SQL Server 2016 Error Messages with Description

SQL Server 2016 Row-Level Security related error message with description

Error Messages

Error ConditionError NumberError Message
Too many predicates contained in a single policy33260The predicate was not added to the security policy '%.*ls' because there are no available predicate IDs. Drop and recreate the security policy.
Attempting to modify a policy on a predicate that does not exist within the policy33261The security policy '%.*ls' does not contain a predicate on table '%.*ls'.
Attempting to add a predicate for an existing table and operation on a given policy.33262A predicate on table '%.*ls' has already been defined in the security policy '%.*ls'.
Attempting to create a predicate on an object that is not a table33263Security predicates can only be added to user tables. '%.*ls' is not a user table.
Attempting to enable a policy that affects a table already covered by a different policy.33264The security policy '%.*ls' cannot be enabled with a predicate on table '%.*ls'. Table '%.*ls' is already referenced by the enabled security policy '%.*ls'.
Attempt to define a predicate on a table that uses indexed views33265The security policy '%.*ls' cannot have a predicate on table '%.*ls' because this table is referenced by the indexed view '%.*ls'.
Attempt to use indexed views on a table that is being referenced by a security policy33266The index on the view '%.*ls' cannot be created because the view is referencing table '%.*ls' that is referenced by a security policy.
Attempt to use RLS on a hekaton table33267Security predicates cannot reference memory optimized tables. Table '%.*ls' is memory optimized.
Attempt to add a predicate on an object that does not exist or that the caller has not the right permissions33268Cannot find the object "%.*ls" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.
Attempt to create a predicate on a temporary table33269Security predicates are not allowed on temporary objects. Object names that begin with '#' denote temporary objects.
Attempt to create a predicate using an object that either does not exist or is not an in-line TVF as the predicate function33270Cannot find the object "%.*ls" or this object is not an inline table-valued function.




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