Sql tricky Interview Question : How you will select a column that contain square brackets[]?

Tricky Interview questions:

Question: If you have a column with square brackets like below one, how you will select it in SQL query?

Answers: for this you need to use two square brackets before and three square brackets after the column name as below.

Note : I face problem in selection when I rename my column as [DefautlProjectActivityID] by using following proc.

EXEC SP_RENAME '[TableName].[DefaultProjectActivityID]' , '[DefaultProjectActivityID]', 'COLUMN'

correct one is :
EXEC SP_RENAME '[TableName].[DefaultProjectActivityID]' , 'DefaultProjectActivityID', 'COLUMN'

Note that you should not put the NewColumnName in brackets, as SQL Server will then use [NewColumnName] as the name of the new column.



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