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For a company e.i:Walmart, the purpose of conducting a job interview is none other than finding the right person, qualified and can better meet the needs of the vacancy. For the candidate to prepare a job interview has two aims: to convince the interviewer, through their behavior and responses, that is the right person for the job and find out if the job you are offering, filled his personal aspirations and professionals, so it is very important to learn how to behave and what to respond during the job interview. When preparing for a job interview should consider that this starts from the moment you are called to attend an appointment and success will depend in large of the degree of preparation you have for it. Thorough preparation of interview questions should be a golden rule for any interested candidate in one job. So here are the interview questions with answers.
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1). Tell me about yourself
Ans: This is a very typical question. You need to have as short a possible answer prepared in advance . Be careful not appear prepared, acts naturally . Try to highlight issues related to the position that you are applying. Talk about the things you have done and jobs in which you've been relating to the position for which you are interviewing. It begins speaking from the oldest to the newest.

2). Why did you leave your last job?
Ans: Stay positive regardless of the circumstances that led to the departure of his latest work. You Never say that the reason was due to a problem with their bosses and never speak ill of your former supervisors / managers / directors , workmates or organization . Be positive, smile and make reference to positive reasons for his departure from his previous work as the search for new opportunities or for example have a new vision of the future that led you to leave your previous job.

3). What do you know about this company?
Ans: You need to do a preliminary investigation of the organization(Walmart) where you are applying to work, now with the Internet is a very simple task. Find out the origins of the organization and where it is going, and if you can, have prepared a small study, printed, to show that you have bothered.

4). How do you expect to make a difference at Walmart?
By providing quality service to the customers and leave them feeling taken care of and putting customer service first. I want to make sure every costumer is happy.

5). Do you consider successful?
Ans: You should always answer yes and briefly explain why . A good explanation is that you have set goals that have been met and that also has helped others achieve theirs.

6). What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
Ans: Try to include activities that relate to the job interview and which enhance your professional and personal knowledge .

7). What experience do you have in this field?
Ans: Talk about specific aspects that relate to the position for which you are being interviewed. If you do not have specific experience, try to get as close as you can with real examples, never invented.

7). What is what your co-workers say about you?
Ans: Be prepared any quote from his previous coworkers . You can be a quote about a recognition of a specific achievement you accomplish in your previous job or something more general like saying "Let your boss always said you were one of the workers."

8). Do you know anyone who works for us?
Ans: You have to know the company policy of relatives, but keep in mind that they ask about acquaintances and not on relatives. Be careful if you mention to a friend, be sure that this well considered.

9). Are you applying for other jobs?
Ans: You have to be honest , but do not waste time in this section. Focus your answer immediately at work that are applying in the interview and what you can do for that company. Anything else is a distraction.

10). Why want to work for Walmart?
Ans: The answer to this question should be personal and, of course, must be based on research that has made ​​the company in question. Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily perceived. If possible, share your long - term career goals.
e.i:Walmart is great place to work, its a friendly environment and to build future career opportunities.

11). How much money or salary expect to receive?
Ans: This is often the big question in an interview . It would be ironic to lose the opportunity to get the job to respond, first, an inappropriate amount. An alternative response might be to say something like: That's a difficult question. Could you tell me the budget set for that position? The interviewer, in most cases, be surprised. If not, you can also add that may depend on the details of the work. Then, not a specific figure but a wide range , for example, from 28,000 € to 35,000 €, depending on job responsibilities.

12). Have you ever had to fire someone? How did you feel about it?
Ans: This is a key issue. Do not give the feeling that it is easy for you fire people, even so . Make reference to " Always prefer the company against someone who may have created a situation detrimental to the mism to".

13). Tell me about any suggestions you have made?
Ans: Prepare a list of suggestions that you have done in previous works. You have to be sure that your suggestion was accepted and implementation and succeeded . Moreover, if the suggestion is related to the position you are applying it would be excellent. If you do not have any suggestion that has been set up account Briefly, the suggestions you have made, to see in you a person that if you care by improving the company you are working .

14). What is your philosophy towards work?
Ans: The interviewer does not seek a long answer here. You have to be short and positive showing a benefit to the company . Maybe you can talk about the good feelings that produces you do your job and finish it .

15). What most irritates your coworkers?
Ans: This is a question trap . Think of something serious that you can irritate , and avoids saying anything it can irritate. In fact, this question you can avail, since you can use weak points of others in your favor : "It irritates me that my partner has the cluttered table and not pay attention in meetings."

16). Are you a team player?
Ans: You are a team player, of course . Make sure you have ready several examples. Indicates characteristics in each of these examples demonstrate that every action was for the good of the team and not for yourself , it will be a good example of attitude. Do not boast but uses concrete facts rather than findings .

17). How long you expect to stay working for us if hired?
Ans: A concrete answer would be most appropriate in this question. A generic answer should work much better: " I wish it were for a long time " or " While I feel I'm doing a good job and you feel it the same way ."

18). Have you ever been asked to put aside their views on a topic?
Ans: As far as possible, say no . If you have actually happened it is honest, brief and avoid saying negative things about people or companies involved .

19). Why do we hire you?
Ans: He notes that as you meet the requirements of what enterprise to search. Do not make mention other candidates or make comparisons.

20). If you had enough money to retire Would you stop working?
Ans: This question will have to make clear that you are in the interview because you need work and money . In fact, the opposite would be strange, because if you have money to retire ... What are you doing doing an interview?

21). What is your greatest strength?
Ans: There are many good answers, only you must remain strong and positive .

