. Never give up
Taking pictures is very difficult because you must consider many variables, but not impossible . If you persist and learn from your mistakes you will improve a lot. Reviews the results and discover the problems in the composition and stories. You never know where you can take your hobby.



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