Top 10 Personnel Commissioner/Security Interview Questions and Answers

 Personnel Commissioner Interview Questions and Answers

1). Make the time with three minutes to introduce myself.
Reference answer: They focus on the ability to self-introduction, language organizational skills, hoping to introduce myself candidates found the bright spot, it is desirable point. Or from the mouth of the candidates can learn about family situation, in particular the work experience, whether industry personnel administration commissioner phase matches. Often interview people in personnel administration commissioner of self-introduction always people looking forward to.

2). Why did you want to leave the home (for now) of the company?
Reference answer: mainly on the candidates Reason for leaving: the best factory relocation, business combination or company closures, wage and low personal objective factors can not be changed and leave. In the case of a boss because the departure of lead, no real power conversion environment, working too hard, too hard, the welfare system is not good and so is undesirable.

3). Human resources six modules, which modules are you good at? If the person answering performance , recruitment , training and other modules require further questioning, their mastery, is how to do this.
Reference answer: 1, the training module, which is mainly on the familiar to what extent, with or without personally prepared course-ware, explain; 2, the recruitment module, the recovery job interview process; 3, the performance of the module, which carried out the questioning Performance mode, how to carry out.

4). Your company business staff remuneration Performance mode is how structured? Can really motivate people into the business? A truly effective compensation incentive model primarily consider what areas?
Reference answer: the interviewer with our current business performance model for comparison, in order to examine candidates for salary performance mastery and proficiency. The pay incentive model main considerations: special point to take into account the company's profits, the staff expects to achieve universal salary

5). The entry of two months, if the company still can not believe you are qualified for this job, you do?
Reference answer: To investigate the ability of candidates to face setbacks, the ideal answer is: the company believes can not do this job, and certainly did not do well in some respects the individual, or their own efforts is not enough. This time, we have to analyze yourself, listen to the boss's proposal to further adjust their working conditions, will work in a more perfect. If you still can not be reached, the company arranged obey. We must not say that I worked for the company's existing problems in this area to answer.

6). If your boss is a very hard man, often give you tremendous pressure. Do you think this kind of leadership you what the pros and cons? 
Answer Reference answer: to examine the candidate's ability to withstand pressure; language skills. The overall response should be more good than harm, such as to make himself strict demands on themselves, under high pressure can be obtained as soon as possible and upgrade progress, will try to understand the boss is facing pressure of work and do not blame the boss and so on. If the answer is more harm than good, then it can not work under pressure, basically disregarded.

7). Why did you choose to apply for my company?
Reference answer: mainly on the candidates choose to apply our company's motivation, resilience, the best answer to our hope to make it play to our strengths and continue to grow, as well as the company's main places of interest, rather than just holding Try the indifferent attitude. From the candidates to the company's understanding, cognition, we can see the importance and seriousness of the candidates for this position of the company, which is one of the working attitude and experience. Which can speculate whether it is suitable for this position.

8). If the boss arranged a job requires you to be executed immediately, and you do not understand this work, how would you deal with?
Reference answer: This is a typical examination questions and answers execution. Ideal answer should be the first implementation of the requirements of the boss, but to be considered at the time of execution will not cause damage to the interests of the company. Case of damage to the company's interests, the need to further clarify or against execution.

9). In which the company had worked, how much your monthly salary?
Reference answer Examine the candidate's sales skills, professionalism and a single capacity; desire success, as well as the candidate's salary structure, expectations, and their experience is really in line with revenues. It can also be learned if there is to exaggerate their income factors.

10). What is the plan within five years?
Reference answer: personnel officer position and development channel decided, it is impossible to buy a car within five years. Therefore, if the answer is clearly inappropriate to buy a house and a car. Should choose to have a breakthrough in the posts, there is a strong desire for promotion, pay raises and other factors.



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