Cabin Crew Interview Detail 2016 / Flight Attendant Interview Process Detail

Airlines usually use two types of selection processes stewardesses: Concerted personal interviews and the Open or Open day. What is an Op...

Airlines usually use two types of selection processes stewardesses: Concerted personal interviews and the Open or Open day.

What is an Open day?
This is a free call to which you can submit any candidate. You only need to provide an updated curriculum and identity. Companies that perform such interviews do not usually ask the title of TCP -suelen be foreign companies such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Ryan Air or Etihad-, although it is true that without it the chances of success are minimal.

Why? Because in the case of being selected, you have to make a mini course of TCP in the company in which you require to learn all subject taught in a four-month course in just 10 days. Why, usually selected candidates be trained in Passenger Cabin Crew.

The other form of recruitment is the  concerted Personal interview .

In this mode, the company usually publishes an offer for flight stewardesses on its website and in some job portals. Sometimes even through temporary employment agencies. The candidate must send your updated resume and, in most cases, fill out a registration form on the website of the company or the site where the offer is published.

Once you sent, if the applicant meets the desired requirements, the airline usually contact the same telephone to close a personal interview.

As for the selection process of flight attendants, it should be noted that depending on the company can make group dynamics, psychometric tests, personality tests, tests of general culture, minute test and interviews in Spanish and English.

Group dynamics
This type of interview is very common in the selection process for airlines because in these aspects of the personality of the candidates and the level of culture, sympathy, education, capacity of argumentation, etc. can be seen more clearly

Normally they propose a question to a group of 5 to 10 candidates such as: "If the plane in which 50 people are traveling must land and two rafts with capacity for 15 people each, who should get on the boat?"

In this kind of test there is no right or wrong answers. What value is the participation of candidates, observe their reasoning and arguments and the ability to stand out from the rest without hogging too much attention. The ideal candidate would be one who is convincing, natural and always speak in a relaxed tone, leaving others to participate and even encouraging quieter to contribute their ideas. Minute test

Minute test
This is an exercise in which the candidate has one minute of time, compared to the interviewers and the other candidates, try a particular subject that can be chosen by the company, by chance or by the interviewee himself.

In this type of test the applicant's communication skills are valued. It is important to maintain a safe and pleasant tone, use a most rich vocabulary and correct possible -sometimes this test can be in English, smile often and do not stare at any point or person but throughout the hearing.

Personal interview
It is usually the last part of the selection process or only in some companies. The candidate may have to face a single interviewer or a court. In the event that two or more persons conducting the interview, the applicant must be able to 'support' meticulous observation, to take notes while talking, they gesticulate, etc.

Also, you should be aware that they can ask you questions in both Spanish and English as a medium-high level of this language is an essential requirement for all companies.



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