HR Interview Tips and Questions/Answers for Fresher and Experienced

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In this article this is not matter that you have 2 years, 3 years or more than 5 years experienced guy in your profession. This is HR Interview tips ticks set with ppt/pdf/doc which will help by providing tips that how to clear your interview in first attempt or you can know your weakness by reading this article.
So lets start

How to face an interview?
Whenever you get a call for interview it seems like a lot of burden on your head. You will keep on thinking what kind of questions will be asked from you. Now day’s everyone wants to be self dependent and when the question is about career all are very specific and wants to prove that he or she is best. But to prove your ability you need to clear the interview. But there is no need to worry especially fresher who are going to face their initial interview and going to start their career; we are hereby providing you the simple techniques or we can say tips to face the interview and how to make your recognition in the eyes of interviewer. You need to be little careful and should take care of all the things mentioned below:

Company Profile
You must be aware of the company background where you are selected for interview. You should read thoroughly about the company, dealings of the organization, market reputation, turnover etc and every information which is available on internet or through business magazines. It will help you to get comfortable at the time of interview. Visit company website to know more details & try to follow social sites to gather more information like Facebook, Linked In etc.

Communication Skills 
Strong communication skills can impress your interviewer in one go. Your proper use of words can be a magical touch. Everybody wants to listen to you when you are able to explain the things in a captivating way. You need to be aggressive & polite at the same time. Your answers should be confident & your language must be deliberate. You must know how to tackle the things & twist the answers accordingly so that your interviewer cannot counter you. But this is only possible when you are having good command on your language. You can improve your skills by reading novels, articles, editorial sections of newspaper, business magazines or blogs etc.

First Impression 
Be careful of what you are wearing. Your whole attire need to be very neat, tidy and purely formal. Your first impression will be your last impression. Half of the work is done if your mentor is impressed by your personality. When you will look good you will gain much more confidence. You must be aware that the person sitting there is watching you entirely and he wants to pin point each & every aspect of your personality which includes your walking style, your gestures, your sitting posture, your movement of hands etc. You must have noticed perspiration on some people’s face which shows their state of nervousness or anxiety. So try to be calm and relaxed. Your appearance, smiling face, confidence in your voice & positive attitude shows that you are a strong contender and having full spirit to work. Make sure you will reach on time as late comers are always losers.

Attractive Resume
Resume is the summary of your achievements, your past experiences and your personal & academic information. You are represented by your Resume. You should be very careful while drafting it. Don’t overburden it by adding more and more content. Be specific and only include what you can explain. Font should be between 10 – 12 but your name can be slightly larger. Use basic format and font. Draft such a resume which is easily readable though impressive. Don’t use tough vocabulary and jargon as it leads to complications. Use simple language so that it is easy to go through by your hiring managers and other management. Nobody have so much time to waste in reading complicated Resume.

What to bring to an interview?
You should carry your portfolio with extra copies of your Resume, identities, notepad, pen & list of references if you have. You should not bring candy, gum, coffee or tea, mobile phone should be on silent mode, don’t wear too much accessories & cover your tattoos if you have.

Interview Etiquette:
You must walk in the premises with a smile on your face and remember to greet everyone i.e. receptionist, your interviewers very politely and enthusiastically. Sit properly on the chair and ask them before sitting. Lean a bit forward towards your hiring manager and make an eye contact so that it will give an impression that you are interested. Pay attention and don’t behave too casual & relaxed. Be attentive and look interested.

You should listen properly what they are asking and then answer it confidently. Don’t feel shy if you don’t know the answer. It’s not necessary that you know everything but don’t be quiet just say something and leave it to the interviewer so that he can explain you. You can also ask questions. It will make him feel that you are willing to know more about the company. Don’t use wrong grammar & vocabulary. Try to use simple language within your comfort zone. At the end you can make him feel that you are interested and explain your requirement and how you are suitable for job & your career objectives.

Thank You Note:
End your interview with a thank you note telling him that it was pleasure and you are looking forward to it. It will show your keen interest in their company & job.

*Note these points and follow up rigorously to remind them your need for the job & make sure your contact details are accurate & reachable. Wish you good luck and your confidence will surely develop a glooming path for your bright future.

1.) What is your area of interest?
2.) What kind of responsibilities you have handled previously?
3.) What is your strength?
4.) Why you want to shuffle your job?
5.) Why should we select you?
6.) What are your future expectations?
7.) Tell your achievements in the total time of your career?
8.) Why did you leave the job?
9.) What type of challenges did you face? How did you tackle them?
10.) What are your salary expectations?
11.) What did you like to do in your past time?
12.) Are you able to work in a team?
13.) Do you possess leadership qualities?
14.) What is your weakness?



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