TOP 18 Neo4J Interview Questions with Answers for Fresher and Experienced

Here are the most tranding database technology Interview questions answers, Which is known as Neo4j/ Graphics database. Here are top 20 interview questions. You can get PDF as well.

1). Explain what is Neo4j?
Ans: Neo4j is an open source NOSQL graph database, implemented in Java. It saves data structured in graphs rather than in tables.

2). Name the query language used by Neo4j? 
Ans: The Cypher language

3). Which query language is based Cypher. Give clauses 3 and expand their use? 
Ans: Cypher language is based on the SQL. MATCH can build the query on the graph, WHERE adds stress to the request, RETURN to define the values to be returned.

4). What values may contain the node of a graph database? 
Ans: Key-value pairs

5). How useful to label the nodes of a graph DB? 
Ans: This helps clarify the role (general or specific) of a node as well as add metadata such an index or constraints

6). Is the language Cypher a declarative language or a procedural language? 
Ans: A declarative language.

7). How can we access the Neo4j interface? 
Ans: Directly accessing Neo4j once installed.

8). What is the use of CREATE UNIQUE?
Ans: This fixes graph structures by only creating UNIQUE structures if they do not yet exist.

9). In what language was developed Neo4j? 
Ans: Java, indeed

10). Neo4j used to represent the data as objects connected together by acting the cases of the most common uses of Neo4j? 
Ans: Modeling maps.
Management of access rights.
Recommendation products.
Microbiological modeling and molecular interactions.

11). Who MySQL or Neo4j is the fastest to treat the graphs? 
Ans: The fastest is Neo4j

12). Is it possible to create/delete different databases in the graph database Neo4j like in MySQL? 
Ans: You can just remove the entire graph directory with rm -rf, because Neo4j is not storing anything outside that:
rm -rf data/*

13). Is Neo4j the best solution in terms of performance compared to other NoSQL solutions? 
Ans: Not on all criteria. Neo4j is quite heavy use because of its complexity.

14). Is it easy to fragment a Neo4j graph?
Ans: Neo4j graph is difficult to fragment across multiple servers Neo4j a graph of the data is made directly from related

15). Are aggregates oriented? 
Ans: No aggregates are not oriented, unlike the key-value data that is accessible from the index

16). What architecture allows the use of Neo4j on a remote server? 
Ans: It is necessary to use the REST architecture.

17). How is the information stored on the graph in a Neo4j base? 
Ans: The data nodes, relationships and properties are stored in different files.

18). Draw a graph on a whiteboard and write a Cypher query that answers simple stuff like: 
What nodes connect to node A?
What's the out degree of node B?
Are there any nodes that connect to node A and have property "X"?
Are there any nodes that connect to node A and node B?
Ans: Try yourself



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