Hey we come with great question answers series of an interview, this interview will be great source for hotel restaurant mangers, who want to switch their jobs. Here are 36 question answers series which asked during interview by hotel director. Mostly question are based on mission, goals and innovation. So lets go through this Interview experience.

1. What is the mission and vision of your company?
Mission : To provide services and facilities aimed at relaxation, fun and / or businesses with high quality standards. With a commitment to Mexico to generate wealth, create jobs and promote tourism development.
Vision : To be a global Mexican hotel, which has international and major destinations in Mexico presence.

2. What strategies implemented to compete in the business?
Make an action plan about what is happening in the market today, to know what the pros and cons of the competitors are hence to the strategy it is the part that is studied.
The municipality of Colima is a place of business but not beach because people confuse the proximity to Manzanillo, that's where it should work, mentioning what we offer.
We seek to treat customers well, good public relations, meet their needs, depending on what it detects the action plan.

3. How many staff account for the activities of your company? (Asked to provide the organizational structure of your company). How many maintenance, kitchen, bar ...? What is the average schooling?
In the maintenance area we have four people and an area manager; for the quarter we have five maids, a housekeeper, a supervisor; res receptionists also have a night auditor; three waiters in the morning and three in the afternoon, three chefs and two assistants. In the comptroller have an accountant, a public relations manager, one of revenues, general cashier, a manager of purchasing and warehouse.

average schooling
Average age
General Manager
Bachelor's degree
Duty Manager
40 / for all

high school

high school

Cook / Chef

high school

Mantenance staff

high school

high school


4.  Just the municipality of Colima hire staff?
Eighty percent of the staff are people of Colima, the remaining twenty percent is out.

5.  Do you have training programs for its staff? What is the focus of the training?
Yes. Twice a year, when they are given an induction course, then it gives them training with the ISO quality system.

6.  What are the last five programs you have given ?
all apply each month.

7. How are encouraged staff to provide and improve service?
With sales commissions, the employee of the month is given a bonus; In addition, they offer tours.

8. Does it bring from elsewhere, outside of Colima, the products needed to offer their services?
Suppliers are the state of Colima, in terms of food, 98% is collimated.

9. What differentiation offered in your service / product, compared to other hotels / restaurants?
The difference difference makes the taste of the dishes, personal attention, banquets and attention of the staff.

10. What additional services do you offer? (walks, transfers by road, by air, etc).
We have massages, we offer for college, government enterprise, open to all internet, sports area, etc.

11. Does an event / distinctive product of Colima culture?
When we are asked, we go to college to request support us with the event or a certain type of dance or dance, you can be given on-site, or transport guests to the theater.

12. Do you have some kind of badge or certification? How many distinctive features or certifications? (H, M, ISO, etc.)
Yes, with the ISO 9001: 2000

13. Do you have a manual operation?
With several: a quality manual, a policy, another division of rooms, food and beverages, quality management system, other maintenance and management.

14. How important is for the hotel, meet 100% what the manual says?
It is very important, as it must submit a monthly report, not satisfied with the implemented rules, just the ISO certificate is removed, and the hotel immediately go bankrupt because they need to fulfill the foundation for development, deployment,  maintenance and improvement of the quality management system for hotels mission.

15. Are any measures that impose some kind of international regulations follow?
No, we were previously governed by SECTUR, but I missed that. Comparatively mission all hotels must be registered with the ISO 9001: 2000

16. How to measure their ability to compete with international hotel companies?
Sher is called Market, see how the hotels in the square behave, measure what we are selling and how they are selling and what we share in the market.

17. You plan short- and / or long term to expand or modernize their hotel / restaurant?
The hotel has its own style, if you lose modernized style that sets it apart, perhaps zoom yes, but not yet. Yes there is a project to grow but that depends on how the market grows.

18. How much money is needed for expansion / modernization?
It depends on the number of rooms and depending on market behavior, because prices vary until the exchange rate will not stabilize.

19. What would be your source of funding?
Own company.

20. How often are remodeled or facilities maintenance programs are made?
The  preventive maintenance is daily or monthly, we talked about what is happening in each of the departments and the maintenance that may lack, there are things that are envisaged or may deteriorate.

21. When were the last two maintenance programs?
For daily or monthly become, therefore, yesterday or a month ago were the last.

22. Do you have any agreement with another company to attract more customers?
There is a certain kinship with the Fiesta Inn hotel, we promote each other and send us groups from hotel to hotel.

23. What kind of alliance and how to supplement your service?
No, for that we have a rule that indicates what has to be done. Volumes have a tendency, each string is different depending on the type of market you have, this is a national chain hotel, like the Fiesta Inn.

24. Have you acquired knowledge or processes thanks to globalization?
Yes, as a result we have grown to levels that have the Holiday Inn, refers to several brands, including Continental, large square, to move from being a national economy, it is now a global company.

25. Have adopted international technologies? (system, process)
Yes, we have smart technology.

26. If you get a group that was not contemplated, what makes you to address them, he does so with the same staff or emerging hire staff? Do you have the capacity daily (high season / low) to absorb the demand for full quota of your hotel / restaurant?
If we are prepared for such cases and we are able to serve them, because we have areas to do so. For example, if a very large group that does not fit in the restaurant for some meals, as tables are placed in a larger area and there are addresses, are offered a welcome cocktail, and it is not necessary to hire more personal.

27. Recently, are there international phenomena that impact your industry?
Yes, the crisis in the United States by the variation of the dollar, the price increase. China, India and the United States affects worldwide phenomenon, and therefore the hotel mission.

28. How do you determine rates? What factors contemplated?
There is a comparison, occupational ranking hotels the municipality, occupied rooms, rooms available, fair market share, market share and average rate are the factors taken into account.

29. Is there an alliance between companies to determine rates?
Rather, the strategy does is to not lower prices, but rather to raise them, an alliance is made to cover the market demand for large groups and the proximity to other hotels on prices to get an average . Partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism, with the government, which make together can do something better.

30. Have you received support programs   promoting tourism public companies or private companies?
Yes, we have received support such as ballet, transportation support, VIP treatment.

31. Do you belong to any organization or association? To which?
Yes, Mission Hotel chain 100% Mexican.

32. If so, what benefits it has brought you?
To me, the benefit is that I am a director, make collimated and have a new challenge, overcoming the goals are estimated to hotel

33. Who is the person responsible for proposing and innovate?
The director, a server, Fermin Gutierrez Campos.

34. Who is the person responsible for making decisions?

35. To what (domestic or foreign), tourism sector services are targeted?
90% to the national and only 10% abroad.

36. Finally, do you want to add something?
I am at your disposal for any questions.


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