Top 44 Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Here we come with Walmart cashier interview questions along with answers. So if you are preparing for interview then this set is for you. Actually this is the real interview experience related interview questions, we take the help of for that. You can download them as a pdf also.
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1). If you have a angry customer how would you handle this person? 
Ans: Try to see if there was something I could help them with and if not what did they want me to do to help them? I can get a member of management or if they like I could take their complaint and research it and the next time have an answer for them.

2). What would you do if you were having a conflict with another? 
Ans: I would try and see if it was something that I can adjust my attitude about or is it something that affects everyone? If it
is something I can change I will. But some people just wont change and they can be a real problem. I would first ask the person to please stop and if that didn't work than

3). If you saw an employee stealing what would you do?
Ans: Report it to my supervisor so they can address it.

4). Why do you want to work in Walmart? 
Ans: I answered- I wanna work at Walmart because its a get work place to work in i will get to learn many things and interact with many kind of people.

5). Think that a bill is 15.43 and the customer give you a hundred dollar note, what would be the change?
Ans: 84.57, Sugestion-(take your time if you need it, but never produce the wrong answers)

6). What is your way to perform calculation fast, if there is no calculator?
Ans: I want to explain with an Example: Think that a customer wants to know the price of an item that is regularly $39.99, and it's 30% off. Round up to $40.00, 10% would be $4.00, times 3 would be 30% and $12.00 off. $40-$12 is $28.

7). What does customer service means to you? 
Ans: Means to help people be very kind and to have a positive attitude at all times.

8). What are your pet words as a cashier and why?
Ans: My pet words are "Is that it?" and "Do you need anything else?", and It is a way to raise the amount sold while increasing customer satisfaction from their bosses perspective but when you are on the line it is just another thing to say in the checklist.

9). How comfortable are you checking IDs for a purchase of alcohol even if the customer looks to be in his mid 20s?
Ans: Suer, I will still ask for their ID's, because its not based on the looks, what important is to make sure they are in the right age.

10). When would I be available to work? 
Ans: As soon as possible.

11). If you are an experienced cashiers can you tell me why cashiers press so many buttons before customer can swipe your card?
In my last job the keys to be pressed were "Subtotal" and method of payment (cash/debit/credit).
More entry than that indicates that the cashier might have made a mistake with the entry: if DR (debit) is pressed and the payment is CR (credit card), then the payment won't go through.
It appears as a cashier simply trying to correct the error.

12). Describe a time you had to deal with an angry customer. What steps did you take to calm them down and help them?
Ans: I explained that in my experience, people become angered and upset when they feel they're not being heard. The best thing for me to do is to put myself in their shoes and try to understand how they are feeling. I would assure them that they had my attention, that I was listening, and together we would figure out a solution.

13). How do I respond when a repeat customer asks for a discount?

14). What position was you are looking for?
Ans: Cashier or Sales Associate

15). They ask great interesting questions in my opinion like," Can you give an example of a situation that you found challenging and if so how did you respond to it and what were the results?" 
Ans: My response was that when I was a sub teacher I was warned about this boy" a troubled teen" who would act up in my class. I decided upon reaching the class room to form my own opinion and give respect to this individual. I gave this boy respect and a chance I even asked him to help me do different tasks which you could tell he had never had that chance before. I still 15 years

16). Why is customer service important to you? 
Ans: Because you always want yours customers to feel welcomed and provide a great experience so they'll come back. Customer service is not only about the people it's about their experience in general. Friendly service, clean store, fast check out.

17). Have you ever come up in a situation where large amount of money missed at your past employment?
Ans: No

18). How would you take action in a project? 
Ans: I would organize things in order of priority and make sure that everyone I was working with understood how it was going to go and listen to other opinions.

19). Why do you want to work at Walmart? 
Ans: Because I want the money.

20). Are you comfortable in handling money?
Ans: Handling money is expected to be my primary duty. I have no problem with that responsibility. I've worked as a cashier for three years and have experience counting back change and balancing my cash register. A customer has never had an issue and my register has never come up short.

21). If an angry customer approached you how would you handle the situation?
Ans: I told them I would remain calm as possible and politely apologize for there hard time also see if I can solve the problem myself as best as possible.

22). Tell me about a time when you were faced with a problem at work?
Ans: I told them about a time when both of my managers wanted me to do two different things at the same time, so I did what the higher up manager told me to do and then finished what the other manager told me to do after that.

23). How would you accomplish many tasks by the end of the day?
Ans: I would organize my time to plan for the upcoming assignments given to me.

24). What do you think Why are many customers so rude to cashiers?
Simply some people are insufferable POS's on both sides the difference is that one one is stuck there for hours because they are in fact at work and the other is away from work (if they work at all) and will be somewhere else being mean to someone else.

25). Why do you want to be a Walmart cashier?
Ans: You need to research the company you are wanting to work for and read their job description. When you are asked the question, then you can tell them how your background qualifications are transferable, and to work for (this company) will be a challenge and rewarding.
Here's an example: "Based on the research I've done, the company is an industry leader. When I visited your web site, I found some impressive information about the future projects you have planned. I was also impressed with the founders' backgrounds and the current financial statements. This is the company I've been looking for, I want to be where things are developing, changing, and growing. And I want to make a meaningful contribution to that development and growth."

26). How did you deal with a bad situation with a customer?
Ans: stayed calm.

27). What was the hardest obstacle faced?
Ans: Trying to graduate early.

28). How I interacted with the customer?
Ans: Always ask questions making sure they are getting what they need.

29). When was the last time you were in a stressful situation and how did you handle it?
Ans: I used a situation I was in work some old roommates of mine bit it made me really uncomfortable talking about it.

30). When did you solve a situation where you could not make the   other person happy, but you found the solution?
Ans: I used a situation I ran into in some of my volunteer work with two parents fighting over a kid.

31). What was your most challenging triumph in any previous job?
Ans: Group that I booked into hotel had problems, I worked with them to solve problem and they remained clients of the hotel.

32). What qualities do I have to work here? 
Ans: I am still in high school. And I have an Microsoft Office PowerPoint certificate

33). How have you resolved a conflict between to employees?
Ans: I brought the issue to the manager so they can figure it out

34). What was a difficult time you had in your life and how did   you fix it?
Ans: I struggled with this.

35). Name a time when you went above and beyond for a customer?
Ans: Situation task action result.

36). Why do you think I should hire you and not the person outside that door?
Ans: I replied because I know I very we'll qualified and able to do what iNneeded I Am bubbly and I am energetic and I work hard to give a effort

37). How do you act around people? 
Ans: I am a very friendly person, i love talking to people and asking them how their day was.

38). Explain a time when you had to lead a group of employees on   and project what procedures did you use and what was the conclusion. 
Ans: I can't even remember. I just made eye contact and answered the question.

39). What is your hours availability?
Ans: Open availability.

40). Tell me when you made a mistake and regretted it?
Ans: I just made up a random mistake and said I regretted it

41). What are the three basic beliefs of Walmart? 
Ans: Associates are expendable. Suckups are god. we own the lawyers

42). Are you determined to get this job? 
Ans: yes.

43). Describe a time you went above and beyond your expected duty?
Ans: I told a story about a time I was an algebra tutor but took on the job of a chemistry tutor even though I had to teach myself the subject material during my own time

44). Name a time you went outside of your comfort zone and   performed well?
Ans: Told a story about a time in nursing school interested a urinary catheter for the very first time.

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