22). What are, according to their former supervisors or bosses, their strengths?
Ans: Analyze yourself and find your strengths . Some examples can be loyal, energy, positive attitude, leadership, teamwork, initiative, patience, hard work, creativity, problem solving, etc.

23). What would be your dream job position?
Ans: Stay away from a specific job. You can not win if you say your dream job is applying these would be very condescending and lose credibility. If you say another job interviewer might suspect you would not be satisfied if you are hired. It is best to stay generic and say something like: " A job where I like what I do, like the people you work, where you can grow professionally and to contribute . "

24). Why do you think that would do this job well?
Ans: It gives several reasons that include knowledge, experience and interest .

25). Explain how you would be an asset to this company?
Ans: You should be anxious for this question. Give you the opportunity to emphasize the best points in regards to the position and what you can contribute . Think in advance the most appropriate response.

26). What are you looking for in a job?
Ans: Stay away from a specific job. You can not win if you say your dream job is applying these would be very condescending and lose credibility. If you say another job interviewer might suspect you would not be satisfied if you are hired. It is best to stay generic and say something like: " A job where I like what I do, like the people you work, where you can grow professionally and to contribute . "

27). What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
Ans: When you say your answer, make sure you refer to something that was beyond your control , shows acceptance and no negative feelings.

28). What has disappointed you about your last job?
Ans: Do not be trivial or negative. A useful answer would be: " There were not enough challenges " or " As the previous organization did not win a contract could not take on new responsibilities ".

29). What kind of person would refuse to work?
Ans: Do not be trivial. He talks about serious things, for example, someone disloyal to the company.

30). What is most important to you: money or work?
Ans: Money is always important, but the work is always more important . That will always be the best answer.

31). Are you willing to put the interests of the company ahead of their own?
Ans: It is a question of loyalty and dedication. Do not worry about the ethical and philosophical depth, just say yes .

32). Describe your management style.
Ans: Try to avoid labels. Some of the most common tags as progressive, salesman or consensus, can have several meanings depending on your interviewer. It gives an overview and say you're going to manage according to the specific situation given .

33). What have you learned from mistakes on the job?
Ans: Here we must be careful not to affect your credibility. You can make mention of a small, well intention-ed mistake with a positive lesson learned. An example would be: " Too much work on a project that took you to learn to work in coordination with coworkers ."

34). Are you willing to work overtime?
Ans: This depends on you. It is totally honest . Companies increasingly, ask people who are willing to take hours of their free time for the company. If you answer no, it's likely someone else you have answered yes is ahead of you.

35). Tell me about any problems you have had with a supervisor.
Ans: This is another clear example of trick question in a job interview. The interviewer puts you test , wants to know if you speak ill of your boss, and if you fall into that game may be affected your interview and your chances. It remains positive and has briefly been a problem that you have with your boss or supervisor, but is best answer you have not had any problems .

36). Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
Ans: Answer always that comfortable working under pressure, it does not have to be in the future, and if so, will have to learn to do. Exemplifying relating to the requested position.

37). Does it match your skills this job or another job would be better?
Ans: Sure match . Do not plant the suspicion that you may want another job more than this.

38). Do you have some quality to develop?
Ans: Another trick question. If you know the qualities missing let you be blind spots , so stay positive and say you're attentive to detect any anomalies.

39). What motivates you to do your job better?
Ans: This is a personal trait that only you can answer, but a good example would be: Challenges, achieving goals, recognition, etc.

40). How do you know you're succeeding in a job?
Ans: There is a very good response to this point: " I establish high standards for myself and I meet them. My results are a measure of my success . "

41). Describe your work ethic.
Ans: Emphasize the benefits for the company . Issues like the job determination, hard work or enjoy your work are good answers.

42). Tell me about the most fun you had at work?
Ans: He speaks, for example, about the fun by meeting objectives for the company.

43). Would you be willing to move to another community or country if necessary?
Ans: You must have this very clear answer , so before I talk it over with your family before the interview if you think there is a possibility that may arise. Do not say yes just to get the job if the real answer is no , this can acarrearte many more problems forward. Again be honest and save yourself future trouble.

44). If thou hast done this interview What would seek to hire the person?
Ans: Try to put yourself in the place of the interviewer. Be careful to mention or explain the features that are needed, but suggests that the person they need is a lot like you .

45). What qualities do you look for in a boss?
Ans: It is generic and positive. He talks about safe qualities, as it is intelligent, with sense of humor, loyal, loyal to subordinates and a professional high level. All bosses think they have these traits .

46). What position prefer to have when working in a team?
Ans: And again honesty. If you are comfortable in different roles, say so, and if not, explain that you prefer positions.

47). Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
Ans: Regardless of your qualifications, point out that these very well qualified for the position , and you have many desire to continue to learn and develop as a professional .

48). How do you propose to compensate for their lack of experience for this job?
Ans: First, if you have experience, explains the interviewer who does have experience. In case you have not said that you know work with dedication and you learn very fast.

49). Have you ever helped resolve a dispute between others?
Ans: Choose a specific incident. Concentrate on your problem solving technique and not the dispute itself.

50). Think that you are CEO of Walmart, then How would you improve Walmart?
I would first understand the customer's requirement, for that I would listen to the customers and will taker suggestions of them to make Walmart a better place and will make a positive experience for the shoppers as a place of choice to shop, continuous store cleanliness and organization, inventory control, in lower prices, legendary service.

51). Do you have any questions?
Ans: You should always have prepared some questions as show your interest in the position. Questions should be positive and interest in the company. If during the interview detect that there are points that are unclear, this is the best time to bring them out, so you give to know your ability to listen, communicate and propose.

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