Cornell University Admissions Interview Questions and Answers

Learn some keys to having a successful interview and increase the possibility of entering college choice.
Every day is more difficult to get a place at university, because of the number of applicants and competition with each other. In some universities only a good score in the economic capacity for admission is required, however some universities interview their applicants in their admissions process.
In some cases, more than 50% of applicants are left without quota. The popular belief among students is to "prepare" for the interview is to read the newspaper in the morning, getting dressed tie (men) or tailor (women), be reading a book at the time and take the piercings.


1. Understand what is the interview
It is a conversation between two parties, which asks, speaking and opinions about the topics are provided. It is totally different since it involves a questionnaire be attentive to the questions and comments that you made, either the interviewer as other candidates. Note that these interviews are usually group.

2. Be honest
This recommendation aims not only to promote an ethical sense in the student, but also interviewers frequenting students all times, have experience in the development of interviews and usually very skilled at detecting lies. Be prepared with solid arguments and true with real race data, information about the college labor market in the sector to which degree study you intend to study, of the reality of the country is headed.

3. Get dressed according to the type of career that interests you
Some careers involve more formal dress, suit and tie . However, you should make sure what type of clothing that usually involves your career. . If it is not of any particular type chooses clothes neutral as possible, without neglecting a personal touch The toilet is essential : if you have a beard make sure it is neat, hair combed and fresh breath.

4. Be punctual
It seems so simple and obvious, but many have lost their interview late . Considering the institution is probably hundreds of candidates, so any unsatisfactory appearance can restarte points, like positive attitudes added. Comes with time, thus you make sure not to have to run and get agitated.

5. Pay attention to the questions against
Pay attention to your answers, because once you respond you will end the matter. A response can lead to a counter question if you're not ready for it or lie, probably stay exposed and reflected badly.

6. Watch your body language
Be careful with the position, the movement of your hands and body, because often transmit nervousness or insecurity without realizing it. Try not to cross your arms, because it can be seen as a barrier, do not play with your watch, your rings or hair because it can be considered distraction or excessive anxiety and nervousness . Sit straight, shows respect and some comfort.

7. Against questions
Attention to what responds, it is believed that the answer ends the subject. Be careful, a response can reach a counter question, and if you are not prepared to continue the conversation or is lying, will perform poorly.
Q. Do you like reading?
R. Yes.
AQ. What are you currently reading?

8. Do not tear down my own arguments
Do not remove your arguments seriously. Talk to property and safety of any topic they ask you. Do not say things like "I researched a little," "I understand more or less", "I do not like much", "almost never do such a thing ..." "I am too lazy to do that" "I forgot."

Interview Questions 

1). Why do you want to subscribe to Cornell University?
2). What will you do after quit from Cornell University?
3). If I could change something in your school, what would it be?
4). What you liked most about Cornell University?
5). What do you hope to achieve in life?
6). What was your favorite subject in school and why?
7). What is your strongest/weakest point?
8). What have you done to prepare for college?
9). How would you contribute to our University(Cornell University) community?
10). What is your favorite book and why?
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