Chetan Bhagat Upcoming Book 2016 : 8th Book/Novel Announcement

Great news for Chetan Bhagat fans : Chetan Bhagat is coming up with his new book (8th book)

Chetan Bhagat just announced his 8th book. Yup, this Diwali, you’ll have more to celebrate (or not, depending on what side of the Chetan line you fall on). But that’s not the biggest announcement. What’s even more fascinating (or mind boggling) is that this book is going to be written in the female first person. Yes, the writer of lines like ‘Deti hai toh de varna kat le’ (Give it up or get out), has put a female voice to the fore in his new book. All speculation and sarcasm aside, I’m hopeful that it just could do something for women’s rights in the country, considering that he is by consumption standards, India’s no. 1 author and his books sell by the thousands as soon as they are published.

However, many Twitter users don’t seem to agree with me at all. And that’s fine because I don’t remember the last time I have consistently smiled or laughed so much while going through Twitter.

Here are a few reactions, guaranteed to make you lolz.

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